The number of doctorate students in Japan is now almost half of what it was 17 years ago

Japan’s booming science industries might need workplace reform if they want to continue hiring qualified workers. 

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Tokyo schoolboy assumes other boy’s identity for six months, attends classes at top high school

What the real boy was doing was even weirder.

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Japanese government promises reduced teacher responsibilities, right to refuse club supervision

The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology says that in three years teachers might get their holidays to themselves.

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Japanese teacher apologizes for peeing on students’ futon during club retreat

Went to take a bath after doing his business.

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Japanese man gets fired for lying on resume by saying he had less education than he really does

Anonymous tip ends 24-year career with city of Kobe.

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Has five years with the dangerous haircut banned in Tokyo schools led this man to a life of crime?

Tokyo Metropolitan Board of Education continues mental gymnastics and insists that undercuts cause harmful incidents and accidents.
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Head of Tokyo board of education gets asked about dumb school hairstyle rule, gives dumb answer

Apparently the two block hairstyle is too dangerous for kids to have.

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Japanese mom praises hard-studying teenage son…for his Pokémon notes?!?

Scholarly approach makes it look like he’s been hitting the books, but really he’s just trying to catch ‘em all.

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Should Japanese schools stop making kids write book reports? Twitter debates

Teacher says book reports just make kids hate books, but some say they’re vital to developing important lifelong skills.

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Can you write the alphabet properly? According to Japanese teachers, probably not

Japanese rules for writing your ABCs are surprisingly strict.

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Knife-wielding professor fired from international department of one of Tokyo’s top universities

Teaching methods included violent outbursts and telling students to die.

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Japanese students skip school to protest their re-opening amid growing number of COVID-19 cases

To protect themselves and their families, these students didn’t hesitate at all to take action

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Japanese all-girls school’s startling advice for girls whose boyfriends don’t want to strap up

Impactful lesson leaves a deep impression.

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Japanese professor threatens students with expulsion for leaving prefecture in coronavirus crisis

Stay in Fukushima, or else, students are warned.

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Japanese students start online movement to keep schools closed amid coronavirus fear

The kids are thinking alright.

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Mayor of Osaka wants to legally control when kids can and can’t use smartphones in their own home

55-year-old politician thinks kids are ditching school because they’re spending too much time on their phones.

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Japanese teacher’s advice for opinion essay writing stays with one student to this day

Sometimes it just takes the right kind of push to get the words flowing across the paper.
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Japanese tutoring company wants to help your kids get better at video games

But Gemutore doesn’t care if kids become pro gamers or not, because the company’s goals are deeper, and more heartwarming, than e-sports glory.

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Human pyramids continue in Kobe schools as injuries mount to 51, mayor’s pleas to stop unanswered

Schools refuse to stop stacking their students in the name of athletics.

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Tokyo public schools will stop forcing students with non-black hair to dye it, official promises

Pledge comes in the wake of 2.2 million-yen lawsuit from naturally brown-haired schoolgirl in Osaka.

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