Chinese Official Misses His Flight, Smashes Up the Airport 【Video】

A government official from China has been caught on video destroying airport property after being told that he may not board his flight.

Despite enjoying a leisurely breakfast at the airport and arriving at the boarding gate long after it had closed, the man flew into a rage when he was denied access to the plane on account of being too late. Within the space of 60 seconds, the man goes from irked to irate, trashing a desk and attempting to smash a window with a notice board while yelling at the staff around him.

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Heartbroken AKB-48 Fan’s Video was a Fake, Star Buys Himself a New Bike with Revenue

OK, who called it?

Just three weeks ago, we shared a video with you from a seemingly heartbroken AKB48 fan, berating group member Yuki Kashiwagi for attending a singles’ party and breaking the band’s strict “no dating” code of conduct. The video, which saw the fan almost in tears and screaming into the camera, turns out to have been a clever trick at the expense of the Internet community, whose clicks eventually netted the young man enough cash to buy himself an expensive new cross bike.

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And the Oscar Goes to… Kitten Taking First Bath in Tiny Cup!

It’s considered common knowledge that cats hate water, but recently YouTube has been awash (get it?) with cats enjoying their bath time. In this latest addition, kitten Hana-chan experiences a bath for the first time, displaying the range of expression with normally associate with Hollywood’s finest. Check out her journey from terror to bliss after the jump! Read More

Sexy Kitten Girl Has a Surprise for You 【Video】

Well hel-lo there! I guess it must be Friday!

Once again, courtesy of our friends at Niconico, we have a very special video for you today to help usher in the weekend and put a big smile on your faces. So how does a gorgeous girl in cat ears doing a cute dance sound? Good, right? Come on- this is RocketNews24; it couldn’t really be that straightforward, could it?

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Warmhearted DJ Spins for Kindergarten, Kids Go Mental 【Video】

Proving once again that Gloria Estefan was right and that the rhythm is gonna get you, Japanese DJ Kazuhiro Abo’s fantastic video shows a 10-minute session he did during visit to a kindergarten as part of a workshop appropriately titled “Kids and Music”. Although it takes the little ones a while to get moving at first, once they’re all up on their feet they’re bouncing and spinning around as only kids can do.

The full cute, chaotic video after the jump.

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Sexy Japanese Lady Plays Guitar in a Bikini, Viewers Go Wild 【Video】

In an effort to celebrate the fact that Friday has finally arrived all across the world, the staff here at RocketNews24 always aims to bring you a fun video or two to celebrate and start your weekend with. In the past we’ve brought you animé teenage angst and Street Fighter musicals to name but a few, but this week we thought we’d treat you to something just that little bit sexier, courtesy of our pals at Niconico.

Bikini bass guitar action? Step this way.

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It’s Hump Day! Take a Tip from Our Furry Friend Maru and Relax

Japanese Internet celebrity Maru has been on the scene for a few years now, shooting to stardom when his owner, YouTube user Mugumogu, uploaded a series of videos of the cat launching himself into boxes and paper bags seemingly far too small to accommodate him. These days, he’s taking life a little easier, but I think we could all learn a thing or two from Maru: the undisputed king of sunshine naps.

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“Backstabber!!!” Fan Sends Enraged Message to AKB48 Band Member for Attending Dating Party

Whether it’s sports teams, animation or girly pop groups, when it comes to fandom, there are distinct levels of dedication. And when the hardest of hardcore fans feels betrayed by the object of their affection, they make it clear. Sometimes, they even record a video message and upload it to YouTube.

Already viewed some 50,000 times, the following video was uploaded yesterday by an enraged AKB48 fan after reading the news that 21-year-old band member Yuki Kashiwagi was allegedly present at a goukon dating party with members of Japan’s Olympic men’s soccer team.

“That’s not so scandalous, is it?” you may ask. Well, let’s find out how this young man feels about the whole affair.

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Japanese Driver Gets Cut Off on Highway, Pursues Car in a Rage 【Video】

It just goes to show: put behind the wheel of a powerful car, even the normally mild-mannered Japanese can lose their cool.

Uploaded to YouTube by a Japanese Internet user last week, the following video was captured by a camera mounted to the dashboard of a powerful sedan/saloon. Cut off by the driver of a black Suzuki Wagon-R moments after passing a toll booth, the female driver leans on her horn while pursuing the much smaller vehicle at high speed.

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Doraemon X Street Fighter Musical Mashup: Making Kicks to the Face Sound Fun

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, it is Friday! And that can only mean one thing: it’s time to kick back and relax with another dose of nonsensical video from Japan!

Courtesy of our friends over at Niconico, the following video features a collage of clips from 1990s beat-em-up classic Street Fighter II, spliced with, shoehorned into and duct-taped to the theme tune from non other than iconic Japanese animation Doraemon.

It doesn’t make any sense. But then again, does it have to?

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PlayStation 4? Sony Teases Fans with Mysterious Video and Conference Announcement *UPDATED*

Despite Sony Computer Entertainment’s head honcho Kazuo Hirai going on record just 10 days ago to state that he thinks it better to let competitors make the first move when it comes to releasing details of new consoles, a sudden official announcement from Sony earlier today has whipped gamers and tech fans alike into a frenzy.

