Posted by Jamie Koide

Fueled by road rage, two public transport buses in China collide【Video】

These two bus drivers seem to be slightly more furious than fast.

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We ask a Harajuku street fashion merchant to dress Mr. Sato for under $100 【Photos】

Will Mr. Sato be able to find the perfect outfit in the trendy Tokyo neighborhood?

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Spidey-cat “drops in” to check on its owner, saves the day with a dose of humor

This cute superhero will stun you with his “kawaii-sense”.

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Vans to release line of Nintendo 8-bit sneakers this summer【Pics】

We can’t wait to lace up a pair of these cool, retro-looking kicks.

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You can now buy your favorite Japanese foods in candle form!【Pics】

Curry and gyoza so hot, it burns—literally.

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Japan’s top 10 hotel breakfasts 2016: Kobe hotel tops the list once again!

Experience a tour of some of Japan’s best cuisine without even setting foot outside of your hotel with these top 10 breakfast buffet picks.

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Leg-lovers will be pleased to know that Japanese artist Yuria is continuing her foray into the world of thighs.

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Trailer for upcoming Chinese Legend of Zelda short film release looks amazing【Video】

Dayside Productions is about to drop a hot new release that Zelda fans never knew they wanted.

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Japanese communications company to introduce AI love advice specialist

Who says experiencing real love is a perquisite for answering all of love’s tough questions?
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Increasing number of Japanese ditching traditional attitudes about weddings and funerals

Less income means less desire and less money to spend on major life events.

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Our writer intentionally gets himself caught up in an online phishing scam—for science!

Our reporter goes undercover to see what happens when you voluntarily give your information and credit card info to Facebook spammers.

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Beefy backpacks are the perfect fashion statement for any meat-loving traveler

Our mouths are watering just looking at ’em.
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Pooch with places to be disappointed to find he’s not allowed on the subway

The priceless expression on one dog’s face as he was carried off a train platform in Japan has us in stitches.

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Flight attendant recruits dazzle onlookers with beautiful Chinese cheongsam dresses

Forming a promotional flash mob in China’s Sichuan Province, these ladies impressed not with singing and dancing, but with their graceful silhouettes.

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Korean chicken restaurant sued by Louis Vuitton for copyright infringement

A South Korean chicken restaurant owner got a rude awakening when he was slapped with a $12,800 fine for ripping off the famous French designer label’s name and monogram design.

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Japanese retailer releases three cute & comfy high school “uniforms” to wear around the house

This new high school room wear collection is aimed at adult women—but wouldn’t it feel weird wearing the uniforms so long after graduation?
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Amazing side-by-side images capture a century of change in China【Pics】

We’ve seen how Chinese beauty has changed over the past 100 years, but what about the landscape itself?

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Japanese dog hotel and groomer opens adorable “puppy pre-school”【Photos】

It’s not just kids who started school year this April—proud pet parents in Tokyo are sending their furry friends off for housetraining at this cute “kindergarten” that’s just for dogs.

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This Japan Airlines hottie is setting female netizens’ hearts aflutter【Video】

JAL returns with another dance video, this time with new costumes and a handsome male member who can really bust a move.

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We try one Japanese shop’s special “penis” noodle bowl

Slurping noodles has never felt more wrong…

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