We try the free muscle bread distributed by macho dudes at a one-day, pop-up event in Tokyo

This may be the only time in known human history when a six-pack was achieved using carbs.

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Get delicious bread at…a fresh seafood market in Tokyo’s Okachimachi neighborhood?

Would you like a Japanese egg sandwich with your octopus?

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Kyoto curry bread comes with a very special filling

Karepan gets a specialty upgrade at this renowned bakery.

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Salt Milk Bean Paste…Omelette? Japanese bakery adds a surprise to its cake section

A new treat that’s got everyone talking.

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We try out a revolutionary product: long, looooong Japanese sandwich bread【Taste Test】

How are you supposed to eat Cookhouse’s Whirled-Up Sandwich Bread? The clue is in the name!

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We try a Japanese bread named after a calligraphy ink stick

Indigo ink never looked so delicious.

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We ask for an “omakase” selection from Starbucks’ Tokyo bakery Princi, with surprising results

This bakery is so classy!

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Japanese bakeries can now use a Robocop-style bread recognition checkout system

Overkill or overkill like a fox?

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We try the Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Bread being sold at a bakery in Kanagawa, Japan 【Taste test】

Yes, Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen bread, based on the viral video, actually exists, and our lucky reporters managed to get their hands on some!

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Popular bakery in Japan sells “fingers” for Halloween

“Waiter, there’s a bloody finger in my food!”

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Bread shop in Tokyo is riding a popularity wave thanks to a flying bear

It’s a bird…It’s a plane…It’s bread in the shape of an adorable flying bear!

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Hello cronuts! Tokyo welcomes arrival of Dominique Ansel Bakery in Japan

It so happens that this past Saturday was kind of a big day for sweets lovers in Japan (well, at least for this writer). That’s right, June 20 was the much-anticipated grand opening of the Dominique Ansel Bakery, home of the original cronuts, in Tokyo’s Omotesando district.

For those of you who may not be into sweets, the cronut is a hugely popular baked creation the bakery is known for which can be described as a hybrid between a croissant and donut. Not surprisingly, stories of people forming long lines every morning at the New York City-based bakery for the cronuts and other delightful baked treats have reached Japan, and many sweets fans were ecstatic when it was announced that the shop would be opening in Tokyo. Not to miss out on the sugar-filled excitement, we were there bright and early on opening day, all psyched up to try the cronuts we had heard so much about!

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I can’t believe it’s not cake! Bakery’s newest creation looks just like tuna-sashimi bowl

Is it just me, or are cakes these days starting to look less and less… cakey? With all sorts of techniques, tools, and ingredients at their fingertips, it seems like bakers can now turn cake into pretty much anything, as we’ve seen before from this cake shop in Shinjuku, that sells cakes disguised as Chinese food (you can even learn to make a bowl-of-ramen cake yourself here).

Now, that same shop, called Maplies, has come out with yet another tricky treat that looks exactly like maguro-don, a rice bowl with slices of tuna sashimi on top!

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Video proves how much Japan loves its pastries

Few who have not visited the country would ever imagine that Japan is practically overrun with bakeries. When people think of food in Japan, they usually think of things like rice, sushi and ramen, but the truth is, while Japanese supermarkets may not carry anywhere near as many varieties of bread as those in the West, dedicated bakeries can be found all over city centres, with pretty much every station, shopping mall and supermarket having its own shop or dedicated corner offering up freshly baked pastries, and the variety is astounding.

Check out this video to see 30 typical pastries available at Japanese bakeries.

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Japan Makes POS System That Scans Bread Terminator Style

Ah, Japanese bakeries. Rows and rows of delicious, fresh-baked treats ready for you to harvest—if you can decide among all the variety. And if you think choosing which bread to place on your tray is hard (I usually spend at least 5 minutes walking in circles with hungry tongs in hand), imagine how stressful it must be for part-time bakery staff who need to remember the names of every baked good in the store.

Luckily, Japanese web development company Brain Corporation has teamed up with the University of Hyogo to develop a POS system that uses a camera to instantly identify the kind of baked good customers have on their tray.

Check out the video below, it looks a lot more impressive than it sounds.

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