Nintendo’s lovable ball of cuteness transforms into extremely elegant designs.

Even compared to other video game heroes, Nintendo’s Kirby has a pretty impressive list of accomplishments. He’s been answering the call whenever Dream Land needs saving for 27 years and counting, and he’s the only character to come away unscathed from the catastrophe that occurs in the opening of crossover extravaganza Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

But as enviable as his resume may be, Kirby is only able to reach his full potential when he combines with someone else, mixing their powers with his to become something greater than either of them could ever be on their own. So if you’ve found someone you want to permanently link yourself with, now you can do that with Japan’s new Kirby engagement and marriage rings.

When you’re ready to take the first starry step towards wedded bliss, Japanese jeweler U-Treasure is offering a Fountain of Dreams diamond engagement ring, inspired by the recurring location from the Kirby series which supplies happy dreams to the games’ characters. You’ll also spot the Star Rod, Kirby’s adorable magic wand that powers the fountain, along the band.

Once the big day arrives, you and your betrothed can seal your bond of matrimony by placing paired Star Rod Wedding Rings on each other’s fingers. These rings feature Kirby himself waving the Star Rod, leaving a trail of diamonds on one of the two optional designs.

The Fountain of Dreams ring is available in four materials: 950 platinum or 16-karat white, yellow, or pink gold.

Those same configurations are offered for the Star Rod Wedding Rings as well, with an additional choice being silver, for which the diamonds are replaced with cubic zirconia.

And since naturally you and beloved’s Kirby rings should be conveyed to you in Kirby-style, U-Treasure also has a Twinkle Star Ring Pillow, styled after the celestial body that Kirby rides around on.

Ring prices vary by material and design, with the non-stone silver Star Rod ring the most affordable at 15,400 yen (US$144) and the range topping out with the 330,000 platinum Fountain of Dreams. All of the rings, as well as the 5,500-yen Twinkle Star Ring Pillow, can be ordered online here directly from U-Treasure, who will also be happy to sell you his-and-hers Magikarp Pokémon necklaces if that’s another way you and your sweetheart would like to show your love.

Source: PR Times
Top image: U-Treasure
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