Jessica Kozuka

Jessica Kozuka is a freelance writer and editor living in the exciting, interesting and sometimes perplexing city of Tokyo. Her work has appeared in Wine Spectator, CNN Travel, and The Japan Times, as well as numerous other print and online media outlets. She writes a column on NPO/NGOs and volunteer work for Metropolis, the largest English-language magazine in Japan, and specializes in EFL educational materials and travel writing. Kozuka is rarely to be found without a book or two within arm’s reach, though there's no telling if they will be serious literature or frivolous guilty pleasures, and she runs a monthly book club for other bibliophiles in the Tokyo area. She's also an enthusiastic if mediocre cook and daily laments the smallness of Japanese kitchens.

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Fashionably fragrant gift idea: J-Scent, perfumes that capture the aromas of Japan

And we don’t mean the smell of drunk, sweaty salarymen on a crowded train.

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The Disney/yakuza tattoo mashup you didn’t know you needed today

Talented Japanese dad proves once again that boredom is the mother of invention.

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We investigate a haunted rail crossing and get chased by a 156-year-old ghost!【Haunted Tokyo】

This time, we got not just one but TWO spirits on camera… kind of.

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This all-rice meal is the dream dinner for carb loading

Can you have too much of a good thing?

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Japanese store advertises with novel photography tip: wear adult diapers

I’m all for being passionate about your hobby, but that’s a wee bit over the top, don’t you think?

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We investigate Sendagaya Tunnel and get a message from beyond【Haunted Tokyo】

Do you believe in ghosts, Rocketeers? A bloodstained woman with long hair is said to haunt this Tokyo tunnel.

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Permanent residency in Japan now possible after just one year

The Justice Ministry’s new rules could cut your wait by years.

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We investigate Tokyo’s most haunted spot, Kohoku Bridge【Haunted Tokyo】

At the risk of sounding clickbaity, you really won’t believe what we found.

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JR Kyushu runs possibly confusing “Kiss My Nagasaki” campaign

You want me to kiss you where now?

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Collection of Jackie Chan’s best freerunning scenes never stops being amazing 【Video】

In case you didn’t already know that Jackie Chan is a total badass.

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Tokyo Metro Underground Mysteries puzzle game is back!

Think you’ve got what it takes to solve this sprawling puzzle?

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Unexpectedly cute stowaway on JR train causes delays, smiles

Usually commuters get upset by train delays, but this time they were all smiles.
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5 reasons to visit Myanmar during the monsoon season【Photos】

A little rain isn’t going to hurt you. Unless you’re a mogwai, of course…
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Flasher shows Pokémon Go-playing schoolgirl his Diglett

Those aren’t Pokéballs!

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Get shaved ice and chiseled muscles at macho kakigori event【Photos】

Temperatures are rising in Tokyo, y’all.

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Magic fail makes dignity disappear【Video】

Can you spot what went wrong?

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Lettuce makes tasty booze and other discoveries at a new all-you-can-drink shochu bar

Lettuce shochu counts as a vegetable, right?

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You gotta fight for your right to flash mob?

Is a flash mob protected free speech? The Japanese courts will decide.

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Takarazuka becomes fourth Japanese municipality to recognize same-sex partnerships

Love wins, one city office at a time.
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Our reporter P.K. Sanjun can drive them off in droves!

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