Japanese schoolgirl showdown 4: Dating girls in summer kimono vs. western dress【Poll】

More than 50,000 votes have been tallied and the results are in! Which girl do you think won at the polls?

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Transform your hairdo in the name of the moon with these Sailor Moon kanzashi!

Wargo Nippon’s new collection of Sailor Moon kanzashi are here just in time for yukata season!

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Hello Kitty dances the traditional Bon Odori dance on new Japanese summer kimono

People in Japan are commenting that they’ve never seen Hello Kitty’s limbs move like this before.

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Rumi Rock’s line of edgy yukata is in pop-up shops, just in time for the summer festival season

We’re guessing that this is the only place where you can find a yukata featuring a Loch Ness Monster design!

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Upgrade your hairpin arsenal with Japanese kanzashi shaped like samurai swords and rifles

Fashion accessories will have you ready to turn heads, defeat foes.

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Off-beat yukata shop Tsukikageya releases new line with adorable kitty and bear prints

The unique yukata shop we visited last year is at it again. This time their line-up is less scary and much more adorable!

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New summer kimono from Felissimo features cats playing with flowers

This year, the ajisai hydrangeas that bloom in June can blossom on your summer kimono along with some playful white cats.

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Reveal your inner fashion samurai with traditional clothes for the modern world

For their 10th anniversary, Wazigen Shizukuya is providing gorgeous modern hakama and yukata styles for all the men.

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Gorgeous acrylic men’s geta are more artwork than they are footwear

Geta are traditional Japanese wooden sandals, often still worn by men and women today along with yukata or kimono. They match perfectly with the classic look of traditional Japanese wear, and make a satisfying clip-clop sound on the ground as you walk.

But if you’ve spent any time at all wearing geta, you’ve probably wondered why anyone would want to put something that painful on their feet. Even so, there’s still something visually appealing about them, but we’ve just found some that really take the cake, and these works of art may just be more suited for a display case than they are for walking.

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How to tie a women’s summer kimono sash 【Video】

It might seem a little odd to hear that yukata, the lightweight kimono worn at summertime festivals, fireworks shows, and bon dances, are in the middle of a revival in popularity in Japan right now, but it’s absolutely true. After several years in which young Japanese found yukata to be too expensive and troublesome to bother with, they’re back in fashion with teens and young adults in a huge way.

Part of this is no doubt due to more and more manufacturers offering reasonably priced yukata, as you can now often find sets that include the robe and sash for around 6,000 yen (US$48). And as for not knowing how to put everything on and tie it properly? That’s also a problem of the past, thanks to online explanations like this pair of videos from fashion and yukata retailer Uniqlo.

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Enjoy the summer festivals in a Gintama yukata

Premium Bandai is listing two special yukata for the many discerning Gintama fans. Rather than being outright replicas of Gintoki’s kimono and the Shinsengumi’s uniforms from the series, both yukata take color and print cues for something original.

The Gintoki yukata includes a fan motif featuring the pattern on his own kimono. The rest of the print includes red, black, and blue dots in varying sizes and small diamond shapes. The set includes a black obi.

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Old West meets Far East with the denim kimono and samue

It’s hard to find a more Japanese piece of clothing than the yukata, the lightweight kimono worn in the summer. Over on the other side of the Pacific, there are few more iconic symbols of American fashion than blue jeans. So what happens when you put the two together?

You get the denim yukata.

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Tsukikageya brings a fresh look to traditional yukata with designs inspired by new and old

Summer is almost upon us, and that means it’s time to get out your yukata and head to the local festival or fireworks display. Of course, with everyone else wearing a yukata, it can be hard to find something that really pops and stands out. Thankfully, Tsukikageya, a Tokyo-based specialty yukata shop, has just what you need to look as baller as you feel.

We stopped by the store one cloudy afternoon to take a look around and talk with Natsuki, owner and designer, about her unique yukata designs and inspiration. Check out our chat and photos below!

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Westernized kimono resemble cosplay more than actual clothes

Summer is the season for festivals here in Japan. Every weekend some district or other is putting together a party for locals and tourists to come and enjoy. There are food stands, game stalls, temporary toy shops, and people all around. Most come with a parade event of sorts and end with an explosion of amazing fireworks. But above all, something you’re always going to find at any self-respecting festival are people dressed traditionally in lightweight yukata (a summer kimono) and jinbei (robe-style shirt and shorts) as they wander the streets.

But what about in Western counties like America? In early September of every year, Saint Louis, Missouri, holds a large Japanese-style festival in the city’s botanical gardens. Despite the lingering heat of late summer, somewhere between 20 to 30 thousand people attend this great cultural event each year. But what do they wear? Judging by the array of kimono and yukata available at the English shopping site A Fashion, people hoping to model some Japanese styles might find themselves in what resembles a crazy costume more than actual clothes.

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New line of Vice Fairy men’s yukata uses the best slogans ever!

While Japan trudges and sweats its way through a finicky rainy season, everyone is awaiting the typically scorching hot summer that lies ahead. During the holidays many men in the country turn to the traditional garment called a yukata. A yukata is a loose-fitting kimono made of cheaper and lighter material than usual. To put it simply; it’s a bathrobe that’s acceptable for outdoor use.

But let’s say that you want the comfort of a yukata, but not the appearance of an alcoholic shut-in who’s lost all self-respect. For that, designers in Japan offer a slew of stylish yukata for you to choose from.

However, among all the competing brands these ads from Vice Fairy really resonate with guys like me and many other men in Japan. I don’t know why but their slogans seem to have the impact of a 10 ton steel fist.

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