Japanese restaurant serves up the biggest sushi we’ve ever seen!

Conveyor belt sushi chain goes big with its servings.

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Starbucks has…a hamburger option on the menu in Japan?

Surprise find leads to even more surprises.

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Carnivores and boozehounds assemble! Here comes Japan’s massive one-kilo “Beer Can Hamburg”【Pics】

In Japan’s largest prefecture, we found what just might be it’s largest hamburger steak.

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KFC releases luxury Japanese-style teriyaki hamburg steak burgers

The restaurant chain famous for its finger-lickin’ fried chicken now serves up a beefy Japanese specialty inside a burger for a limited time.

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How photos of food look when taken by a professional photographer vs a guy with an iPhone

Here at RocketNews24 we often cover food whether it’s weird, wonderful, or a waste of money. As such, we often have to take pictures of it. However, since none of us are photographers by trade, we often make do with whatever is lying around, be it iPhone, SLR, or Game Boy Pocket Camera.

We’re not alone either as many a Facebook or Instagram page can be found flooded with images of people’s dinners. However, even though that picture of last night’s pastitsio looks really good to us, how does it actually compare to someone who takes pictures for a living? Has the technology gotten to the point where anyone can make gorgeous food shots, or has it only fueled our own delusions of photographic grandeur? We decided to do a direct comparison using two people and one dish.

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