Gamarjobat: The funniest mimes to trot the globe

Humor, generally, is very subjective. Even when everyone’s speaking the same language, local cultural differences can have a massive impact on how jokes are received. Attempting to bridge these divides can be both difficult and frustrating. Not to mention dangerous if you happen to offend the wrong crowd.

All of which makes it even more impressive when someone does manage to leap over the gap with aplomb.

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Room with terrace or terrace with room? Apartment listing boasts 160-square-meter ‘balcony’

This bizarre room listing gives a whole new meaning to “open-air layout.” A Tokyo real estate agency is advertising this room with a 160-square-meter (524 ft) balcony attached. It all seems like a fantastic deal until you realize that, while the balcony is indeed enormous, it dwarfs the room itself – which is a mere 25 square meters and somehow manages to cram a bathtub, toilet and kitchen inside.

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Human chair offers comfort and relaxation, if it doesn’t run away from you first

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to be an inanimate object, ran out of Halloween costume ideas, or for some reason need to sneak unnoticed into an old folk’s home, this chair is for you.

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Rogue Roomba escapes captivity, streets near Kanda station now sparkly clean

We’re not sure if the singularity has finally happened or if this Roomba vacuum cleaner’s owners are just particularly careless. Regardless, it appears the Roomba, sick of being trapped in the same dull house like an animal in a zoo, triumphantly escaped the confines of the home and made a mad 3-mph dash for freedom.

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What’s funnier than a cat running around with a tissue box on its head?

The answer to that question: not a lot.

If you’re coming to the end of your relaxing weekend and aren’t looking forward to the week ahead, we have just the video to lift your spirits! (Yes, of course it involves cats).

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Finally, proof that real-life Pikachu is feline 【Video】

If you grew up with Pokémon, you probably spent years wishing deep down that they were real and you could have one. Let’s be honest, you still want one, no matter if PETA thinks you’re a monster for doing so. Well, a couple of guys from California went on the hunt to find a real Pikachu, not in the Viridian Forest, but around their neighborhood, and you might be surprised at what they found.
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Amazon Japan lists withered alien figurines in place of adorable Kiki’s Delivery Service goods, Internet wets itself

While Amazon Japan may have its share of amusing, inappropriate, and disturbing reviews written by its customers, this (hopefully) mistaken listing is all on Amazon.

With rumors of a live-action remake of Studio Ghibli’s Kiki’s Delivery Service swirling, attention has been focused on the original movie. And now questions about the true nature of the adore cat Jiji are starting to surface. What are we talking about? Well… Read More

Smackdown! Cat takes on banana peel in fight to the finish 【Video】

Dude, what’s that by your laptop!?
Hey whiskers, it’s just a banana peel.
Are you sure?
Of course, I just ate the damn thing.
I don’t know. I’m gonna check it out. Stay back and cover me.
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Teachers say the darnedest things: How rice flavoring is more expensive than a Porsche

Mamechishiki, literally translated as “bean knowledge,” refers to trivia in Japanese. And, if there’s one thing the Internet is good for (besides videos of cats), it’s trivia!

Today’s “bean knowledge” is about the difference in value (by weight) of furikake (dried seasoning sprinkled over white rice) and a Porsche. It originated on a popular Japanese Twitter hashtag “#surprising things said by my teacher.”

One Japanese Twitter user sent out the following tweet. Read More

Can you understand me now, Google Glass? A Japanese perspective

By now, you’ve surely heard about Google Glass, the head-mounted computer that allows the wearer to interact with data while going about their day thanks to a tiny display that hovers in the top-right corner of their vision. While this all sounds like a wonderful little slice of the future, the product has come under scrutiny recently amid privacy concerns raised by politicians, and many are wondering about the possible implications of using it in the real world.

While most reviews have been from the perspective of native English-speakers, today we stumbled upon an interesting review written by a Japanese speaker. Despite the country being considered by many to be the home of computer wizardry, Japanese people are often a little shy of new devices at first (the iPhone was positively ignored for its first year on the market), so we were keen to get a Japanese perspective.

Just a couple of paragraphs into the writeup, however, we noticed that the reviewer had stumbled upon a couple of minor problems with Google Glass.
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One of the Mushroom Kingdom’s most iconic characters has a dark, dark secret

Toad, the mushroom-headed character from the Super Mario series of video games that dates back almost 30 years now, is a character known to millions around the globe. Clear a castle in the original game and he’s there to break the news that the princess isn’t actually there. Slip on a banana peel while burning rubber in Super Mario Kart and it’s often his shrill voice you’ll hear echoing through the enormous green pipe tunnels. Need a man to pick and throw vegetables super fast in Super Mario Bros 2? Toad’s your guy.

