BREAKING NEWS: Captain Jack Sparrow Now Manages Cake Shop

As I was taking a walk through the city the other day, I encountered a cake shop with a fantastic exterior like something out of a fairy tale. It had a very cheerful ambiance, and on closer inspection, I noticed a remarkable figure. Could it be? Star of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, Jack Sparrow, selling pastries? Captain Jack managing a cake shop?
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Photos of FC Barcelona Touring Tokyo & Yokohama Fan Japanese Soccer Fever

Puyol, Xavi, Villa, Iniesta and, of course, Messi; even those who are unfamiliar with soccer are likely to have heard at least one of the names of these superstar players from FC Barcelona.

Here in Japan, soccer is more popular than it has ever been and the 2011 FIFA Club World Cup, which is being held in Yokohama and Toyota until December 18, has got the whole country talking about the sport—and the dashing players of international teams like FC Barcelona who are currently residing in Japan for the tournament.

Most recently, Japanese internet communities and Twitter are abuzz with soccer fans going nuts over images uploaded by FC Barcelona right defender Daniel Alves of the players riding the Tokyo Metro Ginza Line and taking commemorative shots at JR Yokohama Station.

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Subway Japan Opens First “Bread Lab” Store In Tokyo

On December 6, Subway Japan opened the first of their new chain of satellite stores, “Bread Lab”, in Akasaka, Tokyo.

According to Subway, “Bread lab was created as a place devoted to pursuing the art of bread-making. As well as serving as a place where customers can get the most up-to-date and detailed information about what’s going on in the bread industry, Bread Lab also offers customers the chance to purchase new products before they’re released in normal Subway stores.”

Subway has partnered up with domestic bread company Shikishima Baking Co. to help with research and development, with new products available for purchase at the in-store bakery.

While this may come as a surprise to some, we here at RocketNews24 do occasionally eat at foreign restaurant chains other than McDonalds. Subway is no exception and we quickly made our way to Akasaka to visit the lab. Check below for the full report!

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6 Reasons Disneyland’s Secret Restaurant Club 33 Is Awesome

Did you know that there is a secret, members-only restaurant in Tokyo Disneyland called Club 33? The majority of memberships are corporate accounts, allowing them to do business entertaining there, but there are also individual members. Don’t get your hopes up, though, because they aren’t accepting applications. If you want to get in the door, no matter who you are or how much money you have, you have to be invited by a member.

But what is this mysterious Club 33 actually like? We’ve tracked down someone who was invited to enjoy a luxurious evening there, and according to him, these are the six most amazing things about Club 33.
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Evangelion Store Tokyo-01 Now Open In Harajuku, Eva-inspired Fashion Appealing Even To Non-Fans

November 23 marked the grand opening of the two-story Evangelion Store Tokyo-01 in Harajuku.

The store is owned and operated by Khara Inc. and Groundworks, the two companies that oversee official merchandise for all things Evangelion.

Until now, Khara and Groundworks have handled merchandise orders through the online shop EVANGELION STORE. Evangelion Store Tokyo-01 is their first physical outlet and carries approximately 2,300 different items, from stationary to Eva-inspired clothing and fashion accessories.

We recently visited the store and snapped a few pictures to share with our readers who can’t make it out to Tokyo themselves.
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Calling All Boozehounds! All You Can Drink for 30 Minutes, Just 299 Yen!

The weekend is almost here! You’re off tomorrow, so how’s about hitting the bars? Come on, you’re probably sitting at your desk right now sneakily checking out your options for a post-work tipple.

Yes, I know what you’re thinking: if you want to drink the good stuff and actually manage a buzz, it’s going to cost a pretty penny. Well, think again. Rocket News has found the best, cheapest nomihoudai in town.
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Haneda Airport Hotel So Close To Runway It’s Voyeurism

Back in October, I had the opportunity to sleep on one of the runways at Haneda Airport in Tokyo.

…okay, not quite on the runway, but damn near close to it!

The Haneda Excel Hotel Tokyu is a 387-room hotel located in terminal 2 of Haneda Airport and, if you get the right room, commands stunning point-blank views of the landing strips.

I’ve always been into planes and so when I first heard about the hotel, I wasted no time in booking a room, even though I had no actual business at the airport. Read More

“Gourmet” fans, add Ikebukuro Station to your list of stops for fine fare. Platform 3/4 for the Tobu Tojo Line, to be exact. HOT DOG 59 is the name, hot dogs are their game.

