Over 40 percent of Japanese high school girls say their dads smell bad in survey

Daughters also displeased with messy hair, flabby physiques of fathers.

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Awesome Japanese dad gives son’s handmade cardboard Switch a massive, heartwarming upgrade【Pics】

Loving parent pulls the switch with Nintendo-loving son’s latest creative project.

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Japanese praiseful papa’s positivity is purely precious, or possibly evil genius

This Japanese daddy found a genius scheme for a harmonious family life.

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Japanese parents share all of the wonderful, mischievous moments of their children on Twitter

Even if you’re not a parent yourself, try imagining yourself in their shoes.

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Video shows the truth behind one Chinese woman tricking parents with rental boyfriend【Video】

When mom won’t quit with the marriage nagging, desperate action must be taken.

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Japan in tears over elementary school teacher’s emotional homework assignment about love and loss

”Make your parents cry” may not have been the assignment, but it was definitely the result of this important lesson.

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A visit to Japan’s centuries-old boob temple

While men are understandably drawn to it, it’s women who are said to benefit the most from worshipping here.

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Japanese family is back with more notes from its monthly meetings and shocking goals for Granny

Does your Grandma go picking fights with wild boars?

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Japanese Twitter user gets a terrifying visit from Mom while taking a bath

It must be really frustrating when you almost pee yourself while trying to get clean.

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Mother’s note to son in the final bento of his high school life gives Twitter the feels

When this high-school kid opened up the last hand-made bento lunch of his high school life, he found a note from his mother with a sweet and surprising message…

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Chip ‘n’ who? One Japanese mom’s Disney character blunder has Twitter cracking up

One mother brought a smile to Japanese netizens’ faces after mixing up Dale from Chip n’ Dale with a famous Hollywood actor.

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Parental advice not always as astute as we’d like to believe: Japanese netizens share

Often, in hard times, kids turn to their parents for guidance and advice. While we’d like to believe that our parents are always full of wisdom, sometimes the advice we get is not quite what we were seeking.

Thanks to the Internet, people can share the great (or not so great) advice they receive from their parents with the rest of the world. Today we bring you a collection of Japanese parental advice with varying degrees of usefulness and entertainment.

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How Japanese universities are trying to help worried parents by babying their students

University means a lot of things to people, but most of us have the same initial thought when we receive that glorious acceptance letter: FREEDOM! You are rid of your parents, can ignore those pesky siblings and finally carve out your own space in the world. You get to experience all sorts of the highs and lows, like living on your own for the first time, cooking for yourself and being the only one who cares if you make it to class.

All the responsibility lies with the student; university is the time for coming of age and shaping the adult that you will be. Recently though, Japanese parents have become increasingly vocal about their concerns for their children and the fact that there are not many support systems in place to give the parents some peace of mind. Well, as it turns out, the universities are listening and bowing to parents’ wishes.

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Okaasan, you shouldn’t have! Japanese netizens show the contents of their wackiest care packages

In Japan, millions of people flock to the capital each year for school or work from all over the country. As a result, a lot of people live away from their parents and relatives, who remain back in one’s jikka, or family home in their hometown.

One way people stay in touch is through exchanging care packages. It’s a great way for parents to show their love for their offspring by providing little treats and mementoes of home. But sometimes, parents just go a little nutty, pouring all their love into random boxes of stuff which serve to amuse and baffle their unsuspecting recipients…

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“How to put a baby to sleep in less than one minute” video goes viral in Japan, around the world

As our seasoned reporter and full-time daddy Steven (of Master Blaster fame) recently reported, getting your cranky toddler to brush her teeth–without throwing a temper tantrum first–is tricky business. Likewise, getting her to go to bed so you can have those precious few hours of R&R at the end of the day can be just as much of a struggle (even when a disgruntled Samuel L. Jackson is called in).

But what if you were to hear that there was an exceedingly simple trick to put your kids down that only requires one tissue to work?

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Best pun of the week: Daughter draws father not quite hard at work

Some say that puns are the lowest form of humor–we say those people have no sense of humor! Of course, that’s not to say that all puns are comedic genius, a fact easily proven by turning on any used car lot commercial, but we love a good pun.

While not all puns are created equal, we have to say that our favorite puns often come from children. There’s something perfectly surreal about a child’s fumbling of language–but of all the puns we’ve seen, this might be one of the best…

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Hard work pays off! Chinese couple pay for their son’s PhD by recycling 7,000 bottles a day

Education is important, especially in urban cities today where paper qualifications are often the factor that determines whether you get a job, and how much you get paid for that job. Knowing that education plays a crucial part in their children’s future, many parents work hard and invest a large portion of their savings in their children’s education. Everybody works hard, but some just have it a little harder than the rest.

A couple in Hengyang, China, collect and recycle plastic materials for a living, handling over 180kg of plastics a day in order to see their sons through college. That’s more than 7,000 bottles each day!

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Japan gives the world a lesson in showing family devotion

If there’s one thing that Japan does right, aside from taxis, trains and their abundance of vending machines, it’s their focus on the family unit. Familial piety is an important aspect of the Japanese mentality and ensures the well-being of the country’s aging population. But family devotion isn’t just about offering physical or monetary support; it’s about attitudes. And Japan is paramount when it comes to expressing humility and gratitude. Here’s a wonderful collection quotes from Japanese netizens explaining what it is to express familial piety.

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Could this be the one thing you never want to find in your parents’ possession?

There are a number of things you would never want to find hidden in amongst your parents belongings, but this one might just take the top spot.

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