Woman Barred From Boarding Flight with Foul-Smelling Durian Flies into Rage, Angrily Chows Down in Middle of Airport

There are a lot of things that can ruin a good vacation and lord knows one of them is the whole airport/airplane experience in general. Lost luggage, security checks, kids kicking your seat.

But this bizarre news story from China will make you grateful those security checks are there after all. Read More

Doraemon’s Nobita Spotted Taking the Train in Tokyo, Photo Goes Viral in Minutes

Anyone familiar with the hit Japanese comic and animation Doraemon will likely know the character Nobita. Cursed with terrible luck, the schoolboy receives help from an earless robotic cat sent back in time by his own great-grandson in the future. Nobita is a lovable character, but “cool” is rarely a word that people use to describe him.

Throwing caution to the wind, however, one young man was spotted riding Tokyo’s trains yesterday dressed exactly like the hapless character. Cosplay or just quirky fashion sense, we don’t know, but the Internet had plenty to say about the rare sight.

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Five Reasons Why We Love Mr. Sato

Mr. Sato, you are quite literally the man! As our most trusted source of all things bizarre in Japan, you never disappoint. From the time you went in for a trim at a pet salon (on all fours mind you) to the time you tried to train your eyelids, the laughs (almost always at your expense) kept coming.

The following is a list of five reasons why we love our crazy reporter, Mr. Sato. We’re sure you won’t be disappointed.

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Highly Suggestive Cow Milking Game Appears on Japanese Google Play Store

Love cows? Young girls in plaid skirts and chest-hugging blouses rhythmically massaging teats? If the answer’s yes then this worrying new game for Android OS might be for you.

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We Take Mr. Sato for a Shampoo and Trim at the Pet Salon 【Thrifty Style】

Having already spent the vast majority of RocketNews24‘s budget on trips to Turkey and Portugal or stuffing our faces with vats of curry, we felt it was time to cut back on the spending a little. We know that our star reporter Mr. Sato loves to look good and is constantly changing his hairstyle to keep up with trends, though, so we were concerned that tightening the purse strings would crush his spirit entirely. It was quite the conundrum.

Then it struck us: what if it were possible to take our style-conscious investigator somewhere a little cheaper to get him tidied up every so often? What if one of Tokyo’s own dog grooming salons would consent to giving him a quick shampoo and trim? One slightly confused but ultimately successful phone call later we had Mr. Sato on a leash and were heading out the door.

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Curious Super Mario Character Spotted on the Streets of Korea

Mario! Mario!! Mari- oh… For gamers and excitable kids alike, it’s a curious feeling to spot one of your fictional heroes on the street, only to realise that it’s a little more than a clever knock-off. You’re at once drawn to them and want to dive in with your phone to take a quick selfie, yet a little bit saddened that it’s not the real deal and wrestle with a sense of betrayal.

The above Super Mario clone was spotted on the streets of Myeong-dong, Korea last week. Even with the subtle, lawyer-placating aesthetic changes, however, the character was still generating a lot of excitement among passers-by.

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Japan’s Crossdressing Fishermen Festival (Video)

In the port town of Numazu in Shizuoka Prefecture, a very strange festival is held each April. The local fisherman don women’s clothes, board brightly decorated fishing vessels, and make the boats “dance” around the bay, all while singing and dancing on deck for the spectators. The tradition is said to bring safe seas and good catches to the town. Or curious tourists, at the very least. Read More

When Sleep Meets Sorry: Cat Meme Japanese Style!

It’s a well-known fact that cats have been dominating the world lately. Memes, Facebook profiles, Monopoly game pieces – there seems to be no end to kitty domination. So what about the cats in Japan? Well it turns out that cat memes are pretty prolific here too. Only here they’re not playing keyboards or watching you from the ceiling. Instead, they’re showing off two of Japan’s most special talents: sleeping and apologizing. AT THE SAME TIME.

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Theft of Toilet from Public Park in Kyoto Leaves Authorities Baffled

At around 10 a.m. on April 2, a man living in the town of Fukuchiyamashi, Kyoto called the police after he discovered that the light of a nearby parking lot had been vandalized with white spray-paint. Upon arriving at the scene, officers also discovered that an expensive, multi-function toilet had been stolen from a park located nearby.

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Aichi Prefecture City’s New Mascot Character Scares Local Children, Haunts Your Dreams

As we’ve seen before, Japan is no stranger to weird and wonderful mascots. Showing up at festivals and parades, these bouncy fellows wave at townspeople and visitors as if their lives depended on it, posing for photos and receiving hugs from excited children and young women endlessly shout kawaiiiii (cuuuuute!) at the top of their lungs. Usually, these mascots — known as yurukyara — are based on a something that the area is particularly proud of, so it’s not unusual to see giant walking vegetables or anthropomorphic animals representing their respective towns or prefectures.