Little did we know, though, that Toad has been harbouring a terrible secret the entire time we’ve known him. One that shocked Japanese fans and Twitter users to the core when the following photo came to light.

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JSDF’s new helicopter may or may not be fake, a real-life transformer

All this anime is clearly getting to Japanese people’s heads. Japanese media has fallen hook, line and sinker for this seemingly impossible, anime-inspired helicopter design, breathlessly reporting that Ghost in the Shell-style vehicles are being designed by the (Japan Self Defence Force) JSDF right now.

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Time for Your Hump-Day Treat! Kitty Shows Us How to Relax 【Video】

This cute kitty doesn’t care if he looks a bit silly, because he’s having the time of his life! Read More

84 Percent of Women Don’t Want to See Nipples at the Office, World’s Least Surprising Survey Says

With summer fast approaching and people shedding layers to stay cool, every businessman faces a decision of vast importance: what type of undershirt to wear beneath your white button-up.

Men, if you’ve never given this any thought before, consider this fair warning: A Nikka Spa! survey of 100 female office workers confirms that your choice of undershirt could have grave and far-reaching consequences and the wrong choice might even get you accused of sexual harassment.

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Roll Up! Roll Up! See the Headless Hokkaido Penguin Here! 【Video】

The penguins! They’ve… lost their heads!!

There’s no Photoshop trickery involved here – just living, breathing penguins wandering around their enclosure in Hokkaido’s Asahiyama Zoo with nothing but air where their heads ought to be. What on earth is happening on Japan’s northernmost island!?

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The Definitive Video Guide to Using Chopsticks, Guaranteed Everyone Will Learn Something From It

Throughout my time in Japan I’m often reminded of how “awesome” I am at using chopsticks at every possible moment by the locals (a phenomenon compounded by my being left-handed).

Yet despite this excessive praise for eating like a human, I still feel I have a lot to learn about manipulating said utensils with more poise and grace. That’s why I’m excited to have found this instructional video that has answered all my questions and more.

Please, join us in learning how to use chopsticks like an expert through this video. And for all our Asian friends who think they have chopsticks mastered, I’m sure there is something for you to learn too!

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Free Hugs? Uhh…Okay, Says Japan

The free hug boom that swept the world nearly a decade ago also made it to Japan. Though only on shaky legs, it seems.

In case you don’t remember or somehow missed it, the idea was that people would stand around in public areas holding signs that read, simply enough, “Free Hugs.” If interested, anyone was welcome to step forward for a warm embrace. Ostensibly, it was an attempt to spread love and peace, and it did seem to bring a lot of smiles to a lot of people. Overall, a net positive.

Though the movement seems mostly to have quieted, one Japanese writer in Tokyo has described his recent experience meeting some Japanese Free-Huggers. Read More

Oh Dear! Has Peter Rabbit Discovered a New, Darker Side to Himself?

I’m sure many of you have memories of reading tales from Beatrix Potter‘s famous Peter Rabbit series as a child and being fascinated with the exquisitely drawn anthropomorphic animals in the books. Although Peter and his friends wore brightly colored human clothes, they looked so real that they seemed like they might walk out of the pages of the book at any time, didn’t they? You probably even had a favorite character too. (Mine was Tom Kitten, by the way.) Some of you may also recall the 2006 Hollywood movie Ms. Potter, which told the extraordinary story of how the Peter Rabbit series came into being, with Renée Zellweger starring in the title role.

But now, as an adult, do you ever feel the urge to see such pure, wholesome characters from your childhood acting just the slightest bit naughty? Well, Japanese comic artist Keiichi Tanaka apparently had just such an urge and actually produced a drawing depicting exactly that — our beloved Peter Rabbit indulging in kinky behavior! Read More

Adobe and the Case of the Missing Chill Pill

It wouldn’t be going too far to say that Photoshop is the best friend of many creators. As such, it’s understandable that there’s a lot of interest in the most recent announcement from Adobe, the software’s creator. The company announced on May 7 that they would be changing all of their products to cloud services with monthly fees.

As such, the company has set up a public blog for Japan, where they answer questions submitted by users concerned about how the changes will affect them. And that’s how the trouble began! After the same question was submitted over and over and OVER, the following exchange appeared on the site, brimming with unrestrained frustration. Read More

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