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Comic illustrates what Japan’s PM was likely thinking moments before emerging as Mario

C’mon Abe, you can do it! You’ve got nothing to lose… Except maybe your pride.
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Korean fan surprised to receive present from baseball’s Yu Darvish after Twitter request

Sometimes when you want something, all you’ve got to do is ask.

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Cat-paw-shaped Japanese delicacy encourages you to play with your food!【Taste Test】

You’ll definitely want to give these paw-shaped fish cakes a squish before you bite into them!

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Why didn’t Japan include any Pokémon character cameos in the 2020 Olympic promo?

Netizens fear Japan may have missed out on capitalizing on one of its hottest current exports.
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The strange and funny nicknames Chinese netizens have given Western celebrities【Video】

Time for Western nicknames like Brit and JT for Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake to make way for Chinese monikers like “Queen of Starbucks” and “J Boss”.

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How many members you should put in your RPG party, according to Japanese gamers

Japanese gamers weigh in on what prime party member number makes or breaks their RPG experience.

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These girls claim having a middle-aged man pay for their lifestyle is different from compensated dating, but is it really?

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This cute Licca doll-inspired eyewear line guarantees you’ll be looking cute, literally

Eyewear brand Paris Miki teams up with Japan’s favorite Barbie-like doll, Licca, to offer a cool and sophisticated glasses line for women.

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What can you tell about people from their notebook scribbles? One artist decides to find out!

Notebook and diary planner posts from a Japanese artist offer a small peek into the inner lives of ordinary people.

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Charismatic or creepy? Phrases women are likely to interpret different ways based on looks

Japanese netizens point out what they see as a huge double standard when it comes to how women react to certain comments and come-ons made by hotties or geeks.

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Add some subtle shine to your outfit with these Cardcaptor Sakura earrings

Carry a part of the Clow with you when you wear these beautiful earrings.

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Our reporter gets a genderless makeover and turns himself into Harajuku model Ryucheru

Nakazawa takes on the genderless-style trend currently sweeping Harajuku.

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Always keep some cats hanging around with these Neko Atsume hanging cup figures

Decorate your drinks with this adorable Kitty Collector, six-figure set.

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Twitter artist unknowingly makes her home popular with neighborhood stray cats, cuteness ensues

Hint: It isn’t her milkshake that’s bringing all the cats to the yard.

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The trailer for Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is finally here, and it’s absolutely breathtaking!

Fans have been waiting since the game’s 2014 announcement for a sneak peak at Nintendo’s new Zelda project, and we doubt they’ll be disappointed!

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We take on the “Giga Monster Burger” at Teddy’s Bigger Burger【Taste Test】

Two of our reporters try to tackle this 20-centimeter (8-inch) burger tower!

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This doll is hiding more than just boobies under her shirt.

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Sailor Moon character outfits modeled on high-fashion designs【Pics】

Not only were these heroines and villains granted super powers — they were also given a haute wardrobe!

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Learn to make realistic-looking, edible insects with these cool tutorials【Videos】

Here are some creepy crawlies we wouldn’t mind coming across in our kitchen.
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Hawaiian burger restaurant in Japan offers up a 5-in-1 monster burger

Say “aloha” to this 1.8 kilo (4 lb) bad boy.

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