Anime-style magic circle cordless charging pad is the coolest way ever to charge a phone【Video】

Japanese company’s gadget for summoning life force for your devices is awesome…but maybe too awesome to be real.

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This obviously Photoshopped photo from Japan totally isn’t Photoshopped【Video】

Who needs the magic of photo editing when you’ve got the power of taido?

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With time and effort, a Japanese candy box becomes a ship sculpture worthy of its naval packaging

A Twitter user spent hours folding, cutting and painstakingly arranging strips of an Alfort chocolate biscuit box to create a stunning, seaworthy-seeming sculpture.

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Head to Tokyo or Nagoya to make your own custom Pokémon jewelry from 87 cute designs

Jeweler U-Treasure is joining forces with all your favorite pocket monsters so that you can brand them into cool accessories – by hand! Read More

A peek inside one of the last VHS-only video rental stores in Japan

Looks like someone was kind enough to rewind back to 20 years ago.

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Tokyo has a new manga library with beer, and it’s everything we want in life

With a beer in our left hand a shelf full of manga within reach of our right, we’re not sure why we should ever leave.

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We just played Tokyo’s Metal Gear Real Infiltration Game, and it’s unbelievably awesome

11 things to know before playing the English-friendly real-life version of the hit video game.

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We’ve fallen in love with this quirky but yummy Okinawan rice “soul drink”

Why bother eating rice when you can have it as a thick and scrumptious beverage instead?

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In Japan, you can now get issued an official license plate with adorable cat prints on it

Japan’s love of silly puns merges with its love of cute animal motifs.

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Japan’s famous Great Buddha of Kamakura, Shirakawa village grace beautiful new Coca-Cola bottles

Six new designs unveiled in continuing series that salutes Japan’s natural beauty and cultural legacy.

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Japanese bar pianist plays beautiful version of Pokémon background music without anyone noticing

An elegant rearrangement of an iconic piece of video game music history, plus where to hear the musician play live.

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Japanese study tip: Imagine kanji characters as fighting game characters, like in this cool video

Kanji are one of the hardest parts of leaning Japanese, but they’re easier when they have move sets related to their meanings.

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From Tokyo to Hokkaido for under 50 bucks in train tickets–Part 2 of our Japanese rail voyage

The conclusion of our slow-life adventure to Japan’s northernmost prefecture with trains, hot springs, and so muh delicious seafood.

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There’s a cool surprise waiting on the platform of Nakano Station, Tokyo’s other otaku paradise

Got some leftover change after a day of pop culture treasure-hunting? Then this JR station has a vending machine you’ll want to check out.

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Gorgeous sheets of Japanese edible color will make your next bento project look incredible【Pics】

They’re also a fun way to trick your kids into eating something healthy.

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If this adorable Shiba dog can learn to speak a word in Japanese (and he has), so can you【Video】

Yeah, yeah, people say Japanese is a hard language to learn. But Beni shows that even a humble pooch can pick up some vocabulary.

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How to be a karaoke master: Drop the mic, and pick up a saxophone instead【Video】

College student sets national karaoke quality record by tricking the machine with the sounds of his horn.

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New photo app turns you, or Mr. Sato, into a sparklingly handsome shojo manga dreamboat【Photos】

From wannabe gangster to would-be 2-D heartthrob in just seconds.
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Nintendo fans make amazing Luigi’s Mansion AR game by tinkering with Nintendo Labo【Video】

If Nintendo won’t make a sequel, you can make one yourself, and turn your home into a haunted house, for just a few bucks.

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Metal Gear Solid is now real with awesome “real infiltration game” opening in Tokyo【Video】

Players can use cardboard boxes, Snake’s patented hold-up move to outwit armed human guards.

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