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Japanese high school students hatch chick without an eggshell during class【Video】

While it doesn’t answer the age-old question of which came first, the chicken or the egg, this high school class experiment is a pretty amazing one nonetheless.

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Japanese man arrested for escorting a stranger’s daughter to the bathroom

Is this guy a creepy predator or just an unlucky, good Samaritan?

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Taekwondo team shows off their moves in more ways than one【Video】

Is this a martial arts demonstration or dance off? You decide!
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Chinese businessman sets his sights on driving Disney Resort out of Shanghai

Billionaire Jianlin Wang says Mickey Mouse and friends aren’t welcome in China.

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Matching geeky, otaku outfits are the latest in Japanese street fashion【Pics】

Not only is otaku fashion taking over Japanese streets, it’s quickly becoming the go-to dress code for popular places like Disneyland and Universal Studios.
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Twitter users claim Dragon Quest theme is eerily similar to university song, North Korea’s anthem

Observations from two users on Twitter have sparked a discussion of Dragon Quest influences past and present.

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Japanese department store Isetan brings back its Sailor Moon fashion line, plus a new Diana bag!

If you missed your chance to get your hands on these awesome outfits and accessories last time, it looks like you’re in luck!

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Sakuraman services promises to bring you cherry blossoms anytime, anywhere【Video】

The sakura season will never slip away from you again!

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Japanese ballerino cat dances his way into the hearts of millions across the globe【Pics】

Miruko is back, and he’s got a whole new set of moves!
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Japanese otaku’s amazing house of anime and video game merch goes viral【Video】

This otaku’s epic collection is sure to leave you green with envy.

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Japanese government releases SUPER weird promo ad to attract young voters【Video】

After watching this, we’re not sure if they’re actually trying to encourage young people to go the ballot box, or give them a seizure.

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We visit a conveyor belt BBQ offering Japan’s best beef at only a fraction of the price【Pics】

Say hello to some the country’s best barbecue, or yakiniku, featuring cuts of highly sought-after  Matsusaka beef.

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Hamee (Strap-ya) to release charming catbutt cradles for your phone

Cat lovers won’t want to miss this new feline smartphone ass-essory.

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Heartwarming video tells the story of a blind man and his armless friend who planted a forest

These two men in China show us that no obstacle is a match for the bond of friendship.

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Don’t throw away those old water bottles — use them for cooking instead!

Short on cookware or want to minimize clean-up time after dinner? Skip the recycling center and use your old bottles to whip up something good!

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Color blending “Chameleon Pens” are the hottest new art items trending in Japan

These pens will change the way you shade.

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She’s cute, but… Three types of girls to watch out for when dating in Japan【Video】

Here are three dating deal breakers in Japan that you shouldn’t ignore, even if you’d give her appearance a perfect 10.

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Japan reports fewer children and more elderly people for 35th year in a row

New data confirms the number of children in Japan is only continuing to decline.

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We try the new, limited edition squid viscera potato chips from Japan【Taste Test】

Do you have the guts to try these fermented squid gut-flavored potato chips?

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【Monday Kickstart】This collection of awkward black cat photos is sure to put a smile on your face

Sadly, the weekend is over, but here are some lolcats to help you get through Monday.

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