Shocked at the bakery – check out these pictures of bread that totally turned out wrong!

Now, we usually don’t go to the bakery to get shocked, but we’ve recently found a collection of pictures on the internet that were taken by unfortunate, unsuspecting bread-shoppers who ended up receiving a shock anyway while at the bakery. Some of the pictures, we think, are quite funny and some are even freaky, but there is something seriously wrong with each and every one of them! So, let’s take a look at the images that caught people unawares while they were simply trying to buy some bread. Read More

Chinese Dōjin Convention “Comicup10” Report! Japanese Titles Still Top, Chinese Originals Growing in Popularity

While many products of Japanese culture are internationally recognized, otaku culture surly boasts the largest and most enthusiastic group of followers. It seems like on any given day, somewhere in the world there is a convention celebrating anime, manga or some other facet of Japanese geek culture—the sun never sets on the Otaku Empire.

We recently returned from one such event, Comicup, a large dōjin convention held on May 27 in Shanghai that is said to be China’s largest.

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Pepsi Highlights Underground Worldwide Fruit Trend with Their Newest Designer Flavor, “Salty Watermelon”

The newest in a line of seasonal limited edition Pepsi flavors has been announced by Japanese distributor Suntory.  Set to debut on 24 July is the red-colored Pepsi: Salty Watermelon.  Hopefully this is as awesome as Pepsi: Pink was.

But after reading the announcement I had to do a double-take.  The watermelon’s salty?

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Let Us All Keep Dry Under the Leafy Protection of Vegetabrella

The staff of an umbrella shop in Tokyo recently must have their work cut out for them these days as they explain to confused customers why boxes of lettuce are sitting in their displays.  The answer, of course, is Vegetabrella; a fusion of two completely ordinary yet completely unrelated objects, an umbrella and a head of lettuce.

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The Latest Singles Pick-up Spot: Buddhist Temples

Most people go to Shinto shrines several times a year, like for New Years or to make a special wish or prayer, like before a job interview. But with Buddhist temples, it’s usually just for tourism and funerals – not that frequently, basically. But wait! Temples are transforming these days, more and more using their halls for activities such as yoga classes, group date venues (‘gou-kon‘ in Japanese – group dinners with single men and women, seeking potential mates), and even as concert venues!

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TripAdvisor Japan to Give Away T-Shirts Full of Overseas Obscenities, We Examine Their Meanings

Popular travel website TripAdvisor is giving away 100 free T-Shirts to lucky visitors to their Japanese website. What’s the catch you might ask?  They are covered with hand gestures deemed obscene by other countries’ peoples.

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See this amazing video of a “Super Moon” – breathtaking images that look almost surreal!

Most of us at one time or another have probably looked up at the night sky and marveled at the beauty of the moon glowing a beautiful pale silver, or sometimes a golden or orangish yellow. Well, looking at the night sky is sure to be even more exciting when you can see a “super moon” in the sky! What exactly is a super moon? To put it simply, it’s when the earth and moon comes closer together in distance, and you see the moon appearing larger and brighter than usual.  We actually had a “super moon” earlier this month, and we’ve found an amazing video that was taken at the time! Read More

Guy Debuts Open-Fly Prevention Device, Awkward Dance Moves in Web Video

Everyone has the embarrassing experience at least once in their life of forgetting to zip up their pants and going out into the world with their fly down. Well, a creative fellow on the video sharing website Nico Nico Douga has made a handy little device to make sure your privates stay private, and he’s shared his bargain-basement methodology and funky dance moves with the world. Read More

Geeky Swimsuits Prove What We’ve Always Suspected: the Atari Falcon Looks Amazing on a Woman’s Body

Retro geeky is so in this summer.

Just take a look at this series of vintage electronics-inspired one piece swimsuits from Etsy, sexy enough to stroke the keys of all those beach-going geeks.

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Does anyone know who this beautiful girl is? Information on her identity and whereabouts could get you a $31,000 reward!

We all know that sexy looking women are great, but there are, of course, also many attractive women who capture our hearts with their pure, innocent look.

We previously posted a story on our Japanese site about a girl in braids who is so adorable that she just made our hearts ache. Well, once again we’ve been mesmerized by pictures of another beautiful, innocent-looking girl, which we wanted to share with you. What’s unusual in this case is that a man who has fallen in love with the pictures is supposedly offering a 2.5 million yen ($31,000) reward for information that will help him find her! Read More

Honda Unveils Uni-Cub: Segway For La Derriere (Unoriginal Title, but Oh So Accurate and Concise)

At a Tokyo press event, Honda showed off its single-rider, hands-free personal mobility device, the Uni-cub. The Uni-Cub can move in every direction  just by shifting your weight, including rotating in place, and is about the height of a chair, so you can put your feet on the ground at any time. One of the biggest advantages is that your hands are free, so you can hold a sign that says, “I believe I’m more awesome than you”. Read More

Here’s to your beautiful Pokemon Eyes! These anime-inspired eye make-up designs are dazzling!

