Is Photoshop powerful enough to transform this ugly guy into a beautiful woman?

All over the internet we often see examples of the wonders that can be done with Photoshop and a little artistic talent. It’s enough to make you wonder what the limits of this photo processing software are.

The zebra and lego brick-hiding Twitter experimenters at Japanese website Omocoro believe they have found the ultimate test of Photoshop’s abilities. In this challenge they dare a Photoshop professional to turn one of their writers, named “Mankind’s All-time Foulest Beast”, into the epitome of female beauty using his software.

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Enjoy a 1,000-yen burger and feel like the King of McDonaldland with this embarrassing special seating

McDonald’s Japan last weekend introduced the first in its limited-time lineup of luxury quarter pounders with the 1,000 yen (US$10) “Black Diamond,” which features truffle shavings and thick-cut bacon.

Some McDonald’s locations, apparently unconvinced their usual clientele would spring for the exorbitantly-priced burger, decided to go above and beyond by offering a special seat for anyone who ordered the menu item.

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He was a good man; a perverted man; a man who liked games in which female characters’ unfeasibly large breasts bounce around with every tiny movement of their body, and clothes dissolve into pixel dust with every well-timed button press or click. Today, ladies and gentlemen, we mourn an ero-gamer.

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Boys love meat: A tasty take on a sexy genre

The Internet is a wild land, filled with many wondrous things to make you laugh or cry. There are cats, silly videos, and a wider variety of romantic entertainments than even a Roman emperor could shake a stick at.

One of the tamer “romantic entertainments” is boys love, a Japanese term for gay and/or female-oriented fiction that tends not to be very explicit. Instead, most BL, as it is commonly known, focuses more on the personal relationships of the characters.

And now a computer game is gaining attention on the Net with its meaty take on the genre.
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Hands-free burger holder frees hands to put even more food in your mouth

A few days ago, we designed and field tested a shoulder-mounted, hands-free burger holding device that allowed our gluttonous Mr. Sato to eat one of his beloved burgers without missing a Tweet. Then he wondered if his free hands might allow him to indulge his other passion… Get your mind out of the gutter! We mean noodles!

Read on for the results of our experiment and instructions on how to try it yourself.

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Yes, this really is a story that involves hot guys, floral-scented shampoo and English lessons. But, you may be wondering, how did such an unlikely combination come about? Well, ladies and gentlemen, meet Ricky, Matt and Justin, the “hot (ikemen) English teachers” who are now promoting Herbal Essences shampoo in Japan by giving offbeat English lessons in a series of videos brought to you courtesy of P&G. And these most definitely are not your typical language lessons.

Sure, I know these guys are just doing their jobs, but these videos have to be some of the most hilarious (in an outrageous and crazy way) stuff I have seen … EVER, and we just had to share it with you. Presenting: the “Hot-looking Teachers’ Dreamy English Lessons” (Ikemen Teacher No Uttori Eikaiwa)!

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Amazon Japan has grass problem, hires goats to “take care of it”

Earlier this week, Amazon Japan had a problem at their Gifu Prefecture distribution center: the grass and weeds were growing too long. So, what did they do? Get out a box-shaped lawn mower and go a few rounds?

Well, not quite…

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Photo of Japanese-style Lego latrine appears online, netizens curiously overjoyed

Although it makes us worry that perhaps some people have a little too much time on their hands, we have to admire this Lego creation, which depicts a classic Japanese-style toilet, complete with something left behind by an inconsiderate Lego person.

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Japanese Titanic: a tale of garbled, hilarious, English

As anyone who has ever taught or studied a second language will tell you, online translation software simply don’t work. Sure, you can throw in short phrases or key words and it’ll help you out from time to time, and languages that are grammatically similar escape more-or-less unscathed, but the rest of the time the sentences these programs spit out is absolute garbage.

With a keen eye for humour, online hub and original content creators Smosh put together the following hilarious video, ‘Japanese Titanic‘. The script is made up entirely of lines generated by an online translator after turning the original English into Japanese and back again, making this easily one of the funniest videos we’ve seen in weeks.

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Miss Korea 2013 entrants transformed into world’s toughest puzzle game

Calling all puzzle game fans! If you think you’re a Tetris master or can bust more moves than Bub and Bob put together, how about taking on this cunning new iPad game, which has players rearrange the now infamous Miss Korea 2013 entrants into (even more) identical rows to win?

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Cats invade Japanese convenience stores to prove we are merely their servants

In case you thought humans were the dominant species on this planet, some Japanese Twitter users have posted a collection of “cats doing whatever they damn well please in convenience stores” sightings, reminding us that our position at the top of the food chain is merely tolerated by our true feline overlords.

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Twitter user finds novel use for CD tray

With the move to flash drives and cloud storage, CD trays may become a thing of the past, but don’t write yours off as a waste of space just yet. One Japanese Twitter user has found an excellent new use for his.

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My, Kitty, haven’t you grown!? Japan’s favourite feline gets a risqué remake

Oh, Kitty-chan, you look… different! Sent to us by Madrid-based reader April, these photos of a cheeky t-shirt riff on everyone’s favourite Japanese cat are sure to raise a few eyebrows both at home and abroad.

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Employee flushes 40 liters of soap, bubbly carnage ensues

Oh, dear heavens! What’s this?

Is Tokyo having freak, concentrated snowfall in the middle of summer? Have Mr. Freeze and Iceman been duking it out in Ginza? Is it a cotton candy terrorist attack??

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Nintendo Direct broadcast focuses on Pikmin 3, includes a moment of minor awkwardness

Yesterday at 8 p.m. Japan Standard Time, Kyoto-based video game giant Nintendo broadcast a brand new episode of its unique Nintendo Direct online presentation series, which the company uses to showcase new games and bring fans news on upcoming releases. Last night’s broadcast was somewhat unusual, however, in that popular Japanese comedian Hitoshi Matsumoto joined industry legend and creator of Super Mario, Shigeru Miyamoto, to play a little of the highly anticipated upcoming Wii U title Pikmin 3. Today, as well as with discussion of the beautiful new Pikmin outing, online bulletin boards are abuzz after the conversation between the two men both raised eyebrows and got a surprising amount of laughs from viewers at home.

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Sorry, studs, you’re just too handsome for your own good!

It seems like every time someone tries to explain what women really want, we end up with an answer that is neither true nor even coherent. Or perhaps I just ask the wrong people, but I could have sworn Mr. Sato would be in the know.

Anyway, this time I think we at least have some good, solid information on what women don’t like: handsome men! (Ah-ha! No wonder I had so much trouble getting dates in high school.)

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‘Thar she blows!’ Bored JSDF soldiers misuse air compressor

Messing around at work is an invitation for trouble. Especially if you and your buddy happen to work for the Japanese Self-Defense Forces.

It has been revealed that, at the beginning of June, two Japanese soldiers were using an air compress to literally blow air up each other’s butts. Yes: at work.

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