Woman Despairs Over the Size of Her Son’s Penis, Drowns Him in the Bath

In by far the saddest news story of the day so far, a 38-year-old Indonesian woman has been arrested after drowning her son in the family bathtub, giving the reason that his penis was “too small” for him to possibly enjoy a happy life.

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Japan Weighs in on the Eternal Question: Is it OK to Pee in the Shower?

Japanese are generally perceived as being particularly fastidious when it comes to bodily cleanliness, what with the special toilet slippers and showering before getting in the bath and all. But it turns out that doesn’t keep some of them from engaging in a much debated activity: peeing in the shower. Read More

Japanese Kids’ Favourite Gachapin Looks Pretty Messed up on the Inside

We know he’s supposed to be a dinosaur, but adorable character Gachapin’s fluffy green exterior somehow always made him seem much less alien and frightening. So when this image recently appeared on a Japanese Twitter user’s feed, we suddenly found ourselves a little less fond of Japan’s own Barney-a-like.

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“Unofficial” Mascot for Funabashi Rockets to Fame, Jiggles Into our Hearts

Lots of prefectures and cities around Japan have mascots, called yuru-kyara, to promote tourism and local products. Sometimes they get together to break world records in synchronized dancing. Sometimes they appear in commercials. Sometimes they are forced to sumo wrestle each other. But mostly they attend regional events for endless photo ops and to be poked by children.

One might assume that the hardworking people inside those mascot suits are being paid a fair wage to put up with such grueling work, but one of the most popular yuru-kyara to come along lately not only performs his superhuman acts of mascot buffoonery for free, but he isn’t even the official mascot of his hometown!

Meet Funassyi, unofficial mascot for Funabashi, Chiba Prefecture, and just try not to laugh at his jiggly antics. Read More

Japan’s Lonely “Chocolate Refugees” Ask for a Sweet Donation

Valentine’s Day. It may well be little more than an excuse for chocolate manufacturers to line their pockets, but its popularity in Japan seemingly knows no bounds. For those men in relationships, the day is usually one filled with gifts of fondue toilets and creepy girlfriend-shaped chocolates, but for the singletons out there it’s just another day to feel unappreciated.

But not these young men! Rather than spend February 14 without a little somethin’ sweet, they donned sunglasses and face masks and descended on Tokyo’s Machida station asking for chocolate donations from passers-by. And, would you believe it, they were actually kind of a hit with the ladies.

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Sudden Appearance of Banner Reading “Boobs” Surprises Tokyoites

Guerilla artists like Banksy, who stealthily place their work in public places, have been all the rage in recent years, and it looks like Tokyo has an art-ninja of its very own. On a recent morning, a hanging banner appeared on a famous bridge in the busy Akihabara area. The message the that the artist wished to share with the world? One word: boobs. Read More

Lazy Slobs Rejoice: Upside-down “Desk” To Use While You Snooze

Now all you need is an intravenous drip, catheter and bed pan…

On 7 February, a new day of sloth dawned with the issue of Thanko’s new upside-down laptop desk, aptly named Aomuke Gorone Desk (“Napping Face Up Desk”) for 7,980 yen (US$86).

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Just in Time for Valentines: Toilet Bowl Fondue!

Valentine’s Day is upon us again. For those of you still searching for a gift or those who think Valentine’s Day is a big load of crap, this is for you: a toilet-shaped chocolate fondue set. Read More

Real-Life Barbie Gives Her Friends and Family a Makeover, Turns Them into Dolls

Valeria Lukyanova, better known as “real-life Barbie” shocked the world with her cosmetically enhanced plastic-like face which makes her look like a living, breathing Barbie doll. Even more shocking was when fellow Ukrainian, Anastasiya Shpagina, aka Animé Girl, teamed up with real-life Barbie, creating the world’s creepiest photo shoot.

Now her friends and family, including her grandparents, are getting in on the creepy action, covering their faces in gaudy makeup and striking rigor mortis-inspired poses. Try to hold back your gasps of horror when viewing these photos of real-life Barbie and her real-life friends and family made up to look like dolls.

When will the madness end?!

