We made three kinds of hassle-free dashi soup stock using the handily microwavable Dashi Pot

This simple device could change your Japanese cooking routine forever.

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Alcoholic soup in a cup now on sale to keep Japan warm and buzzed this winter

An extra-relaxing beverage for the coldest time of the year.

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Newest weird Japanese vending machine beverage: Dashi fish soup from…Coca-Cola?!?

The piscatorial pause that refreshes?

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Coca-Cola debuts drinkable dashi delicacy for diners on the dash

Vending machine gourmands rejoice! Coca-Cola’s Go:Good line has a new meal you can buy in a can and gulp down.

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Move over coffee! Japan’s first ever pour-over drip-dashi is a healthier, tastier option

Compared to coffee, this fine cup of vegetable and tuna dashi is cheaper and way more stylish.

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Bottles containing flying fish now available from Japanese vending machines in Tokyo

Now you can get your flying fish soup stock at any time of the day or night in Japan’s capital.

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We try traditional Japanese soup stock at a specialty standing bar in Tokyo

There’s plenty of standing ramen bars in Japan, but this may be the first standing dashi bar. For those who are unfamiliar with the term, dashi is a soup stock that makes up the base of many delicious Japanese dishes such as miso soup and ramen. Typically made of shaved katsuo bushi (preserved bonito fish), dashi is the lifeblood of traditional Japanese food, adding plenty of umami to even the humblest of dishes. Let’s take a closer look at Nihonbashi Dashi Bar, a shop that specializes in serving hot dashi by the cupful. Read More