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Writer After falling in love with Totoro and always thinking how delicious Satsuki’s bento looked, KK Miller continued to study about Japan all the way through university. Frequent time was spent between learning about Japanese history and rereading Harry Potter for the bajillionth time. A year abroad in Japan only cemented her decision to live in Japan, so she moved here right after completing her degree. Dressing up as a Harry Potter character every Halloween since being in Japan, KK continues to spread the magic and her love of Totoro and Harry Potter to everyone around her. While Satsuki’s bento turned out to consist of all the Japanese foods she doesn’t like (umeboshi, dembu, and whole grilled fish), she continues to enjoy Japan through traveling, photography and writing.

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Gourmet manga takes beautiful mermaid and transforms her into semi-cannibalistic fish eater

This mermaid princess apparently forgot the adage “Fish are friends, not food.”

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Is Life Accordion to Trump the best video on the Internet? Japanese Twitter seems to think so!

The president-elect might want to adopt this instrument in real life.

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Korean-Chinese music video packs in as much cuteness as possible to heal the world【Video】

You couldn’t possibly fit any more cuteness into this video or else you’d endanger the public with a cuteness overdose.

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Cardcaptor Sakura LINE theme available now!

Transform the app into an environment perfect for Clow Cards and our heroine, Sakura.

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An introduction to the fun world of wasei eigo or Japanese-made English 【Video】

These words may seem to be English in origin, but they’re definitely Japanese words.

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In the evolution of pens, a “banana pen” is the obvious next step

We have a pen. We have a banana. Yeah, banapen!

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Saturday Night Live Korea offers parody look at what Doctor Strange is capable of【Video】

These feats of greatness are made even more spectacular with a duo of easily impressed sidekicks.

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Japanese comedy duo nail impressive reenactment of Street Fighter II battle【Video】

They’ve got your pow, bam, and hadoken packed with some good, ol’ fashioned laughs.

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Introducing sweet kitsune udon for your eating pleasure…probably

As if there weren’t enough crazy sweet flavors to satiate our rumbling stomachs! 
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Taiwanese politician’s funeral procession honors him with dancing… pole dancing 【Video】

Years from now he may not be remembered for his life, but he will definitely be remembered for his death.

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Pet hamster shows off eloquent eating skills that puts most humans to shame

When someone says “you eat like an animal!” they probably didn’t mean this!

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The kindness of strangers lives on Japanese trains at the start of 2017

Living up to the very definition of “gentle men”.
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Japanese Twitter users cannot get enough of this pair of Mexican cosplayers【Photos】

They’ve got high looks, high praise and now a high number of Japanese fans.

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Cat perfectly understands the value of sunshine in the winter months

Cat doesn’t have our tongue, but it is hogging up all the available sunlight.

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Dog’s response to other dog is perfectly acceptable…for a parkour athlete【Video】

Dogs are clearly man’s best friend, until they meet dog’s best friend: another dog.

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Throw away your New Year’s resolutions – here’s our top “volume” restaurants of 2016

When it’s time to go big or go home, you can go really big at some of our favorite restaurants in Japan!

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Grandma (literally!) flips out over forgotten birthday present 【Video】

A behind-the-scenes look at what goes on at your granny’s house before you see her.

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Pikotaro gets English pronunciation training for PPAP from AI robot, Musio X【Video】

The “P” in PPAP needs more power, passion and party!

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Sephiroth’s One Winged Angel absolutely dazzles on the hand of one you’ve ringed

Who knew Final Fantasy VII’s baddie would make such a gorgeous engagement ring? Takayas Custom Jewelry knew.

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Colonel Sanders gets a needed makeover to bring him into 2017

Is the change a welcome eyeful? Or is this a case of too much too soon? You be the judge.

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