Cute Japanese cat fails to catch virtual iPad goldfish, captures Internet’s heart anyway【Video】

Don’t give up, little guy! Not because you can catch them, but because it’s so adorable to watch you try.

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First-ever Peanuts Hotel opens in Japan, and the rooms look amazing【Photos】

We all expected Snoopy-themed rooms to be cute, but we never imagined they’d be this stylish, and even romantic.

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A blast from the Poképast! Original Pokémon figures from the ’90s get a re-release

Fans of fat Pikachu rejoice! The classic designs from the original Pokémon games star in this reprint of an old line. Gotta catch ’em all!

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Japanese mother shares her baby bed wisdom: you can use storage boxes!

If it’s good enough for your bedsheets, it’s good enough for your baby! Social media collectively wonders why they didn’t think of it first.
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90-year-old Japanese granny is learning English from her grandchild, and it’s extremely precious

This granny might be starting late, but that is not going to stop her!

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Gang of “yakuza deer” regularly takes over Japanese restaurant’s street-side entrance【Photos】

Visitors to one of the most beautiful places in Japan document the four-legged mafia’s adorable M.O.

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Sailor Moon yukata kimono line will keep you breezy and beautiful in the Japanese summer heat

As the temperatures climb, there’s just one team of glamorous superheroines who can save us from the summer heat. Moon Crystal Power Dress Up!

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New Totoro merchandise combines cute anime with ancient Japanese pottery traditions

Totoro chopstick rests, lanterns, cups, and figurines created by Shigaraki craftsmen specialising in tanuki raccoon dog figurines.

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Tokyo Pokémon Cafe has a new Tropical Sweets line, so we head back to try it for ourselves【Pics】

We took a tropical trip to the balmy shores of Nihonbashi, Tokyo to experience the local Poké-culture and taste the bright, beastly cuisine. Alola!

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Sailor Moon Luna PC cushion plushie is here to adorably stop you from goofing off【Photos】

If she can keep the anime heroine from slacking off, she should be able to help you stay focused too.

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Baby Chanco: The Japanese baby with a full head of thick, lustrous hair

She might be just seven months old, but her incredible locks have already netted her more than 120,000 followers.

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Japanese hair stylist chops and snips a tiny doll’s hair to a chic new ‘do【Video】

This salon worker is renowned for trimming hair into stylish bobs and short styles, but his miniature doll makeover is something special!

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Cat photographer captures fascinating shots of our feline friends dancing and practicing kung fu

Now we know what our cat overlords get up to when we’re not looking.

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Japan’s most popular maid cafe, Akiba Zettai Ryoiki, opens new “Maid Cafe Winery” in Akihabara

The place to go for three of the world’s most delightful things: wine, cats, and girls in thigh-high stockings.

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Synchronized Shiba siblings spark spontaneous satisfied squeals【Video】

Who can resist those smooshy faces and all-too-cute tongues?

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Little-known Pokémon fact: Pikachu originally planned to become more adept at human speech

The most famous Pokémon was supposed to become disturbingly eloquent.

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Japanese Twitter user’s dream of having a pet hamster is a roller-wheel of emotions

Dreams come in all shapes and sizes… even small, furry ones.

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Japanese netizens divided over new hair customization options in Pokémon RPG for Nintendo Switch

Bowl haircuts for Pikachu and Eevee are not be everyone’s cup of tea.

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Tokyo Disney Resort’s 35th anniversary show gala sends us on a magical journey【Photos】

Our Japanese-language reporter laughed, danced and was moved to tears by the Disney-standard quality shown off in their new theme park lineup.
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Hello Kitty Shinkansen Cafe: A delicious stop on the most kawaii bullet train in Japan

Get on board with the country’s cutest Shinkansen at its official limited-time cafe.

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