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Napping taxi drivers in Tokyo become the subject of UK photographer’s work【Photos】

Check out these drowsy drivers catching 40 winks during a typical day in Japan’s busiest city.

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Watch these four super-genki huskies welcome their owner home【Video】

It’s little wonder net users in Japan are so taken with these happy pups—they just love their owner so much!

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American man living in a disused airplane plans to make Japan his next stop

Most people get restless on flights over three or four hours long, but one Oregonian man has been living on an airliner for 15 years, and says he now has eyes on Miyazaki, Japan for his next destination.

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Parkour Mario and Luigi are back to tackle this Mario Maker course brought to life!【Video】

The Super Mario Bros. are back to jump, flip and spin their way through another real-life level.

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100-yen gyoza gadget helps you make delicious dumplings in the blink of an eye

Fulfill your craving for gyoza dumplings anytime, anywhere with this popular device from Japanese 100 yen store chain Daiso.

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Happy Caturday! Here are some kitties playing in ball pits【Video】

These cute, playful kitties have won the Japanese internet over, and are sure to melt your heart, too.

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New dress collection by up-and-coming Japanese fashion label, inspired by traditional paper patterns

Made in Japan fashion brand yucasii tokyo releases a full line of dresses designed with Japanese paper prints in mind.

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Master sushi chef effortlessly slices and dices vegetables while blindfolded【Video】

Master sushi chef Hiroyuki Terada shows us why he’s a cut above the rest.

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More cute kitties balancing Japanese snacks on their heads【Videos】

Shiro and friends are back, this time modeling headwear out of empty containers of Calbee’s Jagarico.

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Hey, listen! Realistic-looking The Legend of Zelda hoodie now available to pre-order

Get Link’s look without having to craft your own costume with this cool The Legend of Zelda hoodie.

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Japanese Twitter user’s ridiculously detailed ballpoint pen art goes viral

If you’ve got the talent and the passion you can use pretty much anything to illustrate your vision, like this piece of art that’s been making the rounds on Japanese Twitter, drawn using only two ballpoint pens.

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Rilakkuma Cafe opening in Tokyo, with an extra side of cuteness

For a limited time during March and April, the Harajuku’s Rilakkuma Cafe in a Honey Forest Cafe will be serving up adorable Rilakkuma-inspired dishes and desserts.

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Licca-chan gets the royal treatment in this gorgeous Doll Festival set

Toy brand Takara Tomy collaborates with distinguished doll maker Kyugetsu to release a limited 2016 edition of the Licca-chan Doll Festival series.

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Clever costume changes in SoftBank’s new Disney-themed, CG-free ad【Video】

Ninety seconds is all you need to reach the “happily ever after” ending of this super-cute video.
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Conan O’Brien turns into a goldfish for a surprise Korean drama cameo

Conan o-“fish”-ally cements his fame in South Korea by making an appearance in the drama One More Happy Ending as a talking goldfish.

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We’ve got the lowdown on some of the best cosplay from anime convention Katsucon 2016【Video】

If this video is anything to go by, the cosplay featured at last weekend’s Katsucon 2016 sure didn’t disappoint.
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Japanese drinks maker offers tiny Street Fighter V figures with cans of Umami Blend coffee

Japanese beverage company DyDo is celebrating its new blend of canned coffee and the release of Street Fighter V with these awesome, hanging character figures.

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Super bug — Japanese entomologist encounters a real-life titan, but of the insect variety

A bug enthusiast’s dream and your average person’s worst nightmare, this rare titan beetle discovery has set Japanese Twitter abuzz.

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For a limited time you can dial up and talk to Doraemon on the phone

To commemorate the release of the latest Doraemon movie, everybody’s favorite robot cat from the future is now taking calls from fans all across Japan.

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