Japanese mom physically subdues man who groped her schoolgirl daughter

Maternal retribution is swift and merciless, chikan learns.

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Survey shows that Japanese couples are trying to conceive earlier

Childbirth rates in Japan may be low, but couples are getting started earlier than before.

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11 different ways to say “father” in Japanese

Otou-san is just the tip of the paternal iceberg.
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Japanese dad/otaku worries he’s an embarrassment to his kids, son tells him exactly how he feels

“Aren’t you embarrassed to have people know that your dad is an otaku?” asks hardcore One Piece figure collector.

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Japanese dad opens bar inside his house just for him and his kid【Videos】

Parent and child bond over oden, all-age drinks.

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Japanese prefectural government passes video game ban limiting kids’ daily play, smartphone time

Oh, but of course they’re allowed to continue studying until any time of night.

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Four things our new-mother reporter felt riding the Tokyo subway with her baby

Our reporter worried she and her baby would be harassed on the trains, but what she experienced was quite unexpected.

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One of video gaming’s greatest composers owes his name-recognition fame to his mom

The heartwarming tale of how Yuzo Koshiro became famous in an era when game developers worked in obscurity also has a Studio Ghibli connection.

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Vending machines in Japan are now selling disposable diapers

New installations will provide welcome relief for families with young children while on the road. 
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Japanese gamer mom wants kids to unlock the achievement of beating a game without Internet guides

OK kids, did you remember to finish your homework, brush your teeth, and smash every pot in the village?

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Sending naughty kids to bed without dinner may soon be illegal in Japan

Guidelines from ministry say “any corporal punishment, no matter how light, is prohibited.”

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Distressed moms and dads on Japanese trains getting help from child assistance volunteer badges

In a country where asking for, and even offering, help can be culturally difficult, these kindhearted badges aim to make a difference.

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Japanese woman’s tip for fathers aims to help improve their relationships with their daughters

Worried by the prospect of growing distant from your daughter? According to this woman, there’s one main thing you have to keep in mind.

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Mother smacks child for riding bike in front of oncoming car, debate ensues【Video】

Japanese netizens both condemn and praise this mother for her actions.

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Japanese boy knows the one thing he needs when evacuating from typhoon, and it melts our hearts

”We’re only taking the most important things with us,” dad says before Typhoon Hagibis, and son knows exactly what that is.

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Do some Japanese parents think of their kids like fighting Pokémon? Twitter wonders

Could there be a sinister reason some parents show up for their kids’ school sports festivals?

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Japanese parent finds a quick and easy way to get your kids to love reading from an early age

A small investment pays quick dividends as elementary schoolers’ grades jump to the top of the class.

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Japanese Twitter in roaring dispute over father who refuses to meet daughter’s tattooed boyfriend

“This is the regret that comes from getting tattooed,” says the father.

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Japanese senior citizen beats up adult son after he finds out he got tattoos

Skips spanking, instead goes with punching after body art discovery.

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Angry baseball fan in Japan uses his own son as a weapon to attack opposing team’s fan【Video】

Ever been so angry you felt the need to smack someone else with your own kid? No? Then you’re a calmer parent than this guy.

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