KK Miller

Writer After falling in love with Totoro and always thinking how delicious Satsuki’s bento looked, KK Miller continued to study about Japan all the way through university. Frequent time was spent between learning about Japanese history and rereading Harry Potter for the bajillionth time. A year abroad in Japan only cemented her decision to live in Japan, so she moved here right after completing her degree. Dressing up as a Harry Potter character every Halloween since being in Japan, KK continues to spread the magic and her love of Totoro and Harry Potter to everyone around her. While Satsuki’s bento turned out to consist of all the Japanese foods she doesn’t like (umeboshi, dembu, and whole grilled fish), she continues to enjoy Japan through traveling, photography and writing.

Posted by KK Miller

Love Ghibli’s Castle in the Sky? Check out these real Laputa-like locations!

Your heart will soar high above the clouds at these travel destinations in Japan.

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Looking to show off your love for Cardcaptor Sakura? Secret Honey ensures that it’s in the cards

We wish Tomoeda Elementary School was a real place because they have the most fantastic uniforms.

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This stoic gentleman is Sailor Suit Old Man?!?

Cue magical old man transformation sequence!

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This the only cover of PPAP that you need to see【Video】

It is clearly the best one out there, so why bother with anything less than the cream of the crop.

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Following the “onsen” symbol re-design, “hospital” mark might get a little makeover

The new pictogram gives off very few feelings of “hospital” though.

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Collection of Taiwan Schoolgirl Uniforms is much more than a simple picture book

It’s got tons of uniforms and girls and it also acts as a flip book!

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Newest Sailor Moon toy is geared specifically to adults because grown ups need toys too

If you think all the Sailor Moon toys have been too childish, not to worry, Bandai is thinking of you for their next one.

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Street racer drifts up a pole, probably not making it into the next Initial D

Coming around a corner, the car came to a full (pole) stop.

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We know right where you can put your razor – in the hands of these One Piece characters!

Zoro has three blades, but you wield five when you shave!
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There’s something strange with these Hollywood horrors: they’re adorable and awesome! 【Art】

Even if you are afraid of the dark, you’ll definitely want to check out these boogeymen and women!

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Turn your plastic fan (or whatever you want) into the hilt of a katana

Never lose grip of your fan again with this simple how-to samurai guide

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Dig into the spirit of Halloween with these adorable spooky treats!

‘Tis the season for all things scary and (pumpkin) spicy!

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Straw Hat Pirates as Overwatch characters is the crossover we definitely need

Obviously, Zoro = Genji, but what do you think the fate of the rest of the crew is?

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An English cover of the title song from Your Name hits all the right notes【Video】

The original Radwimps song is great, but the cover is giving Japanese people goosebumps.

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Promotional video for 2017 Summer Universiade accused of plagiarizing World Order【Video】

If it looks like World Order, and moves like World Order, it’s probably bad if it’s not World Order.

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In three months, 50 patients have died on one floor of a “haunted” hospital

Successive deaths have lead some to wonder if the fourth floor is cursed.

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Watch a super hot ball of iron get dropped onto an ice cube, because why not?

Don’t try this at home folks; let the people on the Internet take the risk for you!

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Mega-hit Your Name. reimagined as a horror movie is terrifyingly perfect

Strange cosmic events, sketchy writing on an arm and tears are all fodder for scary movies.
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Watch a sashimi master chef slice a fish like it’s no big deal【Video】

It’s food. It’s art. It’s delicious. It’s sashimi!

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Evolving with the times – pachinko parlors in Japan are changing to better serve their clientele

If smoke-filled rooms, loud noises and low win rates weren’t enticing you to go, there might actually be a few reasons to visit one now!

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