Japanese family is back with more notes from its monthly meetings and shocking goals for Granny

Does your Grandma go picking fights with wild boars?

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Is this chic hotel in Tokyo’s Asakusa district really a capsule hotel? As a matter of fact, yes!

Khaosan Tokyo Samurai Capsule is stylized after a traditional Japanese tea house and is in a prime Tokyo location to boot.
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Make Father’s Day sweet this year with these lovable treats from Ginza Cozy Corner!

If your dad’s fond of sweets, then Ginza Cozy Corner has a great way for you to celebrate Father’s Day this year!

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Don’t miss this captivating video of translucent kuzu confection being made 【Video】

This video of a traditional kuzu confection being made is a rare treat! 

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Star of Studio Ghibli’s Kiki’s Delivery Service now comes as a doll with four cute accessories

Move over Barbie and Licca-chan, there’s a new doll in town.

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Cheapo News: We find a place in Hiroshima serving tonkatsu pork cutlets for just 350 yen

A Hiroshima City meat shop and restaurant serves a tonkatsu pork cutlet and rice dish for just 350 yen…and somehow stays in business.

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Japanese Father’s Day present features business daifuku sweets on a crowded train

A little something to let dad know you understand what he goes through on his daily commute to work everyday.

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“They’re an army of clones!” This year’s Japanese new hires shock internet with their sameness

Not so long ago, in a country far, far away….

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Genki Sudo returns in Shibuya-version of hit World Order song【Video】

We guarantee that watching the video will result in a very “nice day”.

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“Mud-based Ramen” touted to have thickest broth in all of Japan

This ramen store is wowing customers with a broth so thick you can stand a spoon in it.

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Cute cat money envelopes will help you give the gift of cash and save some animals

What will people cherish more, these adorable kitties or the money inside?

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Matching geeky, otaku outfits are the latest in Japanese street fashion【Pics】

Not only is otaku fashion taking over Japanese streets, it’s quickly becoming the go-to dress code for popular places like Disneyland and Universal Studios.
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Beef bowl chain Yoshinoya’s historic first store to close, special countdown site launched!

Yoshinoya’s very first store in Tsukiji will be closing later this year, and their tribute website offers plenty of nostalgic content, including some awesome videos!

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Lightly-salted, potato-cracker-flavored ice cream now on sale nationwide

As Japan continues to make an ice cream flavor of every conceivable thing, the limited Ottotto Ice is now only available at Family Mart.

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Meeting at Hogwarts? Tokyo rental conference room is like a page from Harry Potter’s adventures

Not a fan of the boy wizard? Maybe you’d prefer to hold your meeting in the Wonderland room instead.

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Artist living in Tokyo captures the beauty of ordinary buildings in his Tokyo Storefront series

“Matto,” as he’s called in Japan, seriously impresses with his delicately colored illustrations of Tokyo shops.

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New Cardcaptor Sakura anime officially announced on same day the beloved manga makes its return

The news just keeps getting better and better for fans of manga creative team Clamp’s beloved magical girl.

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Learn Japanese through ridiculous manga: Narutoe 【Episode #2】

Read about the adventures of Narutoe – a ninja toe – and his friend Sauceke – a jar of tomato sauce.

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Japanese Netizens weigh in on Cincinnati Zoo’s killing of Harambe the gorilla

We comb Japanese comments and interview some native Japanese to see what The Incident That Exploded The Internet has people here saying.

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