Japanese educator embezzled $69,200 over four years to fund mobile game microtransactions

Mobile games sure are fun, but that’s no reason to steal money meant for education.

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Japanese man sees his popularity with women skyrocket thanks to (mistaken) contents of his wallet

Cynics might say nothing makes a man attractive like a wallet full of cash, but this guy stumbled upon what he thinks is a cheaper aphrodisiac.

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Man’s lottery success disintegrates in the wash, Japanese netizens commiserate

“Your one chance to win the jackpot slid down the drain?!” What would you do in this nightmare scenario?
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Japanese women show continuing decline in how much they expect a husband to earn in survey

This year’s top answer is one to two million yen less than a year ago.

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“HOW much?!” Professor estimates appropriate salary for housewives, housewife actresses gasp

In a special press event, a Tokyo professor puts a price to the blood, sweat, and tears of Japanese wives and mothers.

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A Japanese take on inviting friends over for dinner (and making them pay!)

In the land of “omotenashi” (hospitality) what do Japanese people think about stingy dinner hosts?

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Flush with New Year’s present cash, Japanese kids can now look forward to…saving it

No need to worry about them spending it all in one place when they aren’t going to spend any of it.

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How to spot the new sophisticated counterfeit bills circulating in Japan

These bills come complete with the watermark, but with two tiny flaws.

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At what age should parents stop giving kids New Year’s otoshidama money? Japanese netizens answer

It turns out these envelopes of money can be quite controversial.

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Manga-based game show ups the ante with part-time jobs offering $805 for two days’ work

Get 91,000 yen for wearing a black suit, tie and sunglasses in special one-off job offer from new variety TV show based on manga and anime series Ultimate Survivor Kaiji.

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Piko Taro reveals how much money he’s made from PPAP: as much as he did in the past 25 years

He has a pen, and it turns out he has a butt-load of money… uhn, pen-butt-money!

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Man counterfeits 50,000 yen using only a 100-yen shop, a convenience store, and a Japanese custom

Aichi resident makes surprisingly effective use of many of Japan’s beloved services to pull off his ill-fated forgery attempt.

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“My dog ate my salary” – Japanese Twitter user captures the aftermath on camera 【Pics】

Hundreds of dollars in cash left in tatters… and beyond repair?

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Japanese woman seeks justice after buying four million-dollar bills from counterfeiters

George Washington’s face, basic math should have been tip-offs.

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Survey reveals that Japanese women’s ideal husband is surprisingly ordinary

A diligent salaryman is actually the dream husband for many.

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Does Japan’s five-yen coin need a foreigner-friendly redesign?

Japanese citizens feel the symbolism-rich coin, which lacks something, can make travel in Japan difficult for foreign guests.

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Japanese escalator cleaning crew discovers an absurd amount of change

If you thought there was a lot of change between your couch cushions, you should check out escalators in Japan.

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Social experiment shows the morality of a small sample of Japanese citizens【Video】

If someone came up to you and said you dropped a $100 bill, what would you do?
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Mr. Sato calls a phone number he found on a 1,000 yen bill

Our reporter tried to uncover the truth behind “AKB48 Non Yuu” and their mysterious phone number.

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Applying beauty photo filter app to the woman on Japan’s 5,000-yen bill has freaky results

Perhaps it’s for the best that famed writer Ichiyo Higuchi lived her whole life in the pre-Photoshop era.

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