Even Your Creepy Male Otaku Friend Can Become a Real Princess with this Hotel’s ‘Pretty Cure’ Stay Plan

Nothing says “luxury vacation” like staying in a hotel room dolled up like a little girl’s dream bedroom. At least, that’s what the Ikenotaira Hotel in Nagano is banking on with the “DokiDoki! Precure Stay Plan.”

DokiDoki! Precure (also known as Pretty Cure) is an anime series popular with elementary school-aged girls in Japan (and, inevitably, a number of creepy middle-aged otaku men) that focuses on a Sailor Moon-esque team of teenaged wizard girls. Read More

Buzzard Breath? Funky Feet? Odor-Detecting Robots Rate Your Pungency

A team from Kitakyushu National College of Technology (Kitakyushu City, Fukuoka) and CrazyLabo (Koga City, Fukuoka) has developed two robots capable of detecting degrees of offensiveness in foot odor and breath.

Blow into the face of lovely Kaori, a female mannequin-headed robot, for a quick reading on whether or not you are ready to interact with others. After a brief analysis, Kaori will assign one of four ratings to the (un)pleasantness of your breath…
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‘It Scared the Poop Outta Me!’ Public Toilet in China Explodes, Woman Escapes Unharmed

When it comes to bizarre toilet stories, China may be in the running for the number one spot. (Or should we say “number two?” Sorry…) This story, though, is a little more… explosive. Read More

Love Money? Cuddle Your Cash with this Chinese Money Pillow!

Oh, money, you make me smile like it’s Christmas Day and the cat’s just coughed up a shard of rainbow. As a man who spent most of his university years trying to work out ways to make potato chips and sliced bread viable alternatives to meat and vegetables, during the brief moments that I have a bit of cash in my bank account these days I become a noticeably nicer person to be around. I won’t even try to gouge your eyes if you greet me in the street.

This pillow is for people like me. People who want that warm money glow 24/7, so that even when our bank accounts are empty, our hearts are filled by the shallow but immediately believable promise of happiness that only cold, hard cash can bring.

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Checking Out the Myanmar Amusement Park “Happy World”: An All-star Lineup from Mickey Mouse to Doraemon to…BATMAN?!

When traveling overseas, we like to check out the nearby shopping malls and amusement parks, too, whenever we can. But we don’t waste our time with the famous amusement parks that everyone and their mother has been to. For us, it’s the local, never-before-heard-of amusement parks that we love. Why? Because that’s where you can really see the way the local people live… and some of the clever stuff they’ve come up.

So, this time around, we headed to “Happy World” in Yangon, Myanmar (Burma), located right in front of the world-famous Shwedagon Pagoda.

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Change You Can’t Believe in: Japan Reacts to Obama’s Proposed New Hair Style

Unlike the more somber State of the Union Address, the White House Correspondents’ Association dinner is generally a more raucous affair; a chance for the Commander in Chief to get cozy with journalists through self-deprecating humor and celebrity guests.

This year’s dinner, which took place Saturday, was no exception, with guests from actor Kevin Spacey to Korean Gangman Style artist and noted gentleman Psy hearing President Obama make jokes at his own expense while also ribbing Republican rivals.

Oh, and he also showed guests a disturbing montage of photos featuring a new hairstyle he’s thinking of sporting for his second term…

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Mythical Monsters Invade Tokyo’s Train System!

On one of my first days as an exchange student in Tokyo, as a group of us were being shown around the college, someone asked “Where are the parking lots?” Our Japanese guide explained that students in the city don’t commute by car. Neither do the teachers, and even in most companies, the cost of real estate dictates that the few office parking spots available are reserved as perks for the uppermost reaches of the corporate ladder. In Tokyo, everyone takes the train.

Including, apparently, the mythical beasts. Read More

Celebrities with Shrunken Faces the Latest Meme to Sweep Japan 【Photo Gallery】

It’s a universal truth that when large things are made small, they become infinitely cuter. We at RocketNews24 must have documented this phenomenon 100 times over. From tiny crochet figures to cat nuts, small-sized items are just so darn adorable.

But what about shrinking only one part of an object? Cute or just plain creepy?

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God of the Tongue Merchandise on Sale for a Limited Time

Comedian Ijily Okada is known for his behind the set antics on TV shows in Japan.  When an idol makes an appearance we often find Ijily in their dressing rooms or homes licking their belonging. But licking is an understatement, for Ijily possess a superhuman tongue flicking ability.  He can flick his tongue up and down faster than mere mortals and for that has earned the title, “God of the Tongue.”

Starting this week for a limited time at Village Vanguard, the shop that specializes in random, you can pick up some limited edition Ijily Okada merchandise and creep out pretty girls 24/7.

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Grumpy Cat is Not Pleased After Japanese Wool Felt Artist Shaves The Furry Bits

Wool felt crafting is fast becoming a popular hobby these days. With new techniques and innovative designs, more and more people are taking out their needles and dusting off their glue guns to test the boundaries of the craft. The results are wide and varied; some crafters choose to create cute, brightly coloured toys and accessories, and others prefer to sculpt half-shaved animals with pissed off faces.

