Twitter Explodes as Polar Bear is Spotted Fishing in the Wilds of Tokyo

OK, so it may not be a living, breathing polar bear (only joking, kids- of course it’s real!), but this certainly isn’t something that you’d expect to see on your way to work in the big city!

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Taiwanese Woman Stifles Snicker, Divorces Man After Discovering Underwhelming Endowment

A Taiwanese couple, a 55-year old man and 52-year old woman, have divorced after four years living in separate apartments following the woman’s wedding night discovery that her new husband’s member appeared to have a severe case of dwarfism.

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Psst, Your Stamen Is Showing: Little Naked Flower Men

Nature is not shy. She loves to let it all hang out, and there might be no better example of this in the botanical world than Orchis simia, otherwise known as the Monkey Orchid, whose petals look like little naked men, complete with big ol’ schlongs. Read More

Overhead Tablet Stand Makes it Easy to Use Your iPad While Lounging in Bed

Last month we introduced a clever invention that held a heavy laptop over the user’s head, allowing anyone to use their computer while lounging in bed. This month we found a different version of the same concept: an overhead tablet stand. As long as they are sturdy enough to support the weight of their intended device, the laptop and tablet stands seem like useful products. But if the stands did fail and if you had to choose, we’re guessing you’d rather get a tablet to the face than a laptop.  Read More

Baby Elephant Sits on Man, Hilarity Ensues 【Video】

This video, also known as “Arthur Gets Owned by a Baby Elephant,” shows a tiny two-month-old elephant playing with a young tourist in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Please note that by “tiny” we mean “enormous” and by “playing with” we mean “sitting on.” Getting sat on by a baby elephant doesn’t sound so bad until you realize that a baby elephant weighs 220 lbs (100kg)… at birth. Don’t worry, no tourists nor elephants were harmed in the making of this video.

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Do You Know Where Japan Is? These Turkish Men Aren’t So Sure

It’s a shame that our man Mr. Sato didn’t talk a little more about his own country during his recent visit to Turkey. In a video currently attracting a lot of attention here in Japan, a Turkish television crew hit the streets of Istanbul to ask its residents whether they knew the geographical location of Japan. As it happens, despite the amount of media attention that Japan has received in the past couple of years, the average man on the street in Turkey is still a little off the mark when it comes to the home of sushi and Super Mario…

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Little Box Man’s Big Adventure 【Photo Album】

These tiny cardboard box figures from Revoltech have been around for a while now, retailing at toy and model shops and even on Amazon JP itself. It’s rare, though, to stumble across a set of photographs featuring everyone’s favourite pint-sized pal that are as fascinating and well shot as these. Whether you’re just beginning your day or about to head to bed, we guarantee the following photo album will put a little smile on your face.

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This Woman’s Bus is Too Cutesy for Words

Well that’s one way to make public transport a little less depressing!

Surfacing on Chinese info hub TT Mop late last week, the following images show one Chinese bus driver’s efforts to brighten up her wheels and add a splash of cute for her passengers. “Fluffy” doesn’t even begin to describe it.

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What’s Your National Stereotype? Japanese Sinking Ship Joke Has Got You Pegged

You’ve all heard the joke about the sinking ship, right? This joke explicitly reveals the deep inner motivations of the men of many different nations. It’s famous for hitting the nail on the head when it comes to cultural stereotypes. Really, this joke knows you better than you know yourself. Popular in Japan, it also goes down a treat at drinking parties worldwide.

So, what is this joke that so accurately pinpoints cultural stereotypes? Here it is…

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The Onion Tower is Here! Mr. Sato Takes on 100 Slices of Grilled Onion in one Monster Burger

We’ve never been ones to shy away from fast food challenges, and today is no exception. Today may well be Friday to the rest of you, but for the RocketNews24 team, and especially our champion eating machine Mr. Sato, today was and will forever remain the day that we took on the challenge of the 100 slice onion tower.

From the people who brought you the 1,000 cheese slice whopper and the 1,050 rasher bacon burger, we proudly present: The Onion Tower Challenge.

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Tweet about Rip-Off Burger at AKB48 Cafe Goes Viral Despite Being Entirely False

On Wednesday this week, the above image of an alleged “healthy option” burger from Akihabara’s AKB48 Cafe was uploaded by a Japanese Twitter user. Despite supposedly costing a whopping 700 yen ($US7.57) and being advertised as being “packed full of ingredients”, the burger was one of the saddest things we’ve ever seen on a plate.

Netizens were quick to scoff at the culinary effort and the image was quickly shared thousands of times as people began wondering just how far the people behind AKB48 would go to make a bit of extra cash. As it turns out, though, the original post was neither entirely fair nor accurate.

