Travelers’ misguided attempt to earn good luck is damaging Japan’s most famous torii shrine gate

While in Japan, you absolutely should visit Hiroshima’s Miyajima island, but while there, you definitely shouldn’t do this.

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Japan’s latest luxury train is a stylish cafe on rails with hundred-year-old craftsmanship

Locally-sourced ingredients served in dining area decorated with woven bamboo, stonework made with samurai-era techniques.
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Hatsune Miku becomes classic hina doll to show girls they don’t have to get married to be happy

The vocaloid virtual idol takes on a traditional form while saying it’s OK not to take a traditional path through life.

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Sushiro celebrates a traditional Japanese holiday with this…sushi thing

As odd as it looks, it actually makes a lot of sense for Setsubun.

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Teacher says Japanese schools’ mandatory extracurricular activity rules don’t benefit students

Exasperated educator takes workplace survey and is depressed by rationale for forcing students to join after-school programs.

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Japanese politicians want to stop export of anime art materials by creating national media center

Looking to add to your anime cel collection? You might want to act fast.

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Roughly one in eight of Tokyo’s new adults is foreign-born, study shows

“The truth is that without foreigners, Japanese society cannot function,” says researcher.

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Japanese American tells of how she was teased in school, and the touching way her mom stepped up

Young Melodee didn’t want to take Japanese-style lunches to school after being teased by classmates, but her mother had the perfect solution.

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Six things to avoid doing in the first three days of the Japanese New Year to have the best luck

Keep on the good side of the gods (and maybe cows and pigs too) with these tips.

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At what age should parents stop giving kids New Year’s otoshidama money? Japanese netizens answer

It turns out these envelopes of money can be quite controversial.

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Temple bell tolling on Japanese New Year’s Eve gets rid of evil desires, but not complaints

No matter how much good it brings, the sound of a humongous bell struck 108 times might be too much for some people.

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Experience a century of anime history in one gorgeous video celebrating art form’s 100th birthday

Musical retrospective looks back on the 100 years of Japanese animation.

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New app lets you traverse the streets of modern Tokyo and ancient Edo at the same time

The Edo Past and Present Wanderings app appeals not only to old map buffs, but to anyone with a sense of adventure

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Feel what it’s like to be a Shinto shrine maiden with shrine’s experience package for foreigners

Chief priest cites popularity of miko heroine in anime hit Your Name for increased interest in traditional role.

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Finger Dance Makeup: Shiseido reveals the history of Japanese makeup through finger dance【Video】

From Heian Period ladies to today’s modern girls, Shiseido finds a unique way to showcase dramatic changes in beauty trends over the years.

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From pop culture to fashion, rise of South Korea sees a marked influence on Japanese teenagers

Are we seeing the start of a new cultural evolution in Japan?

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Students in Finland, the world’s best-educated country, react to Japan’s harsh school rules

Would these Finnish students be as successful if they’d gone through the Japanese school system instead?

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Survey finds that Osaka people don’t eat takoyaki octopus balls as much as you’d think

A large majority of people living in Osaka said to eat their iconic food takoyaki less than a dozen times a year.

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Kyoto hotel’s Maiko-han Bar event lets travelers drink with geisha at amazingly affordable prices

Foreign guests welcome at lobby lounge function that sidesteps the cost and pretense of orthodox geisha services.
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