Folks in gourmet circles rave about these sizzling sausages available only at this single location. HOT DOG 59 spares no expense on the quality of the buns and dogs, said to be a step above New York’s famed red hots.

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Japan’s World Heritages Fly Well Under Radar

Did you know that Japan has 16 locations on the list of UNESCO World Heritages? Could you name them all with any sum of money on the line?

Survey Research Center, Co. Ltd. conducted a survey that showed that most people could not. When asked whether they were interested in Japan’s world heritages, 67.8% of those surveyed responded affirmatively. However, only 4% of respondents knew all 16 Japanese sites.

See how many you can name before looking at the list below:

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Japanese confectionery companies always seem to be on the lookout for the next great combination of tastes, and the shelves in supermarkets and convenience stores are often stocked with the results of these “korabo.”

Words like “suspect” and “amusing” come to mind to describe most of these products, but Morinaga and Pasco have teamed up to create a product that just may give the old peanut butter and chocolate combo a run for its money.

“Morinaga Caramel Shokupan” is exactly what it sounds like: the old-fashioned flavor of Morinaga Caramel baked into fluffy Pasco bread. The packaging is the same gold color as those familiar little rectangular boxes of caramel, and the immediate association with the mouth-watering taste of Morinaga caramel is anything but subtle.

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Akihabara Restaurant Serves Up Three Squares in One

Many Japanese restaurants serve a “yama-mori,” or “mountain-sized,” serving of rice and other main dishes, but Adachi’s in Akihabara may boast the biggest one in the country.

Adachi’s claim to fame has always been its large portions. The first Adachi’s operated out of the Kanda Market, and its clientele were people who worked in the fruit and vegetable market. They worked up huge appetites by performing manual labor from the early morning hours, and regular portions would not fill their bellies. It was then that the elder Adachi decided to provide huge portions.

The affable younger Adachi told me all about it during my first visit to the restaurant. The restaurant is famous for letting its patrons eat to their hearts’ content, and anyone who has ever dined there knows that the “regular” portion of rice is five to six times larger than normal. Read More

Boy Drowns iPhone4S, Ginza Apple Store Rights Ship

The iPhone4S had been on the market nary a month when I got my hands on mine. I’d had my beloved 16 GB dream machine for nary a week when my three-year-old son got his hands on it and dunked it in the bathtub.

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Tokyo’s Free Outdoor “Train Museum:” Watch 2500 Trains Go By in a Day!

Japanese people love trains.

They love trains so much that if you go to any given station on a holiday when the weather is nice, you’re almost guaranteed to see someone with a camera strap around their neck snapping up shots of the car as it arrives at the platform. There is even a whole series of coined terms in Japanese used to describe the various kinds of people who love trains, such as tori-tetsu, people who love to take pictures of trains, or ko-tetsu, children who love trains (the suffix tetsu means ‘iron’ and corresponds to railroad in this case).

Today we’d like to introduce one spot in Tokyo that is sure to blow the whistle of train-loving children and—being completely free—parents as well. Read More

The goldfish booth is a favorite pastime at Japanese summer festivals. Kids plop down a couple coins and get a flimsy paper net with which to catch goldfish out of an inflatable pool. The object is to catch as many fish as possible before the net breaks.

For one day in Akihabara, grown men had the chance to fish for something far more exotic than some fish that will go belly-up in a few days. On August 28, grown men plopped down single 500-yen coins and got a string fixed with a metal hook with which to catch plastic balls out of an inflatable pool.

The fantastic prize? Striped panties wadded up and stuffed inside the balls.  Oh, Japan.

The event took place at adult superstore “m’s” in Akihabara. Overwhelmingly popular Akihabara information site Akiba Blog reports that the women’s underwear came in blue, pink, and green striped patterns.

Some would call this event nothing more than a chance for perverts to snatch women’s underwear in broad daylight with their dignity intact. Perhaps it’s better to believe that the men who lined up to go fishing for panties were looking for presents for their girlfriends and wives.

Source: Akiba Blog

Everyone knows JAL and ANA, but have you heard the name “StarFlyer” while strolling through Haneda Airport? StarFlyer boasts a fleet of fashionable aircraft featuring all-black exteriors and cabin interiors. The first sight of a bitchin’ all-black airplane zooming down the runway will take anyone’s breath away.

StarFlyer planes travel most between Tokyo and Kita-Kyushu, but the airline added flights between Tokyo and Fukuoka on July 1. I flew to Fukuoka on business last month, so I figured I’d give StarFlyer a try. Other than the stunning black of the body and interior, I took note of six features of StarFlyer planes:


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