hamburger steak

Which Japanese conveyor belt sushi chain has the best hamburger steak sushi?【Taste test】

No, no, not sushi hamburgers. That would be weird.

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Gourmet Japanese hamburger steak in three-year-shelf-life can: Genius or madness? Let’s find out!

Because we’ll try anything before actually doing any real cooking ourselves.

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Vegan hamburger steak rice bowls added to over 1,900 convenience stores in Tokyo

Family Mart wants people who don’t want to eat animal products to have something to eat too.

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Carnivores and boozehounds assemble! Here comes Japan’s massive one-kilo “Beer Can Hamburg”【Pics】

In Japan’s largest prefecture, we found what just might be it’s largest hamburger steak.

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KFC releases luxury Japanese-style teriyaki hamburg steak burgers

The restaurant chain famous for its finger-lickin’ fried chicken now serves up a beefy Japanese specialty inside a burger for a limited time.

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Tokyo custom hamburger steak restaurant is all about choices, and all of them are delicious

While Japan is brimming with hamburger joints, you can also find plenty of restaurants that specialize in the meatloaf-like hamburger steak. Served on a griddle to ensure it stays sizzling hot, the lack of a bun means that with a hamburger steak the meat can take center stage.

The drawback though is that not having two slices of bread to hold everything together usually means fewer options as to what ingredients you’d like in your hamburger steak, compared to a hamburger sandwich. Unless, that is, if you stop by the restaurant Sakana no Nakasei in Tokyo, where you can customize nearly every aspect of your hamburger steak, right down to what kind of meat to use and how coarsely it’s ground.

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