Psst, Your Stamen Is Showing: Little Naked Flower Men

Nature is not shy. She loves to let it all hang out, and there might be no better example of this in the botanical world than Orchis simia, otherwise known as the Monkey Orchid, whose petals look like little naked men, complete with big ol’ schlongs. Read More

Japanese-Style Toilets: A Surprising Way to Stay Happy and Healthy

Despite being famous for producing the heated, buttock-massaging, water-spraying robotic toilets of the future, Japan is also home to a surprising number of old-school “washiki” (Japanese style) squat toilets. Especially outside of the city, these toilets can still be found in many homes, public buildings and schools, despite the vast majority of the younger generation positively recoiling whenever they open a stall door to find one of these things waiting to humbly accept their waste.

According to Internet chatter this week, though, there may actually be more benefits to using Japanese-style toilets than simply good posture, with “hygienic”, “time-saving” and “strengthening” just some of the words being used to describe these classic ceramics.

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Overhead Tablet Stand Makes it Easy to Use Your iPad While Lounging in Bed

Last month we introduced a clever invention that held a heavy laptop over the user’s head, allowing anyone to use their computer while lounging in bed. This month we found a different version of the same concept: an overhead tablet stand. As long as they are sturdy enough to support the weight of their intended device, the laptop and tablet stands seem like useful products. But if the stands did fail and if you had to choose, we’re guessing you’d rather get a tablet to the face than a laptop.  Read More

In Search of Osaka’s 11 Cent Vending Machine

Legend has it that in the urban center of Osaka there sits a vending machine so cheap that it boggles the mind. Here a tasty beverage can be purchased for a measly 10 yen (US$0.11).

RocketNews24 had sent a reporter, Usagi Yumeno, to Fukushima Ward in the port town in search of this machine.

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Creepy Baby Pears Will Keep You Healthy, Murder You in Your Sleep

Terror has a new name, and it is baby pears.

We’ve all seen pictures online of dogs that look like their owners, clouds in the shape of giant dragons and burnt toast that some people swear contains an effigy of Jesus or the virgin Mary, but never before have we witnessed pears intentionally produced to look like sleeping human babies.

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Outrage as Locals Ignore Casualties in Favour of Spilled Freight After Crash

In the early hours of Monday morning this week, a truck scattered its nine-ton load of fresh fish across the surface of the road after crashing and flipping over on a freeway in China. As word spread of the terrible accident, droves of people quickly arrived on the scene, causing further traffic jams and making the situation yet more perilous as they descended on the cargo, armed with plastic bags or various sizes.

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One in Five Young Adults Have Eaten in a Restroom and Other Japanese Toilet Trends

Plumbing dealer Sunrefre Plaza opened a Facebook page this year called Love X Toilet which shares various tidbits of information regarding the world of toilets. On top of that, they held a survey asking around 2,500 Japanese people about their toilet habits. The results were enlightening to say the least.

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Would You Like Some Fries With that Hair? Fake Food Accessories On Sale Now

In Japan, most restaurant windows are filled with plastic versions of food, giving customers a sneak preview of what they might expect to find on the menu. This practice is so popular that designing and creating these fake foods is a multi-billion yen (tens of millions of US dollars) market.

Food sample companies are now getting creative and branching out into other non-food related markets, starting with the Hatanaka company and their new line of faux-food accessories. Daring trend setters are now free to accessorize using pancakes, French fries, and even bacon.

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This Woman’s Bus is Too Cutesy for Words

Well that’s one way to make public transport a little less depressing!

Surfacing on Chinese info hub TT Mop late last week, the following images show one Chinese bus driver’s efforts to brighten up her wheels and add a splash of cute for her passengers. “Fluffy” doesn’t even begin to describe it.

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Domino’s Pizza Japan Launches a Fleet of Special Hatsune Miku Delivery Bikes

Just minutes after reporting that Domino’s Pizza Japan had teamed up with blue haired pop star Hatsune Miku, we have received word that the fast food company is also producing a line of Miku-themed delivery bikes, or “itabaiku“, to mark the occasion.

Taking to the streets of Tokyo all through the campaign, these brightly-coloured three wheelers will be used to deliver piping hot pies to all of Domino’s customers.

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JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure’s Iggy will Hold Your Door Open for You (and Pee Against it)

Fans of the manga and animé smash JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure and its notoriously ill-mannered dog Iggy will be pleased to know that they can now get their hands on a doorstop modeled on the pooch.

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New for Technophobes and People Trapped in the Past: The iPhone Phone!

Sick and tired of all this new-fangled technology? Yearn to cradle a good, solid handset between your head and shoulder while talking calls? The new Sanwa Direct telephone receiver for iPhone could be just the thing!

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Taiwanese Troupe Brings the Harlem Shake to Asia 【Video】

It may be entirely nonsensical and borderline annoying, but with this particular video receiving more than a million hits from Chinese Internet users alone, it’s fair to say that the peculiar dance craze known as the Harlem Shake has found a home in Asia.

If you only watch one Harlem Shake video today, make it this one.

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iPhone Underpants Cover Up Your Phone’s Private Parts

Someone finally “went there.”

Presenting SmartPants, a pair of underpants that covers up your iPhone’s home button. I guess if your iPhone were to have private parts, they would be located on the home button…

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Woman Despairs Over the Size of Her Son’s Penis, Drowns Him in the Bath

In by far the saddest news story of the day so far, a 38-year-old Indonesian woman has been arrested after drowning her son in the family bathtub, giving the reason that his penis was “too small” for him to possibly enjoy a happy life.

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Japan Weighs in on the Eternal Question: Is it OK to Pee in the Shower?

Japanese are generally perceived as being particularly fastidious when it comes to bodily cleanliness, what with the special toilet slippers and showering before getting in the bath and all. But it turns out that doesn’t keep some of them from engaging in a much debated activity: peeing in the shower. Read More

Japanese Kids’ Favourite Gachapin Looks Pretty Messed up on the Inside

We know he’s supposed to be a dinosaur, but adorable character Gachapin’s fluffy green exterior somehow always made him seem much less alien and frightening. So when this image recently appeared on a Japanese Twitter user’s feed, we suddenly found ourselves a little less fond of Japan’s own Barney-a-like.

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“Unofficial” Mascot for Funabashi Rockets to Fame, Jiggles Into our Hearts

Lots of prefectures and cities around Japan have mascots, called yuru-kyara, to promote tourism and local products. Sometimes they get together to break world records in synchronized dancing. Sometimes they appear in commercials. Sometimes they are forced to sumo wrestle each other. But mostly they attend regional events for endless photo ops and to be poked by children.

One might assume that the hardworking people inside those mascot suits are being paid a fair wage to put up with such grueling work, but one of the most popular yuru-kyara to come along lately not only performs his superhuman acts of mascot buffoonery for free, but he isn’t even the official mascot of his hometown!

Meet Funassyi, unofficial mascot for Funabashi, Chiba Prefecture, and just try not to laugh at his jiggly antics. Read More

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