Awesome life-size anime figure display exhibition opens in Tokyo this month

If gigantic anime figures are your idea of fine art from Japan, you won’t want to miss this free event in Akihabara.

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TeamLab Borderless: A visitor’s guide to Tokyo’s new jaw-dropping interactive light museum

Before you head to Mori Building Digital Art Museum: EPSON teamLab Borderless, there are a few things you’ll need to know.

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Pixiv to release modeling software that lets you easily create gorgeous 3D anime characters【Vid】

Design stunning characters and show them off to the world. Best of all, it’s absolutely free!

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Who’s that Dad? Curious and political Father’s Day portraits show up at a supermarket in Japan

Japanese Twitter gets a good laugh out of these great examples of a common elementary school exercise. Happy Father’s Day!

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Coca-Cola’s new limited-edition Japan travel destination bottles highlight history and culture

Company breaks with tradition by letting Nagoya Castle bottle shine in gold.

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Random shadow on wall gets anime-style fan art as artists prove they can find cute girls anywhere

Nikko Nikolai: Cutest shadow ever?
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Amazing new AI program transforms photos into gorgeous amine artwork【Video】

Monkeys with typewriters can write Shakespeare but can machines create anime as well as humans?

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Amazing anime-style artist mom transforms daughter’s character designs into gorgeous illustration

When Mom is a professional-level illustrator, mother/daughter art projects can be truly incredible.

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Weird Japanese vending machine art installation has us sweaty, disturbed

Stay out too long in the direct heat, and this is what might happen to you.

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Studio Ghibli creates gorgeous hand-made Totoro reproduction cels for fans and collectors【Video】

An iconic image from Hayao Miyazaki’s anime classic is ready to adorn the walls of superfans’ homes.

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Harry Potter and the what?! Netizen’s childhood artwork draws laughs from Japanese Twitter

At first you’ll be impressed with this drawing, but then you’ll want to laugh when you scroll down to see the rest.

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Wakayama’s “Umi no Sachi” train line adds a colorful splash to the start of summer

Let a ride on the “Medetai Train”–“Joyous Train”–lift your spirits as we soar into summer!

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Japanese dad turns daughter’s drawings into her bento lunches

The bigger the imagination, the crazier the lunchbox.

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Japanese manga artist illustrates the history behind the maid cafe cosplay uniform

From British servant’s quarters to the streets of Tokyo, Japan’s cute and sexy maid costume has travelled a long way to get where it is today.

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Beautiful woman stuns Japanese Internet, no one will ever know her name because she’s a painting

Breathtaking artwork form Hiroshima artist looks more like photography than oil paintings.

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Japanese women come out in cosplay to celebrate Maid’s Day in Japan【Photos】

It’s the day in May when maids of all shapes and sizes come out to play.
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This may look like an ordinary vending machine from afar, but it’s a different picture up close

What’s unique about this vending machine may draw your eye if you look carefully enough.

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Shibuya scramble crossing set for a makeover with new logo contest for iconic 109 building

Your chance to see your design up in lights at one of the world’s busiest intersections.

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This amazing suit of samurai armor is made of five-yen coins, and you can make your own too【Pics】

Beautiful mother/son work of art meets a bittersweet end at the hands of the one enemy it can’t defeat.

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Studio Ghibli fans surprised to find hidden images in Grave of the Fireflies anime poster

The new meanings revealed in this image, thirty years after the film’s release, have anime fans reaching for the tissues.

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