Cosplayer makes Mario sexy, brings our favorite characters to life

Who doesn’t love to look at exquisitely executed cosplay photos? Whether it’s a Chinese kid who looks like a very convincing girl, champion cosplayers, or an adorable little Titan-fighting baby, there’s just something about our favorite anime, manga, and video game characters being brought to life that really makes us happy.

Cosplay-lovers take note, the beauty and elaborate costumes of Enji Night, a 22-year-old gamer model from Hungary, have the entire cosplay world talking.

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Realize your life-long dream of being a ghost at Fuji Q amusement park!

Looking for something to do on Halloween? Ever wish you were one of the undead masses lumbering around the planet with a grudge long after you died? Get a thrill scaring the pee out of others? Well then you better get to Yamanashi Prefecture’s Fuji-Q Highland Amusement Park this month!

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The awesome outfits of cosplayers at Tokyo Disneyland

Cosplay isn’t just for conventions or the Kyoto subway. Tokyo Disneyland during the Halloween season is a great place for Disney fans to show off their cosplay skills. Usually, anyone out of elementary school isn’t allowed to enter Tokyo Disneyland in full costume, but during the first and last week of the Disney Halloween event (September 9 to 15 and October 25 to 31), anyone is invited to cosplay at the park. Let’s take a look at some of the impressive costumes from the first week of the TDL Halloween season.

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Set fire to the presses! Japan impressed by Canadian cosplay shop’s smoking dragon hoodie!

Ever felt like you just really needed to be a dragon for a day or two? Maybe wish you could look the part when on a rampage at the office or in your school quad? Calgary Cosplay is here to help with their newly-released dragon suit specially designed to make your dreams a reality!

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More Shingeki no Kyojin merchandise! Introducing the Titan costume suit!

How cool would it be to be able to change into a towering giant at will? How many Shingeki no Kyojin: Attack on Titan fans have been wishing they could turn into a massive Titan, just like the series’ main character, Eren Yeager? Well Cospa, the online anime apparel and merchandise site, is here to help you transform into the wall-crushing, man-eating beast of your dreams with the newest addition to their Titan cosplay lineup!

*Super-strength and speed sold separately.

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Fans of AKB’s Haruka Shimazaki despair over freaky Sailor Moon makeover

It really warms your heart to see more Japanese celebrities show their support for cosplay. It’s one of the flashier hobbies that anime fans can boast and is getting more popular by the day. Cosplay websites abound with fashion tips and suggestions for various costumes styles, poses, and makeup options for just about every conceivable costume on the market.

But AKB48 star, Haruka Shimazaki, might want to do a bit of rethinking before offering up her own anime makeup (AniMake for short) suggestions, as her most recent attempts caused a despairing cry to ring out from among her adoring fans…

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We’ve got your Halloween costume all set: Tonto from The Lone Ranger

Despite reuniting director Gore Verbinski, producer Jerry Bruckheimer, and actor Johnny Depp, the recent Lone Ranger film failed to recreate the success the trio had with the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise at the US box office.

The film has met with a more favorable reaction with less cynical viewers in the international market, though, and one reporter for our Japanese-language sister site came back from the theatre so impressed that he decided to transform himself into Tonto, the Lone Ranger’s Native American partner portrayed by Depp.

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Cosplayers invade the Kyoto subway system to promote upcoming event!

The Kyoto subway was swarmed by mobs of cosplayers last weekend, alarming some commuters and intriguing others. Though Japan may be thought of as the “land of cosplay,” it’s actually extremely rare to see this many layers (shortening of “cosplayers”) out and about in public. Cosplay is all well and good at certain events, but a major no-no in areas where it can cause trouble for the uninitiated.

So what were all these guys (yes, mainly guys) doing on the subway? Why, promoting the upcoming Kyoto Manga Anime Festival and it’s connected cosplay event, GO-TAN! of course!

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Please, baby, just one time! – Japanese men reveal the costumes they want their girlfriends to wear

Cosplay fans have been putting an insane level of detail into their anime and video game-based creations over the past few years. Looking at pictures from the recent World Cosplay Summit, it’s easy to forget about the simpler side of grown-ups playing dress-up. It isn’t always about putting in hundreds of man-hours to be chosen as the best craftsman in the world.

Sometimes, it’s just about a guy wanting to see his girlfriend in something he thinks looks hot.

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Ever wanted to look like a Titan or a guard of Wall Maria? Well now’s your chance with these new Attack on Titan tights!

Japanese company, Movic, is adding another in their line of nerd-fashion print stockings! This time it’s in honor of the smash hit anime and manga series, Shingeki no Kyojin: Attack on Titan. Starting this October, these one-size-fits-all patterned leggings will be available on their online store. You can choose between the sexy strappy garb of a scouting soldier, or the muscly sinew of a giant destroyer of humanity! They’re the perfect socks to fill a Christmas stocking!

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Tiny, adorable cosplay of Attack on Titan’s Levi will leave you screaming “Kawaiiiii!”

Although Attack on Titan may feature some pretty gruesome, bloody scenes, it has, surprisingly enough, inspired one of the cutest cosplay costumes we’ve ever seen!

Spotted at Comiket and in Akihabara, this diminutive cosplayer may have just won the award for cutest thing ever. Check below for more pictures to leave you screaming “Kawaiiiii!”

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Coffee mascot event with cosplaying idols proves to be too much for some fans to handle

Tea is the first beverage that comes to mind for most people when they think of Japan, followed closely by sake, beer, chu-hi, and a plethora of other alcoholic beverages for those who spent time at a Japanese university. There are plenty of coffee drinkers in the country too though, with Yuki Jirushi (“Snow Mark”) Coffee’s café au lait being a steady seller in supermarkets and convenience stores for 50 years.

