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Writer After falling in love with Totoro and always thinking how delicious Satsuki’s bento looked, KK Miller continued to study about Japan all the way through university. Frequent time was spent between learning about Japanese history and rereading Harry Potter for the bajillionth time. A year abroad in Japan only cemented her decision to live in Japan, so she moved here right after completing her degree. Dressing up as a Harry Potter character every Halloween since being in Japan, KK continues to spread the magic and her love of Totoro and Harry Potter to everyone around her. While Satsuki’s bento turned out to consist of all the Japanese foods she doesn’t like (umeboshi, dembu, and whole grilled fish), she continues to enjoy Japan through traveling, photography and writing.

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Petition to boycott Netflix adaption of Death Note reaches Japan, netizens share reactions online

How do the people feel about the petition, casting, and recently released teaser trailer for Death Note in its country of origin?
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CatZonia is the five-star hotel with impressive amenities for your darling cat

When you have to go out of town, you won’t feel guilty leaving your furry friend at this establishment.

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Osaka police continue trend of creating extremely unique (and effective?) recruitment posters

Nothing screams “Apply to our law enforcement office” more than a child berating you for littering.

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The ita-bag contest showcases your favorite anime characters in the most painful way【Photos】

The results are a bright kaleidoscope of repetition and fandom that makes our eyes burn.

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San’in, Japan is breathtakingly beautiful especially when captured with a 4K video camera【Video】

Ditch Tokyo and Kyoto to explore this stunning mix of ocean and mountains.

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Owner pulls a “too slow” trick on loving canine【Video】

Or is it one of the best pieces of dog-human performance art?

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World Order’s “Singularity” has single-handedly raised the profile of a singular girls group【Video】

Who is that hiding behind the dance group in their newest music video shot all over Nagoya?

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The return of X Japan to Japan, completed with their first autograph session in 30 years

The visual-kei, metal, classically-inspired rock band is returning with a single message: “We are X.”

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Radio Ghibli is the newest way to listen to the iconic music of Studio Ghibli

Get ready for hours of scenes, songs, and memories that tantalize your ears.

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Kong: Skull Island premiere in Vietnam shows how they would fight the giant ape【Video】

What’s that phrase? Break a leg? Catch on fire? Uh oh, Macbeth? Macbeth!

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East meets West in Singaporean music group’s beautiful rendition of classic Disney songs【Video】

A tale as old as time played on some instruments invented in olden times.

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Japanese beer company Sapporo releases special-edition can to support Kumamoto Castle recovery

Be sure to spend the drinking funds for your cherry blossom viewing party on these beautiful cans.

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High school swimming club makes a splash with their synchronized performances【Video】

The pool might be shallow, but their show has a lot of depth!

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Matching couple has us all scrambling to achieve coordinated relationship goals【Photos】

Because what is life worth if you can’t share it with a partner who will plan out an entire matching wardrobe?

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Golden retriever watches his human until he falls asleep for the most heart-wrenching reason

Chinese owner had to dig up the dog’s past to find the reason for the strange behavior.

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Mythbuster’s Adam Savage explores Ghost in the Shell’s coolest practical effects【Video】

The Hollywood Ghost in the Shell turned to master prop makers from Weta Workshop to achieve their detailed practical looks.

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Hatsune Miku becomes charming tour guide of Japan in “Oishii” trip music video【Video】

All in the name of promoting Japanese culture and Japanese food!
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Japanese Android OBJECT project might soon be taking your life to the 22nd century

Android experiment OBJECT took over 200 submissions for ideas and produced these four futuristic products.

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How to make your neighborhood more magical – add fish to your open street gutters

It’s not only clean, but it’s beautiful as well.

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Iron Man masterfully rendered in suiboku-ga style evokes ancient feelings

Even in ink-wash, this Marvel hero looks ready to rumble.
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