Toiletally crazy! Woman takes the plunge on the subway

There are so many strange and shocking experiences to be had on the Tokyo subway. From the exhausted salarymen sleeping with their heads resting on a stranger’s lap to people with extreme hairstyles, cosplayers and Gothic lolitas roaming the carriages, there’s usually no shortage of interesting things to look at. I’ve even heard English-speaking foreigners give blow-by-blow descriptions of their bedroom exploits, heard about couples getting married on the loop line, and seen people sprawled full-length beside a pile of vomit on the carriage floor. I thought I had seen it all. But I was wrong.

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Nothing quenches a thirst like delicious, foamy toilet water

Have you ever had one of those days in the middle of summer where just the 100-yard walk to the nearest convenience store and back has you panting and so parched you’d drink right out of the toilet bowl if it was closer than the sink? Well, we haven’t, cause that’s just gross and you should probably seek help if you’re drinking toilet water. Unless, that is, you’re drinking it out of this cute candy toilet!

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Sad angel looking for career change sells Kias at motor show

The event planner representing Korean automaker, Kia, must have spent his entire budget for this unnamed auto show on hotel parties, as it’s clear from this photo that he woke up on the morning of the event in a hungover panic and put together this slapdash “angel” costume using some thrift store clothes and white spray paint.

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Japan Rail searching for couple to get married on Yamanote Line train

Many couples strive to plan a perfectly unique wedding. From nonconventional backyard ceremonies to destination weddings in far off places, there is no limit to the delightfully strange and creative ways people tie the knot. However, JR East is giving one lucky couple the chance at a wedding most people have probably never dreamed of.

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Eyeball licking: actually not better than a poke in the eye

Puberty is a rough age. With your hormones insisting that you’re ready to start making some babies right now, yet your mind, parents, and teachers saying you’re really not, courtship can be difficult. In particular, figuring out an appropriate way to clearly show affection, while still respecting proper boundaries, can be a real quandary. Learning to find the proper middle ground, though, is an important part of growing up.

Or you could just do the like the kids at one Japanese elementary school who said the heck with it and went to town licking each other’s eyeballs.

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Powered by Honda: the world’s fastest lawnmower

Mention Honda to most people, and they’ll think of a successful car company, if still a few rungs below giants Toyota, GM, and Volkswagen in sheer size. But Honda just happens to be the biggest engine manufacturer in the world, providing power for not just for passenger cars, but also motorcycles, scooters, boats, jet aircraft, and even lawnmowers.

Honda’s most die-hard fans point to the company’s racing pedigree and ease with which its engines can be tuned to make more power, both of which factor into its current project of building the world’s fastest riding mower.

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Osaka Obachan are here to rock your world, make sure you don’t go hungry

Typified by the saccharine songs of AKB48, the Japanese idol world is largely the province of the young. One rarely expects to see a singer over the age of 25 among the mini-skirt-clad ranks of the ultra-kawaii groups.


A group from Osaka—called Obachaaan—are ready to change that up.

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“Despite all this, I still love her!” says Chinese man demembered by wife

No marriage is perfect, we imagine. Sometimes, little things become extremely annoying after years or decades, and other times stuff just happens. Even so, most people try their best to work it out by cutting through the bad to get to the good.

A wife in China, though, took things in the opposite direction. Here’s one story that will surely leave the gentlemen squealing.

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Moulting spider crab is horrifying and mouth watering at the same time

The spider crab is the largest living crab on the planet and, as its name suggests, looks like the terrifying offspring of the unholy mating of a coconut crab and a Goliath tarantula. So it’s no wonder that watching one of these monstrosities shed its entire exoskeleton is nightmare-inducing, as this video shows.

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Very punny: president of Domino’s Pizza Japan offering one cheesy joke a day

There are plenty of difficulties in learning Japanese, from the thousands of kanji characters you have to memorize to the fact that the language doesn’t have a future tense. Pronunciation, though, isn’t that big of a hurdle. Japanese contains only 47 syllables to master, which may sound like a lot, but is in actuality pretty paltry compared to most other languages.

One of the biggest effects this limited pronunciation repertoire has is that Japanese is filled with homonyms. For example, kyoushi could mean either “a teacher” or “death by way of insanity.” Where there are words that sound alike, there are puns, and now where there are puns, there’s the president of Domino’s Pizza Japan.

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To live and dine in L.A.: we find marshmallow ramen in the City of Angels

Among the extensive pantheon of ramen varieties is tsukemen, in which the noodles are served on a dish with a bowl of dipping sauce on the side. My first experience with the dish was in college, when a buddy took me to a tsukemen place that had opened up near our campus in Tokyo that was famous for their sauce made with fish stock. At the time it seemed like a wildly exotic concoction, but little did I know that years later my hometown of Los Angeles would produce an even more outlandish version of the dish: marshmallow ramen.