With such a long history, however, the company thought the product’s image could use an updating, and they asked artists to submit their designs for a new mascot to be called Yukiko-tan (-tan being an even cuter version of the already cute Japanese name suffix –chan). Six finalists remain in the contest, and Yuki Jirushi recently held a promotional event to help the undecided pick a favorite by utilizing the tentpole that seemingly all major Japanese marketing campaigns are built around: cute girls.

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Championship day at the 11th World Cosplay Summit 【Photos】

About one week ago, we at RocketNews24 gave you an inside look at how things happen behind the scenes at the annual World Cosplay Summit (WCS). Now, it’s time for a follow-up!

On Saturday, July 3, in Nagoya, Japan, the WCS held its highly anticipated championship finals, wherein 20 teams of cosplayers from countries around the world competed for prizes and the prestige of being named World Cosplay Champions. This year, for the first time, the championships were streamed live on Niconico Douga, Japan’s YouTube, for the whole globe to see. But, just in  case you missed it, here’s a photo album introducing all of the teams and announcing to you the winners of this years WCS.

Warning: The cosplay featured in these photos will take your breath away.

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Want to be punished in the name of the moon? Sexy Sailor Moon lingerie gets our pulses racing

Many girls across the globe were fans of the famous manga and anime series Sailor Moon as children, some even beyond their schoolgirl years. Who hasn’t wanted to try out that kick-ass sailor uniform she wears to fight evil villains? Well, don’t worry if you’ve already outgrown your middle school uniform. We found one fan who took her love of the series a step further than even simple cosplay.

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Cosplayers let loose behind the scenes before the World Cosplay Summit championships

Every year the city of Nagoya plays host to the World Cosplay Summit (WCS), a large-scale competition between cosplay representatives from around the world. Teams of two from 20 different countries are all brought to Japan to take part in this life-changing opportunity. The championship finals will be held on the outdoor stage of Oasis21 on Saturday, August 3, starting at 7 p.m. Japan time. Tickets are available, though they are not required to watch the event. In fact, you don’t even have to be in Japan to watch this year’s world-class cosplay performances. It’s been announced that for the first time Niconico Douga will be stream the entire event on the World Cosplay Summit’s official channel.

But you know, not everything to do with the WCS involves competition. Cosplay itself is about bringing together people of similar interests and building a sense of community between those who like to dress up as Japanese characters. These cosplay teams must prepare not only as performers but as representatives of cosplay culture in each of their respective countries. Before the finals even take place, teams must take part in a week’s worth of parades, photo shoots, and official meetings. it’s a good thing there are some opportunities to relax worked into the schedule as well.

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Westernized kimono resemble cosplay more than actual clothes

Summer is the season for festivals here in Japan. Every weekend some district or other is putting together a party for locals and tourists to come and enjoy. There are food stands, game stalls, temporary toy shops, and people all around. Most come with a parade event of sorts and end with an explosion of amazing fireworks. But above all, something you’re always going to find at any self-respecting festival are people dressed traditionally in lightweight yukata (a summer kimono) and jinbei (robe-style shirt and shorts) as they wander the streets.

But what about in Western counties like America? In early September of every year, Saint Louis, Missouri, holds a large Japanese-style festival in the city’s botanical gardens. Despite the lingering heat of late summer, somewhere between 20 to 30 thousand people attend this great cultural event each year. But what do they wear? Judging by the array of kimono and yukata available at the English shopping site A Fashion, people hoping to model some Japanese styles might find themselves in what resembles a crazy costume more than actual clothes.

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Relax on Titan! Rilakkuma joins Recon Corps, becomes protector of humanity

It can take a while to wrap your head around the concept of “character goods” in Japan. It’s a term used to refer to licensed merchandise such as notebooks, stickers and figures featuring the likenesses of fictional characters. What sets character good apart from plain old cartoon or movie merchandising, however, is that its characters generally don’t appear anywhere else, and are created solely for the purpose of having an excuse to produce their associated knick knacks.

It’s a tradition that was firmly established by Hello Kitty, and carried on by newer characters such as Rilakkuma. A blending of the words “relax” and “kuma” (Japanese for “bear”), Rilakkuma is exactly what you’d expect, a bear who loafs around, usually depicted in the prone position.

But what if the world had greater things in store for Rilakkuma than just yawning and eating stack after stack of pancakes? If humanity needed a savior and destiny called, could he be bothered to pick up the phone?

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Man in China beaten for his incredibly convincing female cosplay

Earlier this week in China a man dressed as a female anime character was approached in the street by a group of foreign men. The man revealed his true gender after enduring a taste of their unwelcome flirting and received violent lash-back from the group.

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KFC Japan president buys and wears Colonel Sanders’ signature suit, Reddit chicken enthusiasts not amused

KFC Japan president Maseo “Charlie” Watanabe surprised and angered the front page of the Internet itself, Reddit, yesterday when he won Colonel Sanders’ iconic white suit at auction for US$21,510 and promptly tried it on for all to see.

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Young photographer and his gear steal the show at cosplay event, kind of looks like Doc Ock

Any photographer will tell you that you always have to be aware of your light sources. Especially with people, the wrong kind of lighting can someone look completely different, usually in a bad way.

This young photo bug took that advice to heart when he attended a cosplay event in China. Realizing that work outside of a studio pits a photographer in a battle with sometimes unpredictable lighting, this man fitted several brackets to his back, each supporting an external flash.

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