Step Out of the Vegie Patch in a Pair of Onion Tights

There’s a theory that says cultures see colours differently. So what happens when you put green and white together on a pair of tights? Most of us would throw colour theories out the window and just see a pair of awesome legs. But when you’re in Japan, some people say, “Green onion!” and others shout “No! White radish!”

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Green Day Vocalist Compares Psy to Herpes Infection, Psy Unsure if That’s a Good or Bad Thing

Looks like Green Day’s frontman, Billie Joe Armstrong, needs to add anger issues to his growing list of ailments requiring rehab. Armstrong was apparently infuriated by the success of Korean pop star, Psy, and his record breaking sensation, Gangnam Style, which made its rounds while Armstrong was serving a stint in a clinic for alcohol and prescription pill abuse. The rocker experienced a “flareup” of sorts at the news that Psy’s epic follow-up, Gentleman, was racking up similar praise.

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The Branomics Bra: Keeping Politicians’ Busty Promises

This Wednesday, underwear manufacturer Triumph International’s Japan team held a product-release event for its bra that “reflects the times.” On display at the biannual event was the Branomics Bra, based on the Abenomics “Three Arrows” policy. Arisa Watanabe and ALISA, poster girls for the company, wore the bust-increasing garments, striking various poses for the attendees. (As far as we know, tickets to these events are not publicly available. Rats!) Read More

A Mascot for the Family Jewels! (Women and Children Love Him!)

Many cities and institutions have cute mascots for PR purposes, usually based on some special local product or place name. Japan and many other countries have plenty of these kinds of characters, but one surprising new face has caught the attention of the entire globe.

We are speaking, of course, about the mascot based on “the family jewels.” The… family jewels? Yep. It’s exactly what it sounds like! (And totally NOT safe for work!!) Read More

Kyaaah! The Anime Power Moves Everyone Tried (And Failed) To Master

Desperate to master the power moves we’d seen so many times in our favourite anime (Japanese animated cartoon), we practiced them day and night. Nothing impresses friends and destroys enemies like a well-timed “Turtle Destruction Wave”. Sure of our eventual success and rise to glory, we eagerly followed in the footsteps of heroes, mimicking their warrior cries and poses. Our best efforts were doomed to fail, but we kept on trying. You did too, right? Probably. Hadouken!

MyNavi News asked 286 men and women in Japan which moves they practiced as children. Here are the most common (and surprising) responses.

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‘It Scared the Poop Outta Me!’ Public Toilet in China Explodes, Woman Escapes Unharmed

When it comes to bizarre toilet stories, China may be in the running for the number one spot. (Or should we say “number two?” Sorry…) This story, though, is a little more… explosive. Read More

Checking Out the Myanmar Amusement Park “Happy World”: An All-star Lineup from Mickey Mouse to Doraemon to…BATMAN?!

When traveling overseas, we like to check out the nearby shopping malls and amusement parks, too, whenever we can. But we don’t waste our time with the famous amusement parks that everyone and their mother has been to. For us, it’s the local, never-before-heard-of amusement parks that we love. Why? Because that’s where you can really see the way the local people live… and some of the clever stuff they’ve come up.

So, this time around, we headed to “Happy World” in Yangon, Myanmar (Burma), located right in front of the world-famous Shwedagon Pagoda.

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Thai Fans Remake Entire Iron Man 3 Pre-Release Trailer by Hand, Blow Our Minds 【Video】

If you’re a superhero fan living in North America, today very likely means only one thing: the launch of Iron Man 3. Perhaps waiting for a more suitable date to release the title, Marvel and Walt Disney Studios hung on until May 3 to unleash Tony Stark’s newest — and, according to some, best — supersuit-powered adventure, and millions of fans are champing at the bit to see it.

Despite having opened in Japan surprisingly early (Japanese releases are notoriously late, with movie fans forced to wait until this March for both Django Unchained and Wreck it Ralph alone), tongues are wagging all across the country today about Iron Man 3, but for an entirely different reason.

Put together by a clearly passionate and creative team of fans in Thailand, the following video recreates the official Iron Man 3 pre-release trailer shot by shot using little more than hand-crafted props, questionable make-up and models dangling from strings. Even so, it is nothing short of wonderful.

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Change You Can’t Believe in: Japan Reacts to Obama’s Proposed New Hair Style

Unlike the more somber State of the Union Address, the White House Correspondents’ Association dinner is generally a more raucous affair; a chance for the Commander in Chief to get cozy with journalists through self-deprecating humor and celebrity guests.

This year’s dinner, which took place Saturday, was no exception, with guests from actor Kevin Spacey to Korean Gangman Style artist and noted gentleman Psy hearing President Obama make jokes at his own expense while also ribbing Republican rivals.

