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Kay is a native Japanese who has lived in Honolulu, Hawaii and Los Angeles, California. She currently resides in Tokyo and enjoys writing about a wide range of topics, including all things cute and glamorous. She also loves stories about any type of food, from gourmet cuisine to junk food. Her favorite pastimes include reading, going to the movies, watching American T.V. dramas and shopping. (Yes, she is painfully aware that she owns too many bags and shoes.) She also loves to travel and has visited over 25 different countries. Her favorite place to go on vacation is New York, an amazing city where you can enjoy the best of shopping, dining, art and theater.

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New “Dragon Ball Super: Broly” movie gets two-thumbs-up, screening event gets a fail

We went to the Premier screening of Dragon Ball Super: Broly… and almost didn’t get to see the movie!

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What’s cute and cozy and soft to wear? The new Sailor Moon Luna and Diana loungewear

The newest line of wearable Sailor Moon merchandise features the famous felines from the series!  

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Nissin comes out with new Cup Noodle using … “almost real sea urchin”!

Thought sushi or sashimi was the only way to get a taste of sea urchin? Well, think again! 

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We enjoy oyster tempura max on rice at tempura chain Tenya!【Pics】

How many fried oysters can we pile on top of a bowl of rice? We find out at the Japanese tempura chain Tenya!

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Delightful flavors of Asia now available at Krispy Kreme Doughnuts Japan

Krispy Kreme Japan is serving up a tantalizing selection of Asian treats in doughnut form!

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Häagen-Dazs tempts us with first-ever Japanese flavor sorbet and ice cream combo!

Häagen-Dazs gives us another tantalizing flavor using Japanese ingredients, and we’re certainly not complaining!

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New Cafe Ron Ron in Harajuku offers colorful all-you-can-eat conveyor belt sweets【Pics】

If you’re hungry for cute desserts in Tokyo, the new Cafe Ron Ron offering conveyor belt sweets is a place you’ll want to check out! 

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It’s confirmed! New Dragon Ball Super movie will bring back Broly, the legendary Super Saiyan

The official title of the new Dragon Ball Super movie has been announced, and it confirms that a familiar and fearsome foe will be returning, to many fans’ delight!

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Häagen-Dazs Japan gives us another Crispy Sandwich flavor to swoon over: roasted green tea

Sweets lovers will have another mouth-watering creation from Häagen-Dazs Japan to tempt them this summer, this time in a Japanese roasted green tea flavor

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Hit figure skating anime Yuri!!! on Ice jumping to theaters in 2019! First teaser image released

This should be welcome news if you’ve been waiting for more animated skating action from Yuri and the gang! 

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Celebrate Totoro’s 30th anniversary with new and exclusive commemorative Totoro items!

Beloved anime character Totoro is celebrating his 30th birthday this year and is getting an exciting line of new merchandise that Ghibli fans won’t want to miss! Read More

Turn a glass of beer into an exquisite Mt. Fuji scene with this Awakumo glass!

This unique Awakumo glass will let you recreate your very own view of Mt. Fuji in miniature while enjoying a frothy glass of beer

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The Gudetama McFlurry is here — and the mystery flavor is as sweet as expected!【Taste test】

Gudetama the lazy egg is now a McFlurry dessert, and we tried the limited-edition item to see just how sweet he can be! 

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McDonald’s Japan presents newest McFlurry dessert — in a mystery Gudetama flavor!

Gudetama, the lovable lazy egg from Sanrio, is again “busy” at work, this time as a limited edition McDonald’s dessert! 

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Protect your eyes with moon prism power with limited edition Sailor Moon eye drops

Collaborative eye drops from Rohto will enchant you with the magic of Sailor Moon!

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Shocking blue cream-filled taiyaki cakes now available from Yokohama Kurikoan for a limited time!

Yokohama Kurikoan’s new limited edition taiyaki cake flavor comes in a striking blue color and has a delightfully refreshing aftertaste to boot!

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Starbucks Japan launches “Japan Wonder Project” with a golden roasted green tea Frappuccino

Starbucks Japan has unveiled another unique beverage — this time a roasted green tea-based Frappuccino that shines golden!

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McDonald’s Japan to offer free iced coffee — for five days only!

As a limited-time promotional campaign, McDonald’s Japan will be treating customers to free servings of their new revamped iced coffee!

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Enjoy a pot of striking blue tea with these adorable frog teabags!

What color is your cup of tea? Well … bright blue, if you use these unique frog-shaped teabags from ocean-teabag!

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It’s Ghibli merchandise galore at the Donguri Kyowakoku  pop-up shop in Shibuya!

It looks like Tokyo’s Shibuya neighborhood is the place to go for exclusive Studio Ghibli anime merchandise during the first half of this month. 

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