Although the electronics giant’s video, simply titled “PlayStation 2013”, does not show any actual hardware footage or make any promises, it looks a lot like a teaser for a big forthcoming announcement if you ask us.

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Want! Seven Weird and Wonderful Smartphone and Tablet-Integrated Toys for Grown Ups

There has arguably never been a more popular big kids’ toy than the smartphone. While models, personal music players, action figures and board games have existed for generations, never has the human race been more enamoured with a single gadget. Smartphones have become such an integral part of our lives that, on the rare occasion that they are separated from their rectangles of plastic and finger-friendly glass, many people experience genuine feelings of anxiety and simply cannot get through their day as they normally would.

With traditional board games and toys already falling to the wayside and smartphones, tablets and laptops now topping kids’ Christmas wish lists, it’s only natural for toy makers to strive to implement the new technology into their own creations. But what happens when old toys meet new tech? As it turns out, the result can sometimes be quite wonderful.

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New Video Game Evoland Turns Technological Advancement into a Game in its Own Right

While it’s true that a number of the world’s best-selling action RPGs – including those that this new video game emulates – hail from Japan, we have to admit that we’re taking the unusual step of reporting on non-Asia specific news with this article; the reason being that it’s simply it’s too awesome not to share.

What you’re about to witness is a short promotional video for Evoland, a new game from Boreaux-based Shiro Games that’s just a few weeks away from release. But this is no ordinary video game. Imagine playing a game that quite literally evolves as you progress; its graphics, sound and gameplay mechanics gradually changing from those of the early 80s to the multi-million dollar standards set by this generation’s sprawling action RPGs.

Taking its cues from industry greats like The Legend of Zelda, Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy, Evoland allows players to experience first-hand both the growth of the genre and the technological advancements that the video game industry has made over the past three decades, meaning that the game you finish will be almost unrecognizably different to that which you originally began.

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My Eyes! My Eyes! Spandex-Clad Dance Troupe Performs “Human Sushi” 【Video】

Get ready for some freaky culture, boys and girls! A very special Norwegian dance troupe is in town and they’re going where few have dared to go before: raw fish-themed foods!

Under the title of “Human Sushi”, this team of dancers performs three different sushi-themed dance routines, bringing nigiri-zushi (regular, oblong-shaped sushi) sashimi (strips of raw fish sans rice) and maki-zushi (roll sushi) to life- in frighteningly tight clothing.

Three videos to challenge your perceptions and invade your eyeballs after the break!

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Japan Sets Guinness Record for Synchronized Mascot Dancing 【Video】

It’s not surprising that in Japan, the land of cute and cuddly, pretty much everything has a fuzzy mascot. Even prefectural and city governments are getting in on the merchandising mania with adorable (or terrifying, depending on your point of view) characters called yuru-kyara meant to promote tourism and local products.

This week, 141 yuru-kyara from 25 prefectures across the country gathered in Sasebo, Nagasaki Prefecture, to make their mark on history by becoming the largest group of mascots ever to do the same dance together. Jaw-droppingly awesome video after the break. Read More

Too Lazy to Clean? Remote Control Mops and Trash Cans are Here to Help! 【Video】

Living in filth but too lazy to do anything about it? Have a penchant for new technology and toys? Today’s your lucky day!

Introducing the new Sugoi Mop and GomibaGo! two new remote controlled devices that enable you to remain firmly planted on your sofa while doing a half-arsed job of cleaning. Operated via video game-style controllers, you can zoom your Sugoi (“incredible”) Mop around the room and bring the trash can to you whenever you need it.

Deliciously over-the-top promotional video and images after the break.

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Little Pricks! Bitch Purses! Hot Members! Japan’s Best Bad English 【Video】

Who doesn’t love a nice dose of messed up Engrish? Sure, it’s infantile to chuckle at spelling mistakes and rude words inappropriately used by well-meaning Japanese, but when all is said and done, it’s still funny. And after a long week of work, cold weather, spam in your inbox and having much less money in your bank account than you thought, it’s nice to take a few minutes to sit back and be a little bit silly.

Late last week, Canadian YouTuber Oz (ozzy78) published a great collection of photos taken all around Japan featuring bad English on everything from shop signs to kids’ clothes. We enjoyed the video so much that we just had to share it with you here today. It will make you laugh; it will make you cringe; it will make you wonder why on earth no one thought to consult a native speaker before going to print. Enjoy.

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Giant Hadouken Fired Over Kanto Region, Internet Sky Gazers Track It

Beginning at around 2:45am on 20 January, Tweets were appearing with reports of an “explosion” and a glowing object falling from the sky.  On the same day a video showing the meteor in high detail began to spread across the Japanese internet.

From the video we can easily see that this was no average meteor – this was a fireball.

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Japan’s Trains: Bringing Joy (and Anger) to Millions Every Single Day

By now we’ve all either heard stories of their efficiency or ridden them in person, but Japanese trains remain something of a source of amazement to many tourists visiting the country. They’re so clean! People obey the rules (well, usually…)! And the doors open exactly where they’re supposed to!

The following videos are examples of just how precise Japanese train drivers are expected to be, and how the simple process of lining up the doors of their train’s carriages with a couple of arrows painted on the platform is something that can bring great joy to many when they see it happen, and incredible anger and irritation to others when it doesn’t quite work out.

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