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Are you man enough for Family Mart’s line of masculine sweets?

So here’s a tricky question: do desserts count as masculine or feminine food? On the one hand, a slice of chocolate cake is just as bold a statement of your culinary decadence as a nice fried pork cutlet. In either case, it’s at least a little wild and macho to eat something with such shaky nutritional value yet unquestionable deliciousness, similar to how I rationalize eating a pack of ham out of the fridge when I’m too lazy to go buy bread for a sandwich as being a natural result of my raging testosterone.

On the other hand, sweets are, well, sweet. Truly red-blooded males can’t even bring themselves to utter the word “sweet” unless they add “taste of revenge” after it while clenching a fist and glaring at the horizon.

Thankfully, Japanese convenience store chain Family Mart is here to help end this confusion with a line of desserts tailor-made for everybody born with a Y chromosome.

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Onsen Ramen – Why go to the hot spring when the hot spring can come to you?

If there’s one thing Japan loves, it’s ramen, and if there’s a second thing, it’s hot springs (or onsen in Japanese).

We recently found a place in Tokyo’s Suginami Ward that combines both.

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Eat mayonnaise, get paid $1,500 – most bizarre job ever?

Mayonnaise is a highly debated condiment. There are those who praise it as a creamy, delicious gift to sandwiches while others curse its very existence. Even though the following job requires you to eat mayonnaise, mayo haters may still want to apply. Currently a topic of discussion on Japanese textboard, 2channel, the job in questions is simple: just eat mayonnaise and get paid 150,000 yen (US$1,540)!

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French fries with sushi? Our delicious experiment in multicultural dining

One of the greatest things in Japan are kaiten-zushi restaurants, where customers sit at a counter and grab little plates of sushi that go streaming by on a conveyer belt. With instant gratification, no language barrier, and a far cheaper price than traditional sushi restaurants, what’s not to like?

One of the most popular kaiten-zushi chains is Sushi Ro, with its low 105 yen (US$1.05) prices. The fish is quite tasty too, enough so that most customers don’t bother with the various non-sushi side dishes the chain also offers. But if you can pull yourself away from the succulent slices of tuna and amberjack for a moment, you’ll be doing yourself a favor to get an order of Sushi Ro’s French fries.

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Chinese duck’s amazing Winnie-the-Pooh impression

Let’s say you’re a Disney fan with a love of cute animals. One day, you’re indulging in your hobby of walking through the park, assigning names of your favorite characters to all of the woodland creatures you encounter. Spy a pair of adorable chipmunks? Well hello there, Chip and Dale! See another visitor walking his dog? Ah, isn’t it nice that Pluto gets to go for a walk. And that lion? Why it must be Simba (although seriously, if there are lions in the park, get out of there, quick).

And should you encounter any ducks on your nature stroll, you’ve got a whole list of candidates, including Scrooge, Huey, Dewey, Louie, and of course Donald. Unless you happen to encounter this little guy in a park in China, in which case you’ve got to go with…Pooh?!

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Human chair offers comfort and relaxation, if it doesn’t run away from you first

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to be an inanimate object, ran out of Halloween costume ideas, or for some reason need to sneak unnoticed into an old folk’s home, this chair is for you.

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This Japanese IME software really doesn’t want to get uninstalled

While Japan is moving to make the most of their coolness, the Chinese-made Japanese input system “Baidu IME” makes a move to guilt trip users into keeping it around.

See, if you ever decide that you don’t like the program and want to remove it, a pretty young woman will appear, begging, on your screen. Emotional black mail at its finest!

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We try Japan’s latest instant noodles: pineapple ramen (with 3-D photos!!)

With so many different ramen restaurants in Japan, you have to do something pretty special to get yours to stand out. One establishment that certainly qualifies is lengthily-named Papapapa-Pine, whose claim to fame is its ramen with chunks of pineapple and broth made with the juice of the tropical fruit. But with only one branch in Tokyo, most people living in the capital haven’t had a chance to try this unique concoction.

That all changed on June 3, though, when instant ramen based on Papapapa-Pine’s went on sale at the Daily Yamazaki (also known as Daily Store) chain of convenience stores. We dispatched our crack reporters for an immediate taste test.

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Stranger than fiction: Jilted nurse stabs hospital boss with scalpel

As Oscar Wilde once quipped, “Life imitates art.” And sometimes the news imitates soap operas.

In a story that sounds like something right out of daytime TV, a jilted nurse in Osaka has been arrested after stabbing her lover–the hospital’s administrative head–with a scalpel after he talked about breaking up.

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