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Sapporo Restaurant Fines Customers Who Don’t Finish Every Last Bite

Most of us grew up being scolded about cleaning our plates at dinnertime. Some of our parents used enticements like dessert to get us to eat all our food. Others used guilt, talking about the starving children in Ethiopia. But chances are you never had to pay a fine for leaving a few morsels of food uneaten. But that is exactly what will happen if you don’t bring your big-boy appetite to Hachikyo, a seafood restaurant in Sapporo. Read More

February Fourteenth is a particularly special day in Japan. It’s a day when men and women, young and old deal with a very intimate subject.

Yes, it’s that special time of the year where the nation celebrates traditional thong underwear known as fundoshi. Rest assured, on this day there’s a whole lot going on to pay homage to that once valued strip of fabric.

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Tokyo zoo trains for animal escape by tranquilizing guy in zebra suit

Disaster preparedness is absolutely imperative in earthquake-prone Japan. For zoos, that means having well-practiced plans in place in the event of an animal escape amid the chaos. But surely it’s not necessary to force the new guy to run around in a zebra suit? Read More

Strange Local Laws in Japan, Tax Dollars at Work

Buckle up everyone! We’re gonna talk about municipal ordinances!

We’ve all heard stories of real laws that seem to defy logic like “no petting horses on Sunday” and such.  The survey addicts at MyNavi had asked people about some unusual local laws and what they got were reports of Cupid Committee’s and McMansions.

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Public Ritual Sex in Japan: Bizarre Fertility Festival “Onda Matsuri”

One of Japan’s most ancient fertility festivals, Onda Matsuri (“Rice Field Festival”), which features public ritual sex, was held on February 3 at Asuka-ni-imasu Shrine in western Japan.

Around 1,400 years ago, Asuka was Japan’s political, cultural and spiritual heartland. The chief priest of this Shinto shrine is the 87th priest in an unbroken line of priests always named Asuka- a tradition that has stretched down the ages for 87 generations, perhaps thanks to the legendary fertility conferred by the rite, which is said to bring luck in matchmaking, marriage and easy childbirth. Easy childbirth? That sounds a tad oxymoronic. if you ask me. But at any rate, it sounds better than having my deity “greatly multiply my pain in childbirth” for my sins, naming no names…

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Honkey Kong: Making Hong Kong’s Streets Look Like 2-D Games 【Photos】

Life was so much simpler in 2-D. Move right, jump, duck, jump again. You knew where you were going. Now that we can move in three dimensions there are just far too many choices and mistakes to be made; it’s little wonder we all spend so much time staring at our flat smartphone screens instead of looking at the real world around us.

Swedish photographer Christian Aslund is evidently a man who appreciates the simplicity of old-school side-scrolling platform games. These photos, taken from his “Honkey Kong”series (name after the city in which the photos were taken and with a nod to classic platformer Donkey Kong), show us what happens when you approach seemingly ordinary urban scenes from an unusual angle and with a little creativity.

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Make Tracks to Tokyo’s Train Bars

There are train hobbyists and then there are train hobbyists. Japan’s particular breed of railway aficionados are referred to by the somewhat-affectionate term densha otaku, or train nerds, and are famous for feats like memorizing complex, phonebook-size timetables or visiting every single one of the country’s almost 10,000 stations.

Of course, when they aren’t trying to increase their encyclopedic knowledge of all things rail-related, they are out looking for like-minded people to impress with it. As it turns out, Tokyo offers the densha otaku a wide selection of appropriate watering holes, or perhaps we should call them bar cars. So grab your subway map and let’s go see this elusive creature in his natural habitat. Read More

Avoid a Valentine’s Day Disaster with Valentine’s Insurance

There’s only two weeks until Valentine’s Day. For many men in Japan, it is a day of unease and loneliness. That’s because on Valentine’s Day in Japan, only women give presents to men, usually in the form of chocolate. So much chocolate is given out that Japanese chocolate companies sell half of their annual sales in the weeks prior to Valentine’s Day. With all this chocolate exchanging hands, what happens to the poor slob who doesn’t receive a single chocolate? That’s where Valentine’s Insurance steps in; making sure you’ll avoid the pain of not receiving anything on Valentine’s Day.

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