There’s a Corgi cafe in Thailand and it looks just like heaven【Photos】

Fulfill your fantasy of being bombarded by a pack of Corgis.

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Peek-a-boo Shiba Inu towels from Japan celebrate their best trick: Getting stuck in silly places

Clever design lets you give these good boys some well-deserved pets as you dry your hands.

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Uniqlo Pokémon T-shirt grand prize-winner disqualified for violating contest rules

Two designers used rule-breaking designs, which were super effective, until they got caught.

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Pretty kitty wants its owner to pay attention to it, meows happily when she does【Video】

Who says cats don’t care about their humans?

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Uniqlo Pokémon T-shirts coming to Japan this summer, in 24 crazy designs

Worldwide competition nets 18,000 entries and 24 winners, but there’s controversy surrounding the winning design.

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The cat returns! Giant cat sells sweet potatoes from a pussy wagon in Japan 【Pics & Video】

This cat likes to pull peace poses, stand on two feet and make a living selling hot potatoes.

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Japanese Twitter freaks out over cartoonist’s cute cat freaking out over its tail 【Video】

What better way to start the day than by chasing your butt in a circle?
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Meet Ibaraki Prefecture’s Virtual YouTuber representative Hiyori Ibara, winning hearts everywhere

Japanese fans love her lively personality!

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New Tokyo Pokémon Cafe Johto menu items require knowledge of Pokémon lore to order them【Photos】

If you don’t know how to evolve one of the most popular Pokémon species, you might not get the food you want.

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The star of this amazing cat video from Japan isn’t actually a cat!【Video】

They say seeing is believing, but you’ll want to see it in motion before you decide what to believe.

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Pokémon hanko seals get a second generation run with 100 new characters from the Johto region

Seals can be personalised with names in kanji, hiragana, katakana or English!

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Free Chiitan! Japanese otter mascot starts new English account after total Twitter suspension

Campaign to free the Japanese fairy baby otter mascot from Twitter jail gathers momentum.

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Japanese cats love nothing more in the world than watching farmer next door plant his rice【Video】

Just because cats don’t like to work doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy watching other people work.

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Japan’s real-world Pikachu Outbreak 2019 dates announced, so make your travel plans now!

The Pokémon will be staying up late this year so you can bask in their adorableness while staying out of the scorching sun.

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Chiitan needs your help! Japanese mascot suspended on Twitter after John Oliver feud

Did British birb John Oliver just deliver a death blow to Chiitan the fairy baby otter?

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Rilakkuma washing bags may be the cutest laundry invention ever!

Anything that makes laundry more fun is more than welcome in our books.

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Ikea makes tiny blue tote bags for storage, but in Japan they’re used for anime figurines

Ikea’s iconic blue bag becomes the hip new accessory for all comic-book character figurines this season.

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Carry your change in a rice cooker coin case from Japan!

Who needs a boring coin purse when you can surprise shoppers at the cash register by popping the lid on your miniature rice cooker?

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Japanese tire company’s trendy tire print yukata prints rev back into the limelight

Far from their traditional association with burnt rubber, squealing brakes and gritty endurance, tires lend a spot of delicate geometry to these kimono prints.
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Japanese Shiba Inu shows even the dog world’s biggest goofs can have elegant table manners【Video】

A Shiba dog shows the world that not all dogs are sloppy and messy as it savors homemade food by owner.

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