Oh, and he also showed guests a disturbing montage of photos featuring a new hairstyle he’s thinking of sporting for his second term…

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Celebrities with Shrunken Faces the Latest Meme to Sweep Japan 【Photo Gallery】

It’s a universal truth that when large things are made small, they become infinitely cuter. We at RocketNews24 must have documented this phenomenon 100 times over. From tiny crochet figures to cat nuts, small-sized items are just so darn adorable.

But what about shrinking only one part of an object? Cute or just plain creepy?

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OBJECTION! The Prosecution is Pitching a Tent!

Ace Attorney (or Gyakuten Saiban in Japan) is a popular lawyer video game series that has found success in Japan and overseas. One hero of the games, Phoenix Wright (Ryuichi Naruhodo) takes the role of defense attorney versus the iron clad prosecution of his long time rival Miles Edgeworth (Reiji Mitsurugi).

As one would do when their games become successful, Capcom has merchandised it up and down the block releasing items such as mugs, key chains, and the stylish plastic folders you see above.

But one Twitter user discovered something rather unsettling about them.

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Japanese Comedian, Gonzo, Wows the World of YouTube with his Tambourine Performance

Whatever the reason, there’s something incredibly funny about watching an Asian man perform ridiculous dances with a deadly serious expression. We saw it not too long ago with the online explosion of Gangnam Style, and we’re seeing it now with an influx of foreign interest in Japanese comedian, Gonzo. This man is known for his choreographed tambourine dances, always performed without cracking so much as a smirk. If not for his crazy outfits, you might think that he was taking his performances just a bit too seriously! Read More

Procrastination is the Mother of Invention: College Student Invents Kinect “Boob Tracker”

While most male college students put off homework assignments by looking at boobs on the Internet, one enterprising computer programming student decided to procrastinate by inventing an ingenious program that tracks and hides them with Kinect-enabled gestures.

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Sparrow Becomes a Life-Size Earphone Jack Cover!

In Japan’s Twitter world, this bird is causing quite a flurry. The Java sparrow in these photos is so adorable and righteously perched that at first glance, it looks real. But alas, no real sparrow would pose for photos so sweetly and demurely. At least that’s what twitter user “Bado” found when he tried to take photos of his real pet sparrow on top of his smartphone.

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Crime of Passion: Three Men Forcibly Deported from Saudi Arabia for Being “Too Handsome”

TV Emirates reported recently that three United Arab Emirates nationals were deported from Saudi Arabia for the crime of being “too handsome.”

This is certainly an uncommon criminal accusation, but one that we can relate to (some of our writers are banned in 26 countries for the opposite reason). Read More

Ding, Dong, Boom: Giant Temple Bell Falls on Chinese Tourist, Traps Him Inside

John? John, are you okay? Give me one bong for yes, two bongs for no.

In an accident that’s so implausible it’s almost comical, a Chinese tourist became trapped under an enormous two-ton bell at a temple in Shandong, China late last week when the bell’s supports broke while he was standing beneath it. Unable to move the gigantic copper object, he and his friends were left with nothing to do but wait for a rescue team to come and release him from his ornate prison.

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Smoke and Mirrors: From Dude to Dame in Five Minutes【Video】

She’s not really my type, but few would deny that this is one good-looking girl. Sparkling eyes, clear skin, soft lips… And yet there’s something I can’t quite put my finger on here. Something gnawing away at my subconscious making me feel uncomfortable. Could it be… because this is actually a boy in a wig and layers of makeup?

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Japanese Businessman Suspected of Slashing Up to 1,000 Tires in Effort to Meet Women

Suspected of violating laws related to acts of violence, the first trial for company employee Yoshihito Harada, 25, was held at the Nagoya district courthouse on 16 April. Harada stands accused of puncturing the tires of parked cars that were driven by women in an effort to strike up conversations with the drivers. When asked if there was any truth to the indictment, Harada admitted, “It’s true, I did it.”

According to the opening statement by prosecutors, between April 2011 and December 2012, Harada used a screw driver or other sharp object to puncture the tires of five different cars. The cars had all been parked outside supermarkets in the cities of Miyoshi, Nisshin and Toyota, Aichi Prefecture. In all cases the stated reason was so that Harada could establish contact with the women.

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New Track from Taiwanese Artist Comes Under Fire for Similarity to Existing Japanese Song

In what is slowly turning into spate of borrowed creativity this month, Taiwanese singer Yufeng Xiao’s track “Paper Kite” has come under criticism for its startling similarity to Japanese band B’z own “Mouichido Kisu Shitakatta” or “I wanted to kiss you one more time”.

Whether or not you’re familiar with either artist, we highly recommend turning your speakers up and taking a listen to these tracks after the jump. You won’t believe your ears.

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iOS Facebook Chat Update Includes Awesomely Disgusting Projectile Vomit Emoticon

Facebook, possibly in an attempt to outpace Asia’s reigning chat program king LINE, updated their iOS Facebook Chat program on April 17, adding “stickers” that can be used in chat conversations much like LINE’s “stamps” (also called “stickers” in English language versions).

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