Japanese women

A beer every day for four years comes with different outfits, settings and expressions.

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Beautiful Japanese booth babe uses her fingers to create the Suzuki “S” sign on her chest 【Video】

A sure-fire way to stop traffic, no matter what car you’re driving.

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How long and how often do Japanese women bathe? Survey investigates

Responses suggest many women don’t have time to bathe every day anymore.

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Japanese girlfriend gets a lesson in culture from foreign boyfriend

Never before has the sentence “Fold my laundry” caused such a stir.

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Sake ads show what it’s like to have a long-distance relationship with a Japanese woman 【Video】

Your beautiful girlfriend gets changed, has dinner and drinks sake while chatting to you on a video call.

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Halloween is the perfect time to pick up Japanese women, according to new survey

Poll results show the majority of women are happy when men strike up conversations with them at Halloween.

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Japanese men reveal the things they notice when they see a woman without makeup

Almost half of the respondents said they experienced a sense of disappointment when they saw a woman’s unmade face.

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Men’s deodorant commercial series puts viewers in sweaty situations with women 【Video】

It’s time to get hot and bothered with 10 different charming ladies.

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Throwing Pokéballs in style: Women show off their awesome Pokémon painted nails【Pics】

These Poké-nails are on point!

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“Cute Japanese girls blowing on hot coffee” immortalised in online photography project

Cute Japanese girls blowing on your cup of joe? If that’s your thing, this website should be relevant to your interests!

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Japanese ladies list top five companies whose employees they’d most/least like to date

Which company in Japan has the most and least “eligible bachelor” employees? New study suggests Japanese ladies have strict preferences!
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Poll asks Japanese women which is better boyfriend: handsome and dull or ugly and interesting?

Because they can’t all be good-looking and funny.

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Japanese women describe their personal ideal height and weight【Video】

What would Japanese women like to change about their own bodies in terms of height and weight?

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Japanese men describe their ideal female body type【Video】

Spoiler alert: the words “small” and “skinny” come up A LOT.

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On the short side? Lucky you! Japanese women describe what they love about shorter men

Despite the fact that plenty of tall guys can be found walking around Japan these days, it’s still true that the national average height for an adult Japanese male is 170cm (5’5″), which, compared to the figures for countries like the US, UK and Australia (all around 177cm, or 5’10”) might seem a little on the shorter side for some.

However, it’s not all bad news for shorter guys looking to find love in Japan—many Japanese women actually really like shorter men, and here are some of the reasons they gave as to why they like their fellas fun-sized.

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Japanese women share the top 10 times they’re embarrassed to be seen doing something alone

Sometimes doing stuff by yourself is the best way to go. Heading to the bathroom, for example, is generally something people prefer to do alone. And there are plenty of people out there who prefer to go to out alone; catching a movie or a show by yourself can be great if you hate making small talk, for example. But still, there are some times that doing something alone can be downright embarrassing.

So, to find out what the worst was, the Japanese website goo polled some of their readers to find the top 10 times they’re embarrassed to be seen doing something alone. Check out the ranking and see how many you agree with!

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30 random things Japanese girls say that annoy Japanese men

Sometimes, girls say the darndest things… but you’d be surprised at the variety of utterances that get Japanese men’s eyebrows twitching in rage. We rounded up some of our Japanese male writers to compile a list of 30 things Japanese girls say that really grind Japanese guys’ gears!

Any guesses what made the list? Trust us, some of these came straight out of left field.

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