Family Mart to celebrate 40th birthday by introducing onigiri with eco-friendly packaging

To a future where we can eat all the onigiri we want and save the environment.

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We try Dom Dom Burger’s new limited-time-only Spicy Cod Roe Thick Egg Omelet Burger

Do Japanese ingredients like mentaiko and shiso make a good sandwich?

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Tired of buying spicy cod roe that’s just not how you like it? Customize it with this new DIY kit

Spice up your mentaiko exactly how you want it!

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Mister Donut Japan unrolls a new line of sweet and savory breakfast “bread” donuts

Cheesy bread? Mentaiko bread? Mister Donut’s got it now.

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A call to arms: 5 Japanese potato chip flavours the west badly needs

This may upset you to learn, but if you’re a potato chip fan living outside of Japan then you’re seriously missing out…

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Which foods define Fukuoka’s amazing culinary scene? The Internet votes 【Poll】

If you have ever had the pleasure of visiting the southern Japanese city of Fukuoka, you probably know about its amazing food that has people from all over the country booking trips there just to stuff themselves silly. Between the rich, pork broth and firm noodles of the famous Hakata Ramen and the spicy delight that is mentaiko (marinated cod and pollack roe), Fukuoka is a place visitors leave having to loosen their belt a few notches.

With so many delicious things to come out of the city, an online poll set out to see which dishes people think are the epitome of the Fukuoka food scene. Click below to see the results and vote on what you think is the best food to come out of Fukuoka!

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