TPE48 recruiting new members, gets 21 schools to participate in “Koi Suru Fortune Cookie” video

Watch Taiwanese girls in flashy school uniforms perform the AKB48 hit song.

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Wonder Woman promoted in Japan with idol song “A Woman Can’t Sleep Alone,” angering some fans

Detractors call the title and lyrics of Nogizaka46 song, the video for which has just been released, a poor fit for the independent DC Comics star.

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Two Japanese idol singers announced as candidates for international 100 Most Beautiful Faces list

Former members of AKB48 and Rev. from DVL saluted.

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AKB48 mega-fan creates labour-saving CD packaging-opening machine【Video】

Although presumably created at great expense and effort.

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Mr. Sato calls a phone number he found on a 1,000 yen bill

Our reporter tried to uncover the truth behind “AKB48 Non Yuu” and their mysterious phone number.

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Japanese idol girls excite crowds by spitting water on them

Come for the J-pop idols, stay for the water discharging from their mouths.

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Japanese idol singer reveals three simple phrases men need to use to be popular with women

Former AKB48 member also advises against telling a woman “You’ve sure gotten fat recently.”

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McDonald’s Japan set to reinstate Bacon Potato Pies on its menu, delight former idol singer【Vid】

Pies! They’re not just for dessert anymore!

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Idols ahoy! AKB48 to hold concerts at Universal Studios Japan every day starting in July

Osaka theme park doubles down (48-times down?) on its Japanese appeal with daily performances by members of four Japanese idol supergroups.

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Want some canned Japanese idol air? Smartphone virtual crane game offering exactly that as prize

Here’s your chance to breathe the rarefied air of AKB48, Japan’s highest-flying idol mega group.

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4 new versions of McDonald’s anime shorts with AKB48 idols streamed

Chūgoku, Kyūshū, Hokkaido, Chūbu/Hokuriku versions streamed.

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2016 Live-Action Death Note film casts former AKB48 idol Rina Kawaei

Kawaei possesses 1 of 6 Death Notes in fall film.

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AKB48 and Nogizaka46 songs to be played as subway train departure melodies in Tokyo

You can probably tell which stations they’ll be played at, but can you guess which songs have been chosen?

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Ease your Christmas loneliness with idol singer Santa cosplay 【Photos】

J-pop vocalists dress up as Miss Claus.

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J.J. Abrams reveals that he wanted an AKB48 idol in the cast for Star Trek

The famed Hollywood director was ready to set his phaser to “idol.”

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Justin Bieber kisses two of Japan’s most popular idols, breaks the hearts and minds of their fans

Two pecks on the cheek, far, far more angry idol otaku.

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Government’s Cool Japan Project to fund AKB48 sister group in Philippines

It’s been recently announced that AKB Group, the idol conglomerate responsible for AKB48, NMB48, SKE48, HKT48, NGT48, JKT48, and SNH48, will be adding another serial number to the roster in the form of MNL48, which is planned to operate out of Manila in the Philippines.

This new group will be formed through a project by the publicly funded Cool Japan initiative which, contrary to what Gackt may think, appears to be doing something tangible with all their funding after all. In fact, this is especially tangible as yet another source of revenue for Yasushi Akimoto, the head of AKB Group who also just happens to be the chairman of the Cool Japan Council.

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Prepare to be outraged: Japan votes for its “100 Best World Class Songs” 【Videos】

The long-running Japanese music program Music Station recently held a nation-wide survey polling 10,000 people on what they thought were Japan’s most world-class songs. Respondents told the TV show which songs they felt best represented Japan, throwing up popular artists such as Arashi and Mr. Children, and the results were aired on 23 September.

As with any music ranking, the results are open for debate, and this list is certainly no exception. However, looking at the top 10, it’s hard not to wonder where Music Station found the people who were asked to name Japan’s greatest ever song, and many Japanese netizens are calling the list “a national embarrassment”.

Are they right? Let’s find out by kicking things off with the 10th Best World Class Song: “Koi Suru Fortune Cookie” by AKB48.

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Japanese salarymen and OLs make company-wide music video of AKB48’s “Halloween Night” 【Video】

For the past two years AKB48 has asked fans and company staff to submit their own music videos to their newly released singles, and their latest track, “Halloween Night”, is no exception. While the song and official video are fairly typical AKB fare, the fan videos of it are really something to see.

And perhaps the best submitted music video so far belongs to the lovely employees at the Japanese internet advertising firm Cyber Agent. Men and women from every department shake and strut to the AKB Halloween beat, and watching it may cause you to suddenly want to work somewhere else.

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AKB48 not just popular in Japan – Belgian politician lobbying for first European concert

The most famous idol group in Japan, AKB48, has a lot of fans all over the world. Not only do they perform to sold-out venues within Japan, but they have also held packed concerts in the US and other parts of Asia.

The group of singing female pop stars hasn’t made it to Europe yet, but one mega-fan might be influential enough to convince the AKB48 brass to take their tour bus to Belgium.

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