Decorate your whole house like Sailor Moon’s Moon Castle with the new Isetan collaboration

Now the little moon princesses in all of us can live like true Silver Millennium royalty!

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This giant Final Fantasy Moogle bed could be yours, and doesn’t cost a single yen

Fantastic fluffy Final Fantasy fan furniture.

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Ikea fukubukuro lucky bag gives us 10,000 yen worth of goods for 3,000 yen

One of the best bargains of the year. 

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Adorable chinchilla from Japan uses floor seat as a see-saw, sets hearts hammering【Videos】

This cute pet rodent has a whale of a time with a simple floor chair, and we do too just from watching it!

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Beautiful recycled cardboard lampshades have us planning an office makeover

Bathe in the warm glow of owning something recycled, and a light bulb, with these magic cardboard lamps.

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6.6-foot-wide rideable Lapras sofa: The plushie Pokémon furniture adult fans have been hoping for

Recreate Ash’s voyage around the Orange Archipelago without ever leaving your living room.

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Kotatsu with storage space solves the biggest problem with Japan’s awesome heated tables

We now know exactly where we want to spend the entire winter.

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Complete set of bedroom, living room furniture for cats created by Japanese woodworking companies

Videos show off nicer bed and sofa than we have in our human homes.

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Chinese people busted sleeping in beds at Ikea in new online video

Watch as a group of vigilantes goes around Ikea in China, using interesting tactics to get people up out of the beds in the store.

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Retro freak classic game console returns in cocktail table form【Video】

Relive the classic games of your childhood on a piece of stylish furniture.

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The Rabito chair is a cute, stylish place for big and small to park their buns

Become one with the bun.

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Catch Pokémon while sitting on one with the new Snorlax Bean Bag Chair

The super heavyweight sleeping Pokémon is now available overseas!

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Super-comfy sofa is threatening to turn our reporter into a human-sloth hybrid【Pics】

It might be incredibly supportive, but it sucks the will to be productive right out of you.

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Soon you’ll be able to snore away on your very own Snorlax Pokémon bed

Officially licensed furniture also functions as a cushion or massive stuffed animal.

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Gorgeous traditional Japanese chest of drawers is also a rolling suitcase 【Video】

Centuries-old aesthetics meet modern travel convenience.

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Need some personal space? South Korean furniture makers take studying to the next level

Do you easily get distracted by your surroundings when you ought to be working or studying? This might just be the kind of “personal space” you need!

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New Star Wars home collection from Japanese manufacturer brings the Force to interior decorating

If you’ve ever wanted to fill your house with Star Wars furnishings, now you can, thanks to the Star Wars/Premium Home Collection from Japanese furniture manufacturer IDC Otsuka.

The 150-piece plus collection includes cushions, rugs, tableware, ukiyo-e woodblock prints, coat hangers, and even a variety of bobbly-headed Japanese kokeshi dolls.

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Japanese brand comes out with a comfy-looking kotatsu made for one

Winter is undoubtedly the worst season to be alone in Japan. Soon singles will be starting the annual desperate search for the special someone to spend Christmas with and it’s not hard to see why. Having someone to cuddle up to during the upcoming cold, long months is far preferable to fighting off the chill by yourself.

Of course, not everyone wants to jump into a relationship just for a little extra body heat, and now thanks to one Japanese electronics maker and their kotatsu for one, singles just might be in for the warmest winter yet.

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All You Can Eat salmon for 999 yen at IKEA’s Salmon Festival!

Fans of the famously delicious fish salmon in Japan should grab your bibs because the Salmon Festival is rolling into IKEA stores all over the country. On this joyous occasion we may dine on 16 different kinds of salmon dishes.

Of course it wouldn’t be a festival if it weren’t all-you-can-eat as well, so IKEA is making that happen for the attractive price of only 999 yen (US$8.30) for a limited time.

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Cat stealing your seat? Fold-flat chair foils feline invasions of your workspace

Cute as they can be, cats don’t really understand some of the finer points of reciprocating the courtesies their human housemates extend to them. For example, we’re willing to bet that no matter how much you love your pet, you probably don’t lay your head down in its cat bed for a nap when it’s not snoozing there or bypass a trip to the bathroom to just relieve yourself in its litterbox.

Cats, on the other hand, have no qualms about stealing your seat as soon as you get up, basking in the residual warmth from your hindquarters and leaving you with no place to sit when you come back to your desk to finish the project you were working on, email you were writing, or incredibly important RocketNews24 you were reading.

Here with a solution to this turf war is Japanese interior goods brand Bauhutte, which is now selling a reconfigurable chair that foils your kitty’s attempts to hop on when you’re not occupying it.

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