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Japanese Comedian, Gonzo, Wows the World of YouTube with his Tambourine Performance

Whatever the reason, there’s something incredibly funny about watching an Asian man perform ridiculous dances with a deadly serious expression. We saw it not too long ago with the online explosion of Gangnam Style, and we’re seeing it now with an influx of foreign interest in Japanese comedian, Gonzo. This man is known for his choreographed tambourine dances, always performed without cracking so much as a smirk. If not for his crazy outfits, you might think that he was taking his performances just a bit too seriously! Read More

Procrastination is the Mother of Invention: College Student Invents Kinect “Boob Tracker”

While most male college students put off homework assignments by looking at boobs on the Internet, one enterprising computer programming student decided to procrastinate by inventing an ingenious program that tracks and hides them with Kinect-enabled gestures.

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Kuzo Makes an Egg on a Stick for Everyone in the Office

How do you usually cook a sunny side up egg? We’re guessing most people plop an egg into a frying pan with a little oil and hope for the best. However, our reporter Kuzo has just discovered a new way to eat eggs thanks to the “Rollie EggMaster.” Straight from, you guessed it, the USA, the Rollie EggMaster works like a toaster to cook an egg in minutes. Although the Rollie EggMaster is sold in North America and cannot be shipped to Japan, Kuzo was able to get his hands on one and proudly made an “egg on a stick” for the entire RocketNews24 office, delighting our Japanese editorial team.

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Is That Sushi in Your Ear or are You Just Wearing “Crazy Headphones”?

Gadgets purveyor Apparestore is hoping that pretending your ears are so unclean that fungus has actually started to grow out of them will become the new fashion trend with these “crazy headphones” featuring weird objects that jut out from the earbuds. Samurai swords and sushi are just some of the things you could have seemingly growing out of your ears with a pair of these cheeky earphones.

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Crime of Passion: Three Men Forcibly Deported from Saudi Arabia for Being “Too Handsome”

TV Emirates reported recently that three United Arab Emirates nationals were deported from Saudi Arabia for the crime of being “too handsome.”

This is certainly an uncommon criminal accusation, but one that we can relate to (some of our writers are banned in 26 countries for the opposite reason). Read More

The Boobie Invasion of Tokyo: Young Photographer Documents Risqué Graffiti in the City 【Photos】

Human beings have been doodling on walls for tens of thousands of years. We express our thoughts, feelings, dreams and desires on canvases of various shapes and sizes, sometimes in public, sometimes in private. It’s becoming increasingly clear, though, that there’s only one thing on the mind of the person responsible for a spate of doodles on public property in Tokyo: boobs.

During one of her strolls through town looking for interesting sights to snap with her camera, South Korean photography student and friend of RocketNews24 Hyojin Yim one day spotted a peculiar piece of graffiti art that had been sprayed onto a wall in Tokyo’s Shibuya Ward. Among the scrawls of a handful of other renegade artists, a row of perky, upturned breasts hung as if floating in the air. Hyojin snapped the curious doodle with her camera and went on her way. Little did she know that she was about to stumble upon the exact same image, sprayed on every susceptible corner and crevice the town had to offer.

Welcome to the boobie invasion of Tokyo.

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Area Man Forgets Kids’ Present in Unlikely Place after Night of Drunken Revelry

Figuring that buying his two young boys a present would help ease the wrath of an angry spouse when he got home late after a night of drinking with co-workers (as process known as nominication), company employee Taro Suzuki may have inadvertently left the gift in a public phone booth after calling his wife to say he would be later than expected due to having missed the last train.

My boys have a huge aquarium and love gold fish,” said Suzuki while picking his ear with his house keys. “I thought if I brought home a few more their joy at receiving them would help calm the wife who, if past experience is any kind of indicator, might be somewhat displeased with my having missed dinner to go out for a few with the guys.”

It wasn’t until Suzuki got home and went to make his play, however, that he realized he no longer had the fish!

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We Made Coca-Cola Transparent and Colorless. It Tastes Like…

The OKO is an “advanced filtration water bottle” that features a filtration system developed by NASA. It’s so powerful that the makers claim it can filter cola into transparent, colorless liquid. The original promotional video is pretty convincing, but there were plenty of people on the internet crying foul. How can this mere water bottle turn dark brown cola into what appears to be water?

We here at RocketNews24 knew what we had to do: go on a quest for this magical bottle and try it out ourselves. Ladies and gentlemen, we have indeed succeeded in turning cola into transparent, colorless liquid. It looked good enough to drink, but as we held the liquid to our quivering lips, we could only image what it might taste like.

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iOS Facebook Chat Update Includes Awesomely Disgusting Projectile Vomit Emoticon

Facebook, possibly in an attempt to outpace Asia’s reigning chat program king LINE, updated their iOS Facebook Chat program on April 17, adding “stickers” that can be used in chat conversations much like LINE’s “stamps” (also called “stickers” in English language versions).

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Woman Barred From Boarding Flight with Foul-Smelling Durian Flies into Rage, Angrily Chows Down in Middle of Airport

There are a lot of things that can ruin a good vacation and lord knows one of them is the whole airport/airplane experience in general. Lost luggage, security checks, kids kicking your seat.

But this bizarre news story from China will make you grateful those security checks are there after all. Read More

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