rice bowls

Awesome mountain of meaty goodness now at beef bowl restaurant in Tokyo’s Akihabara and Shimbashi

Two kinds of beef, and a surprising amount of veggies, are keeping Tokyo’s otaku and businesspeople full.

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Japanese restaurant’s beef bowl looks so, so much like a diseased penis

And that’s even before the sticky liquid starts oozing out of it.

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Here’s what happens when you order US$80 worth of extra shrimp for your tempura bowl in Tokyo

Is it possible to have too many tempura shrimp? No, of course not. Don’t be silly.

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Tokyo restaurant staying one step ahead of big eaters with its continually growing tempura bowl

A while back, we paid a visit to Fukugawa Tsuribune, a restaurant in Tokyo’s Kunitachi City famous for its fried foods and tempura. We engaged in a delicious battle with its gigantic tempura sea eel rice bowl, coming away victorious but full to bursting.

But believe it or not, that actually wasn’t the most colossal offering on Fukugawa Tsuribune’s menu, which is home to an even more terrifying titan of a meal.

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