Here are our top 5 picks of Starbucks Japan’s limited-time Frappuccino releases from 2016

Sweet dreams are made of these.

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【Lucky Bag Roundup 2017】Starbucks Japan satisfies coffee cravings with special fukubukuro

Starbucks jams this year’s lucky bag with coffee beans, vouchers, and gorgeous drinkware, all for roughly 50 bucks!

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Starbucks Japan announces its lucky bag for 2017 – feel free to start lining up now

In order to figure out what might be in the bag this year, we have to look to the past to see the future!

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Starbucks Japan reveals its final Frappuccino releases for 2016

The global coffee house chain is squeezing one more star ingredient into their beverage lineup before the end of the year.

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Starbucks Japan releases Matcha White Chocolate Frappuccino

The new limited-edition release surprised everyone when it appeared virtually unannounced around the country today.

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Starbucks Japan releases delicious baked apple drinks for the holiday season!【Taste Test】

The cool Frappuccino and its hot counterpart are some of the sauciest, best looking drinks we’ve ever tasted.

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Join in the holiday cheer by drinking a baked apple at Starbucks Japan this winter

As their third holiday drink this year, Starbucks Japan will be offering baked apples in drinkable form – served either hot or cold! 

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The heartwarming story behind the Starbucks “Green Cup”【Video】

This was no pre-Christmas cup; just a wonderful way to show we’re all connected.
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Starbucks puddings arrive in Japan with cute packaging and gorgeous flavours 【Taste Test】

After months of pining for the Korea-only limited edition release, Starbucks customers in Japan finally get to enjoy the delicious puddings too.

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This Michigan Starbucks barista looks just like a Final Fantasy character

It’s hard to believe this photo of a barista in a Michigan Starbucks is a real photograph of a real person, not an image created by the team at Square Enix.
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Starbucks Japan reveals holiday season drinkware and Christmas Frappuccinos

For Starbucks fans in Japan, this truly is the season to be jolly.

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Starbucks Japan’s new Nectarine Frappuccinos – Are they peachy keen? 【Taste test】

We headed to our local Starbucks branch for the debut of the Bavarian cream-enhanced dessert drink.

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Starbucks Japan releases their first ever creamy fruit tea Frappuccino

The Frappuccino sets out a new path for Starbucks as the company ventures out into tea territory with their latest release.

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Starbucks Mooncakes: a beautiful and delicious take on a traditional product

Only available in certain countries for a limited time, these regional cakes come with a number of gorgeous details.

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“Edo-kiriko” glasses from Starbucks too expensive? Try these colorful versions instead!

“Edo-kiriko” glasses from Starbucks are gorgeous — but also way too expensive. So we got to wondering: Can you get similar gorgeous designs for more reasonable prices?

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Starbucks Japan releases new Golden Maple Candy Walnut Frappuccino with sweet dipping sticks

Japanese Twitter users are weighing in with their thoughts on the two new limited edition items.

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Exclusive Starbucks iced coffee glass handmade in Japan according to ancient Edo tradition

With more than a century of craftsmanship behind the creation of each little glass, these are some of the most exclusive and expensive items in the Starbucks range.

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We visit Starbucks location in Japan that’s been called the most beautiful in the world

We paid a visit to the unusual location to find out what makes this the world’s most beautiful Starbucks.

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Starbucks branch gives blended ice welcome to Pokémon GO players with cool Pokémon Frappuccinos

A variety of adorable Pocket Monsters have already served as the inspiration for delicious-looking drinks.

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Starbucks Japan releases new limited edition Caramel Latte with Waffle Cone flavour

Does it taste like a coffee ice cream or a sweet baked dessert? Join us for the delicious taste test after the break!

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