Taiwan’s Weather Girls: Come For The Forecast, Stay For The Miniskirts

Japanese guys love their female newscasters so much that the best (and cutest) of them hold celebrity status. Yet no matter how much they are fawned over by fans, these lovely ladies are professionals and make it a point to not do anything overtly cute while on the air.

But surely there are many people who want the cute first and the news second. To these people, we recommend one of Taiwan’s newest sensations: Weather Girls. Read More

When going to get a new hair cut, some men may have trouble finding the right words to describe the kind of hairstyle they are going for, and often don’t know themselves.

One man, wondering what to do with eight years worth of hair, decided to leave his head in the hands of 10 different stylists by restricting himself to the simple phrase: “I’ll leave it to you.” Read More

Many dentists lay out toys and picture books in their office to keep children entertained while they wait for their turn. However, a picture has surfaced of a stuffed Doraemon, a popular manga and anime character, at the office of one dentist that probably makes kids even more reluctant to get their teeth cleaned. Read More

I recently had the opportunity to fly first class with All Nippon Airways (ANA) from Narita International Airport in Tokyo to Bangkok, Thailand. Having never flown anything but economy until then I would like to report on my half day of luxury, detailing the points that put the class in first class. Read More

Hello Kitty, one of Japan’s most well known characters, has been setting the international standard for cute since her 1975 debut. Throughout her long career Hello Kitty has taken on a number of forms, figures and fashions based on popular trends of the time.

Now, in 2011, Hello Kitty has jumped on the zombie bandwagon. Read More

During a recent stop at the Fujigawa Service Area in Shizuoka I came across a peculiar vending machine. Written conspicuously on the sign above it were the words: “World first! Coffee grinding viewing! Grinds beans for each cup!”

That’s right: this vending machine grinds beans and makes your drink for you on the spot!

Read More

Warriors, Thieves, and Weathermen: 5 Weapon Umbrellas To  Fend Off The Rain

Near the end of March it was announced that Japan had officially entered the rainy season. As the days get hotter and the showers come and go many of us tend to take refuge inside until the sun comes out to stay.

Yet there is no need to succumb to melancholy in this fickle weather! For even if you happen to get caught someday in the rain, we’ve found several umbrellas that can make the rainy season a little more fun. Read More

Shoplifting at supermarkets, bookstores, and the like has been on the rise in Japan in recent years. As a result, it is now common to see signs posted outside of stores that read “Stealing is a crime” or “We report theft.” Some stores will even post police and damage reports so that those considering the five-finger discount can see exactly how much they are risking.

Usually when someone is caught stealing by an employee they are escorted to the back and told to wait until the police come. However, there is supposedly one grocery store here in Japan that explicitly states it does not report theft to the police.

Instead, the paper posted to the wall of the store reads: “Stealing is a crime. If we discover theft in our store, we will not report you to the police…however, our store manager is homosexual.” Read More

Some older Japanese women wear their school uniforms well after they’ve graduated high school in an attempt to make themselves look younger. After all, nothing screams youthful innocence in Japan like a sailor outfit. Eventually, however, everyone reaches an age where “youthful innocence” is better read as “pitiful desperation.”

But if you adults out there are still looking for an excuse to strut about in your old high school uniform, we have news for you: Ramen Shop Takanashi in Yokohama offers free ramen to customers over 30 who enter the shop wearing a schoolgirl outfit. Yes, even men. Read More

There are many different kinds of toilet paper in this world: colorful toilet paper, scented toilet paper, toilet paper with designs or images printed on it. Of course, no matter how great a vision it was created with, all toilet paper inevitably meets the same fate.

However we recently came across one noble roll that, inscribed with the motivational words of Osamu Tezuka’s renowned manga character Black Jack, makes us feel like wiping ourselves with it would be nothing short of sacrilege. Read More

Translator’s note: This editorial was originally written by one of our female staff in Tokyo.

My fellow housewives of Japan, I’m going to be straight with you: from the day you are married your livelihood is determined by whether you or your husband holds the purse strings in your family. Read More

Daifuku are a Japanese confection where small, soft mochi rice cake is stuffed with a sweet filling, usually a sweetened red bean paste called anko. While there are many well-known variations of daifuku, such as the strawberry-filled ichigo daifuku, I recently came across an unfamiliar variation during a business trip to Fukuoka: small tomato daifuku. Read More

Normally, when one has a craving for crêpe they head to their local crêperie to have one made fresh, or drop by the convenience store to pick one up on the go. If you’re a bird of prey, you may even resort to criminal methods.

Now, thanks to that good old Japanese let’s-put-anything-in-a-vending-machine ingenuity, you can feed your appetite for French pastries with just the push of a button. Read More

With another hot, humid summer approaching fast here in Japan it’s only a matter of time before we start seeing people walking along the street fanning themselves to cool off, or holding umbrellas to shade themselves from the sun—and the occasional rain. But haven’t you ever thought it incredibly inconvenient to fan yourself whilst holding an umbrella?

Apparently somebody else did, too: now, thanks to the ground-breaking ‘Fanbrella,’ you’ll now be able to stay dry and keep cool with just one hand! Read More

A heartwarming video of two cats embracing each other tightly and falling soundly asleep in the comfort of each others’ arms has sparked jealousy in the hearts of the Japanese Internet masses. Read More

A household ‘Noah’s Ark’ is set to go on sale in Japan in the wake of the devastating tsunami that left thousands dead on March 11. Read More

Video Shows Rabbit Born Without Ears In Fukushima

On May 21 a video of a rabbit supposedly born with no ears after the Fukushima nuclear accident was uploaded to YouTube. Though the exact cause remains unclear, many people are speculating that it could be an effect of radiation. Conversely, many also claim that the video is a hoax. Read More

On May 19 it was revealed that two 2nd grade homeroom teachers at a Junior High School in Akita prefecture were writing the names of students who did not donate money for the Great East Japan Earthquake on the blackboard.

The incident has sparked controversy in Japan with people criticizing the teachers as having put pressure on the students to donate.
Read More

Pikachu Exposed To High Levels Of Radiation, Evolves

Pikachu, the mascot character for the popular game Pokémon, is adored by people from Japan and the world over. Countless fans have shared their love of the little mouse by posting their own Pikachu artwork to sites across the ‘net.

Recently, one concerned fan has envisioned what may be happening to the Pikachu inhabiting the grass around the Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant:


Cesium Monster
Height: ??? m
Weight: ??? kg

Humans not equipped with Full Armor that approach Tepuchu die immediately.

Pokémarts across the country will soon offer ‘Radiation Stones’ for those unable to bring their Pikachu to Fukushima for evolution via direct exposure.

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