Did Studio Ghibli create anime’s most skillful lady-killer of all time?

”This guy’s got some mad game” says our reviewer, who watched the Hayao Miyazaki classic for the first time at the age of 30.

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Fate/stay night and Axe body spray partner up in attempt to make anime fans smell nice

When Fate fans find themselves sweating with excitement, Axe wants to be their humble servant.

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Angelina Jolie reunites with son Maddox, Japanese musician Miyavi at Tokyo Maleficent 2 premiere

Hollywood actress visits Japan for the first time in five years with her two eldest children in tow.

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Krav Maga Tokyo Training Center trains SoraNews24’s Meg in no-holds-barred combat arts【Videos】

Meg goes from Frappuccino fan to fists of fury.

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Hayao Miyazaki has turned down multiple offers from Hollywood to make live-action Nausicaa movie

Studio Ghibli co-founder also had two iron-clad conditions for the upcoming kabuki adaptation of his classic anime film.

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Weathering with You anime cafe opening soon with beautiful Shinkai-inspired menu items【Photos】

Your Name director Makoto Shinkai’s latest movie takes on gorgeous edible form in Tokyo and Osaka.

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Ghibli scarecrow protects rice fields in countryside Japan

Pikachu and Ash also watch over the crops, which were once destroyed by the tsunami in the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake.

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Weathering with You anime exhibition coming to Tokyo with special cafe menu items

Treat yourself to the taste of a glorious rain-flecked Makoto Shinkai movie.

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Keanu Reeves gets a ninja lesson with Kyary Pamyu Pamyu at John Wick 3 premiere in Japan

Find someone who looks at you the way Keanu looks at this Japanese singer when she gives him flowers.

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Keanu Reeves visits Hideo Kojima and a rural art island in Japan before John Wick premiere

Reeves took in some contemporary art with rumoured girlfriend Alexandra Grant in the heart of the Japanese countryside. 

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We get our first peep at Seiri-chan, the Japanese movie all about a menstrual flow mascot

“She comes once a month,” promises the new trailer’s ominous opening line.
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Kyoto Animation to release full list of arson attack victim names in credits of new anime movie

Violet Evergarden’s story of loss and separation will end with a reminder that Kyoto Animation staff who lost their lives will not be forgotten.

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Enter the cup noodle: Eating instant ramen in bullet time

Do you think that’s meat you’re eating?

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We all float down here, Kitty… Sanrio’s It movie collab is more cute than creepy

Crouch too close to the sewer, and you might catch a glimpse of red…oh, it’s just her ribbon.
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Weathering with You is first anime submitted for Best International Film Oscar in over 20 years

Makoto Shinkai’s Your Name follow-up is only the second Japanese animated film ever to get the nod.

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Kyoto Animation releases beautiful trailer for first major anime project since arson attack【Video】

Violet Evergarden movie will open in theaters less than two months after arson attack that killed 35 Kyoto Animation employees.

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Preorders open for Godzilla: King of the Guitars, only five to be made

Bear in mind, it will stomp a trail of destruction through your bank account too.

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Wrinkly Pikachu gets first-ever official plushie, sadness-smoothing hugs to come soon

Down-in-the-dumps Pokémon sleuth could use a confidence-boosting squeeze.

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Detective Pikachu plush arrives in mysterious packaging【Photos, video】

That’s one way to package things, we guess.

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Japanese photographer moves people to tears with night sky photos that look like anime art

Gorgeous images show us anime skies really can exist in real life.

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