Japanese man shows us the best thing to catch while playing Pokémon GO: Your lost cat

Long after the cat went missing, it was found while its 69-year-old owner was looking for digital wildlife.

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Japanese gang of elementary-school-age bamboo thieves let off the hook for heartwarming reason

Childhood is notoriously short in education-and-work-come-first Japan, but these tykes’ throwback idea of fun got them out of trouble with the law.

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Twitter artist chronicles man’s tear-jerking revelation about father awhile eating ramen with son

Sometimes, we don’t realize how much we were loved until it’s our turn to love our own children.

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Golden retriever watches his human until he falls asleep for the most heart-wrenching reason

Chinese owner had to dig up the dog’s past to find the reason for the strange behavior.

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Japanese praiseful papa’s positivity is purely precious, or possibly evil genius

This Japanese daddy found a genius scheme for a harmonious family life.

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Failed your important entrance exams? That’s too bad–here’s a steak to make you feel better

For the second year in a row, this chain of Kyoto butcher shops is offering a bittersweet deal to those whose dreams were dashed.
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Japanese artist creates short manga about heartwarming act of kindness on the train

Two foreign passengers are the star characters in this true story that touched the heart of a Japanese commuter.

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Be kind to blind pedestrians by choosing where you step when walking through the snow in Japan

Unexpected request changes attitudes about sidewalk manners and being considerate of vision-impaired residents.

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The kindness of strangers lives on Japanese trains at the start of 2017

Living up to the very definition of “gentle men”.
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“Nurse Goldfish” in Hokkaido amazingly appears to help disabled friend eat every time

This little guy sets a shining example for goldfish everywhere – people could learn a thing or two from it as well.

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Adult otaku reflects on why it’s now easier for Japanese anime fans to be open about their hobby

Conversation with elementary school otaku provides encouraging insight.

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Creator of Japanese manga Bleach searches for fan to thank him for his dying message

Get out the tissues because this hand-drawn thank-you manga from creator to fan will hit you right in the feels.

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Pokémon GO helping tsunami-damaged communities in Japan recover with cool promotion going on now

We traveled to the disaster-stricken Tohoku region to see the effects of Pocket Monster Lapras’ real-world healing powers.

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Mr. Sato’s dad gives him some tough love when asked if he knows what his son does for a living

The elder Mr. Sato tells it like it is. Plus: an appearance by the Sato family cat!

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Japanese train station staff offers heart-warming encouragement to college entrance examinees

Reminds them that they’re not alone, and that even if things look bleak now, they might be just about to take a turn for the better.

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Twitter manga shows why “Quit your job” isn’t such an easy solution for suicidal workers in Japan

Author found himself waiting on a subway platform, with the train aproaching, thinking “If I just take one little step forward, I won’t have to go to work tomorrow.”

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Beautiful fan-made Pokémon tribute is as moving as any official Nintendo ad for series 【Video】

In just over one minute, video takes us on an emotional journey through 20 years of Pokémon passion.

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Japanese airline takes us on a feels trip with commercial focusing on family togetherness 【Video】

Kids are given one less plane ticket than there are members of their family, and their responses are heartwarming.

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Eating a rice ball? You could feed five hungry kids just by sharing a photo for charity campaign

Onigiri Action World Food Day campaign is donating meals to children in Africa and Asia for every rice ball photo shared online with its hashtag.

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Tubes, Sieves, and Boxes: Three ways of dealing with stress, according to Japanese Twitter artist

One variety proves to be particularly common among online commenters.

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