Do you have a favorite comic or anime that you hold dear to you heart? Well, you may not want to express your love for your favorite anime character in a way as permanent as a tattoo, or in a more extreme case, subdermal implants, but wearing anime-inspired make-up that you can wash away sounds like it could be fun doesn’t it? (More importantly, it’s not irreversible!) And as you can see from these Pokemon eye make-up designs, anime themed make-up doesn’t have to look nerdy at all; in fact, the make-up in these pictures look quite striking! Read More

China Grumbling After (Another?) Oppressed People is Helped by Japan

The 13th China-Japan friendship exchange meeting kicked off on Thursday, May 24 in Guiyang, capital of southwest China’s Guizhou Province. Tang Jiaxuan, president of the China-Japan Friendship Association, ranted about what he perceived as “critical failures” in the bilateral relations, referring to the recent conflict over the Senkaku Islands and the hosting of the World Uyghur Congress in Tokyo earlier this month. Read More

Well, the combination of the first two was working out well, apparently. (For those of you who don’t know, there are many regional dialects / accents in Japan. The most easily found is likely the Kansai dialect, due to the huge number of comedians and entertainers you can see on TV.) In any case, following the logic of [cute girls] + [dialects] = [cute], they created a late-night TV program featuring these girls doing various  things in their respective dialects (PG-rated, presumably). Due to the skyrocketing popularity of the TV show, the next natural step was to … promote men’s electric shavers. Read More

Your Stupid Kid Keep Walking Into Door Handles? Waffle Handle May be the Handle For You

Apparently Japanese kids can’t stop walking face-first into door handles because Japanese department store chain Tokyu Hands has begun selling a polystyrene safety grip that slides over your door handle to protect children from such collisions.

The best part? It’s called the Waffle Handle and nobody knows why.

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Challenge Yourself, Make Friends or Make Enemies with these Space-Age Chopsticks

Actually, there are many possible motives to get these chopsticks, which will defy your sense of what is right in the world, presented by ES Corp. of Hiroshima. On the lighter end: they come in black and white boxes, which lined up side-by-side, form a picture of a torii (the gateway to Shinto shrines), and thereby make for a nice his-and-hers wedding gift. On (off?) the deeper end: they bring into question the reason for existence of chopsticks. Read More

Have a Double Dose of Nostalgia Listening to the Dragon Quest Theme Played On a Moog Synth Courtesy of Google’s Latest Doodle

On May 23rd, the world awoke to a new Google doodle daring us not waste our time pushing keys and turning knobs to make funky new sounds.  This doodle was of course a recreation of a Moog Synthesizer developed by Dr. Robert Moog who would have turned 78 had he been alive.

Thanks to one highly talented keyboardist, we were also treated to two blasts from the past, a flawless rendition of the Dragon Quest intro music as played on a Moog on Google’s top page.

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Rejoice! Deal with Two Flies Max under Beijing’s New Public Toilet Standards

If you’ve been to China, you probably have firsthand experience of the dirty toilets. So dirty you can’t wait go back home and use your local public restrooms. So dirty you can’t breathe. So dirty you wonder what chaos you’ve entered into. Beijing has recently announced some new standards regarding maintenance of its public restrooms. The standards themselves are attracting attention, and there’s also skepticism that probably has to do with their overall track record in this area.  Read More

Music Group Fronted by Japanese Monks Bring Buddhist Sutra to the Dance Club, Wear Awesome Helmets

Well Dubstep, you had a good run but it’s time to drop out and make way for a new genre of dance music straight from the Buddhist temples of Japan: Dubsutra.

Okay, so maybe I just made that word up, but it is a real thing thanks to Tariki Echo, a musical unit fronted by two Japanese, bike helmet-wearing monks who have turned the Buddhist sutra into dance music.

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Denta-Pride’s Electronic Tooth Brushing Coach uses Bluetooth to Make Teeth White, But May Go On A Power Trip

We probably all feel comfortable with the way we brush our teeth; after meals just like we were always told.  But how long do you brush for?  Do you brush with the right amount of pressure?  Are you sure you’re giving each part of your mouth its fair share of brushing time?

A recent development in electric toothbrushes the Oral B Denta-Pride 5000 allows us to answer these impossible questions, but then hits us with another puzzle – why 5000?

Read More

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