Sometimes, though, a character emerges that is so “kimo kawaii” (gross yet somehow cute) that people aren’t sure whether to smile at it or fire up a flame thrower. One such character is the newly unveiled Okazaemon, the mascot for Okazaki City in Japan’s Aichi Prefecture.

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McDonald’s Japan’s “Dancing McCrew” Video is Catchy, Surreal 【Video】

There are part-time jobs, and then there are jobs at McDonald’s. Despite recent concerns that the fast food chain’s management is steadily losing the plot, McDonald’s Japan continues to throw promotion after ad after promotion in its customers’ direction. This time, the golden arches is running a special recruitment ad that tells the story of two young men who are suddenly transformed into members of the team which, it turns out, has a penchant for dance.

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Under Its au Brand, Japanese Cellular Service Provider KDDI Unveils World’s Largest and Highest Resolution Smartphone

When he realized he’d primarily been using his smartphone in bed, Nemool Smith, an au product designer and chief hardware architect, wanted a more comfortable and rewarding user experience. Coming up blank in an online search for solutions, Nemool got an idea and decided to approach his bosses at KDDI and get their permission to design a radically new hardware platform he was sure would revolutionize the way people used their phones. The result has set the tech world abuzz, and has the potential to vault KDDI to the top of the global smartphone market.

Introducing the new au zzzPhoneBed by KDDI

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Japanese Man Confirms the Blindingly Obvious: Mouth Ulcers and Lemon Juice Do Not Mix

As well as providing you with entertainment and up-to-the-minute news, we at RocketNews24 feel that it is also our responsibility to provide our readers with vital tips for physical well-being and emotional happiness. It’s for this reason that, on this fine Friday as we inch ever closer to the moment that we exchange our computer screens for a nice big plate of fried gyoza dumplings and an ice-cold beer, we bring you this video courtesy of our friends at Niconico.

Although the outcome is about as surprising as what happens when you tell your dog not to eat a birthday cake while you’re out of the room, this video serves as a reminder of the stupidity of our fellow man and that open wounds and citric acid do not go well together.

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“Geek & Cute” Accessories Made From Electronic Parts Are Actually Really Cool

Electronic resisters, condensers, LEDs, and circuit boards are just some of the parts used to make these really cute, yet totally geeky accessories.

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Crooked Sniffer? This Nose Straightener Can Help!

Hot on the heels of the double-eyelid trainer comes another product that questions whether the price of beauty is worth it. We’re not talking price in monetary terms either; just one look at the wearer of this nose straightener is enough to make you wonder if looking like a complete fool for 15 minutes a day is worth looking “beautiful” the rest of the time.

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McWeirdness: Have Breakfast at McDonald’s in Japan and Get Free… Shampoo and Gum

No, that’s not an error in the title- McDonald’s Japan is genuinely offering its morning customers chewing gum and shampoo upon the purchase of a breakfast set throughout the month of April.

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“Eyelid Trainer” Creates a Double-Eyelid in Minutes a Day, Mr. Sato Tries it Out

Many Asian women believe that having double eyelids is a sign of beauty and many who possess single-eyelids are forever in a quest to achieve a crease above their eye. In fact, double-eyelid surgery is the most common cosmetic enhancement in South Korea and Taiwan, and is very popular throughout Asia. For those who are hesitant to go under the knife in the name of beauty, there are plenty of non-surgical options to create the illusion of a double-eyelid such as special glues, tapes, and plastic devices.

The newest product to hit the double-eyelid market has been flying off the shelves with a reported 7,000 units sold in the first month of sales. Called “Eyelid Trainer”, this special device is worn just like a pair of glasses and claims to “create a double-eyelid with daily use.” It also makes you look ridiculous.

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We Risk Our Lives to See Some Rock that Looks Like Lady Parts

When we told our parents we were going to be travel writers, this probably wasn’t what they were expecting.

Deep in the wilds of the Philippines, a mysterious caller told our intrepid writer that there was a beautiful natural rock formation that few people knew. We were expecting something along the lines of crystalline stalactites or a gorgeous cave waterfall, but what we got was something far, far more attractive. Something so impossibly wonderful we have to save the photo for the end of this article.

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Say that Again? Japan’s Most Contradictory Signs

There’s a great word in Japanese that’s stuck with me ever since I first came across it: mujun. The meaning of the word is simply “contradiction” or “inconsistency”, but it’s the way that it’s written that’s truly magical. Almost as great as the kanji for convex and concave (凸凹), the Japanese word for contradictory is written by putting the kanji character for spear (矛) next to the one for shield (盾). What do you get when you put a spear and a shield together? No, not a well armed Roman, but equal attack and defence- something that, ultimately, goes nowhere. Mujun 矛盾.

It’s not often that the Japanese let logic get the better of them, but as the following gallery of images which is currently doing the rounds on Japanese message boards shows, when they get it wrong Japan really pushes the boat out.

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