Tokyo’s Nakano adds rock and disco to its annual summer bon dance【Videos】

The neighborhood that invented the Obon Jovi dance is back with a new set list of rock and disco hits.

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Tokyo’s new frozen ramen vending machines are brain-breakingly amazing【Taste test】

Ramen Stock 24 baffles our minds and delights our souls.

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We snag sleek T-shirts celebrating JR Higashi-Nakano Station’s 115th year in operation

Mr. Sato is never one to pass up a good T-shirt–especially one that salutes his home train line!

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Takeout ramen broth: A new Tokyo winter noodle trend that’s worth the hype? 【Taste Test】

A whole new way to appreciate ramen. 

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Tokyo ramen restaurant’s brilliant idea: takeout cups of just ramen broth!【Photos】

Ramen’s flavor is all in the broth, and at this Nakano restaurant it’s all broth in your cup.

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Drink like a fish, but with lizards and snakes, at Tokyo’s awesome reptile bar【Photos】

Tea and cookies at a cat cafe too cutesy for you? We’ve got just the alternative for your next night out in Tokyo!

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There’s a cool surprise waiting on the platform of Nakano Station, Tokyo’s other otaku paradise

Got some leftover change after a day of pop culture treasure-hunting? Then this JR station has a vending machine you’ll want to check out.

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Tokyo now has a photo-op Attack on Titan ATM in one of its biggest anime shopping centers

The franchise, now far too big to be just an anime and manga, is expanding into a banking tie-up.

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Tokyo’s Nakano to be transformed into cosplay heaven this Halloween for MAG Festa 2015

We’ve got the info on an upcoming event in Nakano, to be held on Saturday October 31; in other words, Halloween. The event will turn the area around Nakano Station, which includes Nakano Broadway, and Nakano Sun Plaza shopping areas, into anime heaven for the day. You’ll be able to get into the spirit of the holiday by dressing up in cosplay, snap some great photos of other people’s intricate cosplay creations, or just be content with watching the various costume parades and shows on offer.

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The world of fashion and models is one that I have zero understanding of. My wardrobe mostly consists of jeans and black shirts just so I never have to worry about what matches. And as for modeling, well, let’s just say I probably love the camera more than it loves me.

But not our Japanese writers P.K. and Nakano! They are beautiful men with eyes for sexy and looking good doing…sexy? Or, if nothing else, they have the confidence of a pair of male models at a pool party. So, when they heard that fashion brand Diesel had put a call out for selfies, they were more than happy to respond with photos of themselves in nothing but their undies!

But are the pictures more win than cringe? Click below to find out!

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Tokyo artist creates photo-realistic drawings with colored pencils

Hey that’s a nice photograph of a peaceful oasis in Tokyo. Wait, it’s not a photograph? It’s a drawing? Made with colored pencils?!

Ryota Hayashi has been bringing the Nakano Ward of Tokyo to life for the past several years through his breathtakingly realistic colored pencil renditions. He’s recently been getting a lot of attention on social media, and it’s not at all hard to see why.

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Police in Tokyo search for a man who called out to a child in a park, netizens scratch their heads

Tokyo police released a statement earlier this week asking the public for any information they may have regarding an incident that occurred on June 15 at approximately 9:20 a.m. wherein a man called out to a child playing in a local park.

As it transpires, though, all the man is believed to have said to the boy was, “You’ll never play for your country doing it like that!” leaving netizens wondering exactly why there should be any cause for concern.

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