Former Tokyo graphic artist makes beautiful, traditional art from twisted paper【Pics】

Traditionally given as engagement gifts, this art form goes back for centuries, and even today is perfect for when a simple card just won’t do!

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Fashion brand niitu leaves us stunned with Shinto shrine photoshoot

It’s absolutely divine!

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An island-hopping visit to the Setouchi International Art Festival!

The Setouchi Triennale Art Festival takes place every three years on the art islands of Japan’s Seto Inland Sea–and this year is a festival year! Let’s check it out!

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Prepare your own cup of Kyoto matcha at a cafe in Tokyo … with sweets, of course!

We visited a unique cafe in Omotesando that lets you whip up your own cup of matcha green tea—and have sweet cream-filled bread to go with it, too!

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Volunteer craftsman traveling to Kumamoto to repair earthquake-damaged family heirloom ceramics

Plans to use traditional Japanese kintsugi techniques to make them look as good as new, or perhaps even better.

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New interview series with China’s unmarried women shows, shrinks attitude gap between generations

Follow-up interviews to the dramatic Marriage Market Takeover documentary shed light on the beliefs of China’s “Leftover Women” and their parents’ eroding difficulties in accepting them

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Famous Japanese painter’s centuries-old cat artwork proves Japan has always loved felines

One of the Meiji Period’s most prolific artists painted more cats than you might have expected.

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Make your kancho dreams a kancho reality with new, interconnecting KAN-CHO figures【Pics】

Now you too can create a never-ending chain of plastic people sticking their fingers into each others’ buttholes.

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As earthquakes rock the region, Kyushu Shinkansen commercial is more poignant than ever【Video】

This moving video shows the people of Kyushu on a happier day.

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Japanese retailer releases three cute & comfy high school “uniforms” to wear around the house

This new high school room wear collection is aimed at adult women—but wouldn’t it feel weird wearing the uniforms so long after graduation?
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Should healthy young men sit in Japanese trains’ priority seats for the elderly and pregnant?

The obvious answer would seem to be “No,” but our Japanese-language reporter has a unique alternate perspective.

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Amazing side-by-side images capture a century of change in China【Pics】

We’ve seen how Chinese beauty has changed over the past 100 years, but what about the landscape itself?

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Kansai Electric celebrates turning 65 with a look into the past

The Osaka area’s Kansai Electric Power Company, also known as KEPCO, has recently released a new commercial that’s a nostalgia-inducing picture-walk through the last 65 years of life in Japan.

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New Twitter trend: High school girls posing in noodle restaurants

The Japanese noodle restaurant chain Marugame Seimen, which specializes in udon (thick wheat noodles), has started a social media marketing campaign targeted at high school-age girls, JK Udon Kawaii (“High School Girls Udon Cute”).

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Gorgeous Japanese tatami reed book covers, card holders a fresh outlet for old-school style

Paper-based media alone not traditional enough for you? Try pairing it with these.

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Japanese university “otaku class” has strict requirements: “You must watch 20 anime per week”

Not to mention the foreign language prerequisite: “You must speak fluent otaku/fujoshi.

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Love kabuki? Now’s your chance to take the stage as an actor — if you have the cash

If you’ve ever wanted to be a kabuki actor, now you can train like a professional thanks to Kabuki Taro!

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Japanese schoolgirl says education is pointless, gets schooled in debate on Twitter

Internet users offer counterpoints that suggest disgruntled high school student may, in fact, not know everything.

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3 reasons Japanese movies today suck, according to distributor and producer Adam Torel

Ever get the feeling that Japanese cinema isn’t as good as it used to be? You’re not alone.

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Traditional Japanese cultural trivia of the day: Bonseki rocks! (literally)

You’re probably familiar with bonsai, but what exactly is its other traditional art form cousin, bonseki?
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