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Domino’s Pizza Japan Launches a Fleet of Special Hatsune Miku Delivery Bikes

Just minutes after reporting that Domino’s Pizza Japan had teamed up with blue haired pop star Hatsune Miku, we have received word that the fast food company is also producing a line of Miku-themed delivery bikes, or “itabaiku“, to mark the occasion.

Taking to the streets of Tokyo all through the campaign, these brightly-coloured three wheelers will be used to deliver piping hot pies to all of Domino’s customers.

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Domino’s Pizza Japan Teams Up with Hatsune Miku, Releases Fantastic Cringeworthy Video

Domino’s Pizza stepped things up a gear yesterday when it announced that it is partnering with digital pop idol Hatsune Miku for its latest promotional campaign. As well as allowing them to order pizzas without actually having to speak to anyone, the new Domino’s Pizza feat. Hatsune Miku app for iPhone lets customers enjoy private performances from the singing humanoid by pointing the iPhone’s camera at special app-friendly pizza boxes.

Perhaps even better than the campaign itself, though, is the cheesy video that Domino’s launched yesterday to introduce the app, which features company president Scott Oellkers doing his best to look excited about having his photo taken with the teal-haired star. Corporate enthusiasm aplenty after the break.

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Korean Delivery Guy Shows Us His Supernatural Powers 【Video】

Delivering flyers, brochures and leaflets in winter is no fun. It’s cold, windy, you get barked at or chased by dogs and the pay is bad. If only there were a way to cruise by, fling your wares and be off in the blink of an eye, safe in the knowledge that they won’t blow away or sit on the ground waiting to be stepped on or soaked through by the rain and snow…

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Tokyo Store Launches Concierge Service to Help Clueless Men Shopping for their Girlfriends

With White Day little over a week away, thousands of men in Japan are currently feeling the heat. Having received gifts from their loved ones on Valentine’s Day, it’s now time to return the favour by buying their sweetheart something that simultaneously says “thank you” while acting as a token of their affections.

But when most men think of the words “great gift”, they often envisage things like video games or iPad-controlled helicopters, and the chances of such items going down well with their wives or girlfriends are slim to none.

Thankfully, help is at hand! Available at Tokyo’s Tokyu Hands department store, the White Day Concierge service is designed to help male shoppers on the hunt for a romantic gift find something that their other half may actually like, rather than just a female Tenga toy with a ribbon tied around it and the promise of a shoulder rub.

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Taiwanese Troupe Brings the Harlem Shake to Asia 【Video】

It may be entirely nonsensical and borderline annoying, but with this particular video receiving more than a million hits from Chinese Internet users alone, it’s fair to say that the peculiar dance craze known as the Harlem Shake has found a home in Asia.

If you only watch one Harlem Shake video today, make it this one.

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From “Beauty” to “Burn It!!” in the Blink of an Eye: Five Monstrous Animated GIFs

There’s an old saying in Japan that, roughly translated into English, goes something like this: “In three days one tires of beauty and warms to plainness.”

No matter how physically attractive a person is, spend enough time with them and eventually its effects start to fade. On the other hand, even the most unremarkable of faces begin to show beauty over time. It’s rare, though, to see both incredible beauty and something that you could use to frighten your children into behaving with in the same face.

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The Biggest One We’ve Ever Seen: Cuddly Character “Nameko” Goes Large

Before you say it, no, that’s not a phallus with feet; it’s a mushroom.

Readers outside of Japan may not be familiar with Nameko – the now famous cuddly character based on the slightly slimy nameko (or “pholiota nameko” to be exact) variety of mushroom that’s often used in dishes like miso soup. This little round-headed chap first came on the scene in the middle of 2012 and, like many weird and cuddly characters, was made available as a soft toy, key chain and sticker set, but before we knew it, Nameko goods of every shape and size popped up, delighting schoolkids and young female office workers with a penchant for kimokawaii (gross but cute) while leaving the rest of us creeped out and asking “But… why?”

The good news for fans of this buck-toothed mushroom is that online resource for all things Nameko, Namechoku, has recently launched “the biggest Nameko in history”.

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Chinese Official Misses His Flight, Smashes Up the Airport 【Video】

A government official from China has been caught on video destroying airport property after being told that he may not board his flight.

Despite enjoying a leisurely breakfast at the airport and arriving at the boarding gate long after it had closed, the man flew into a rage when he was denied access to the plane on account of being too late. Within the space of 60 seconds, the man goes from irked to irate, trashing a desk and attempting to smash a window with a notice board while yelling at the staff around him.

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