Japanese dance gamer finds wife who’s “too understanding” of his hobby, awesome video shows

Magic at the arcade as world champions dance an amazing dual-play.

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Giant temple in mountains of Japan is also one of its most impressive tapioca bubble tea cafes

What better way to end a temple visit than with an ice-cold tapioca bubble tea?

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Japan’s new carriable one-person hot pot maker is our newest cooking gadget obsession

The makers of the portable bento box rice cooker are back to help get us through the winter.

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Japanese snack company Calbee unveils new edible sleep aid strips

The snack food giant takes its next step towards manufacturing foodstuffs of the future by harnessing the powers of nature. Read More

Portable PlayStation 4 created by genius in Japan【Videos/Photos】

Just as the PlayStation 5 arrives in homes, this PlayStation 4 s ready to go wherever you want to take it.

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Can’t put your smartphone down when you’re eating? This clever plate has a solution【Photos】

Because no matter what’s for lunch or dinner, it shouldn’t be served with a side of stress.

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Japan’s new Pokémon donuts are here, so let’s eat Pikachu, Chansey, and some Poké Balls【Photos】

It’s time to catch ‘em all at Mister Donut!

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New Xbox Series X fits perfectly with a classic Nintendo system, gamer in Japan finds【Pics】

Looks like you can add Microsoft’s new console to your shelf without putting away one of your old toys.

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Akihabara’s otaku shrine celebrates PlayStation 5 launch with ethereal one-night event

The PS5 is welcomed into the world at a Japanese shrine with a long history of protecting electronics.

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A team of fish in Japan has beaten Pokémon Sapphire【Video】

After thousands of hours, they are now the very best, like no fish ever were.

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This crazy Pokémon pseudo-sleeping bag is the perfect place to do absolutely nothing【Photos】

Metapod is here to help you do what it does best: not a single thing.

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Japanese “Rainbow Fire” lets you camp in style with multicolored flames!【Photos】

We highly suggest only seeing, and not tasting, this particular rainbow.

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Cyberpunk kimono fashion hits the streets of Akihabara, complete with neon sign obi【Photos】

Wearable neon light tubes look set to become the fashion statement of the season.

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How to stop thieves using your cash cards when you lose your wallet

Simple hack from a former bank clerk in Japan.

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Sushi fabric maker Maison Sushi adds chic new card and coin cases, shoulder bags to lineup

What’s not to love when the world of fashion is also your sushi?
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Beautiful 3-D puzzle kit lets you build Ghibli’s Spirited Away bathhouse with no tools, glue【Pics】

Includes cameo appearances by some of the stars of the Hayao Miyazaki masterpiece.

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Exploring the tastes and textures of Forbidden Yukimi Toast【SoraKitchen】

Combination of two popular Japanese brands promise a “forbidden” level of tenderness.

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Japanese museum to hold “wonder” exhibit packed with marvelous curiosities from nature

Come to the Kadokawa Culture Museum to witness wonders like this guy’s big, blue face!

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Handsome Japanese rickshaw drivers get hot and steamy in their new music video

All to promote Japanese culture, of course.

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Japanese inventors create robot girlfriend hand for lonely people to hold and walk with【Video】

A ton of thought went into the clever device, which actually has some heartwarming goals.

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