Build your own dumpling with this plastic model kit from Amazon Japan

Tired of the same old plastic model kits? Have you built more Gundam than your wife is comfortable with? Put together enough miniature planes, trains, and automobiles than you care to admit? Well you’re in luck! We’ve found a totally bizarre but somehow completely awesome plastic model kit that you’ve probably never built before.

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“Russian Barbie Girl” shows off her doll-like features

We’ve already introduced you to the cosmetically enhanced “real-life Barbie” and the make-up skills of the doe-eyed “Anime Girl,” but we have one more eerily lifeless model for you to get acquainted with. Also known as “Russian Barbie Girl,” Anzhelika Kenova is shocking the Internet with her doll-like features.

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Lotteria to offer bizarre milkshake flavor based on horror flick The Ring

Apparently, if you could taste fear, it would taste like cool lemonade.

Starting July 27, Japanese burger chain Lotteria will offer a limited-time lemonade shake flavor themed after classic Japanese horror icon Sadako – the unmistakable and absolutely horrifying long-haired ghost girl from The Ring.

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National Highway 339: The only staircase highway in Japan

In Japan, there are roughly 450 national highways wandering their way through the country, connecting the various cities and prefectures.

Their sizes and conditions obviously vary widely depending on location and usage, but for the most-part they all share one thing in common: cars can drive on them. But on 338.2 meters (about 425 yards) of National Highway 339 in Aomori Prefecture, not a single car, truck, scooter, or motorcycle is allowed.

Why? Because it’s actually a staircase!

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The online men’s magazine AskMen recently announced the world’s horniest countries, with Greece proudly taking the top spot, China coming in at number four, and Japan – against all odds – mysteriously absent from the list altogether.

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Can’t decide between oyster and eel ice cream? Try both at once at this Tokyo amusement park

Opened in 1996, Namja Town is an indoor amusement park in Tokyo’s Ikebukuro district. The park has a variety of participatory attractions, including ghost hunts, mysteries to solve, and a romantic compatibility test for couples. Unfortunately, these are all pretty inaccessible without at least some level of Japanese language skill.

Thankfully, language barriers present little problem for two sections of Namja Town: the Gyoza (pot sticker) Stadium, which lets you sample dumplings from various restaurants all in one handy dining area, and the newly renovated Fukubukuro Dessert Street, with a variety of sweet indulgences.

But since Namja Town charges admission, it needs something a little different than the everyday ice cream found in a convenience store freezer to draw customers. Something like miso ramen ice cream.

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In the name of beauty — This drastic beauty regimen is not for the faint of heart

Beauty — they say it’s only skin deep. Regardless, we all know there are plenty of people out there who would go to great lengths for what they believe to be a chance to look even just the slightest bit more beautiful. Yes, obsession with beauty can run deep and strong. But just how far would you be willing to go to look prettier or younger? Would you be willing to actually go under a plastic surgeon’s knife? Or if that’s too much, would you be comfortable with receiving botox shots once in a while? What if it was a completely non-invasive procedure that may do wonders for your skin, but one that involves having certain living organisms crawl over your face? Well, some people may be prepared to endure great hardships in the name of beauty, but this is one treatment you have to be pretty brave to try!

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Hello, School Nurse! Japanese website lets you exchange emails with licensed youth caretaker

There are certain trappings to the ideal vision of high school in Japan. A schoolhouse with surprisingly lenient rooftop access policies is one. A bevy of beautiful, earnest coed equipment managers cheering you on in the big game is another. And no set of rose-colored school days is complete without a kind, patient, nurturing school nurse.

If you’re past your teens, most of these are now out of reach. Contrary to what anime and TV dramas have shown us, Japanese educational institutes don’t even let their own students eat lunch on the roof, much less some random guy trying to turn back the clock. Putting your grown-man strength to use in youth athletics is similarly out of the question.

Thanks to a new website that launched this month, though, it’s not too late to have another chat with that school nurse.

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Classic Ghibli anime impresses with its story, makes some viewers want to kill themselves

Sometimes, it’s only after the fact that you realize just how close you came to dying.

After eating dinner a few nights ago, my wife was flipping through the channels on TV. “Oh, that’s right, Whisper of the Heart is on. Do you want to watch it?” she asked.

Now ordinarily a cute girl asking me if I’d like to watch anime with her gets an automatic “Why yes, I would.” But at that point there were just 20 minutes left before the end, and I said I’d rather just rent it from the video store down the street some other time, so we could watch it from the beginning.

That decision may have saved our lives.

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Why settle for sand castles when you can make sand Aztec pyramids?

Sometimes, going to a neighborhood park as an adult allows you to enjoy it in a whole different way than you did as a kid. Grown-ups are much more likely to appreciate how certain flowers blossoming heralds the changing of the seasons, or to be soothed by the chirping of birds nesting in the trees overhead.

On the other hand, past a certain age other aspects are surprisingly depressing. The swings and slides that made you feel like a daredevil are a bit less thrilling once they only go as high as your shoulder, which can really hammer home the point that your childhood is a distant part of your past.

But an anonymous Japanese park visitor has shown us there’s one piece of playground equipment that can grow with you.

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The untimely demise of Hatsune Miku

It seems that a few careless words are all it took to do in Hatsune Miku, one of Japan’s most well-known characters. Following an off-hand (and bizarre) comment by a politician on a panel discussing revisions to the Japanese anti-child pornography law, Nico Nico Douga users have uploaded a few tongue-in-cheek “funeral videos” for the character.

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Boys love meat: A tasty take on a sexy genre

The Internet is a wild land, filled with many wondrous things to make you laugh or cry. There are cats, silly videos, and a wider variety of romantic entertainments than even a Roman emperor could shake a stick at.

One of the tamer “romantic entertainments” is boys love, a Japanese term for gay and/or female-oriented fiction that tends not to be very explicit. Instead, most BL, as it is commonly known, focuses more on the personal relationships of the characters.

And now a computer game is gaining attention on the Net with its meaty take on the genre.
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How many fish would you like on your pancakes? ‘Lots, please!’ says Kanagawa café

Just over an hour south of downtown Tokyo, Kanagawa Prefecture’s Enoshima Island and the nearby coastline are a prime summer destination. There’s a little something for everyone, whether you want to frolic in the water or on the sandy beach, visit a shrine hidden deep inside a cave and learn about the legend of the fearsome dragon who fell in love with a beautiful local girl, or just try out your pick-up lines at the numerous oceanfront bars.

This spring, the Aloha Beach Café opened up on Enoshima island. The restaurant specializes in the Hawaiian-style pancakes that are all the rage in Japan right now, but also offers one menu item you could only find on the Kanagawa coast.

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We learn the terrifying secret of Silent Hill ramen

Since 1999, Konami’s Silent Hill horror series has been spooking gamers with its mysterious, reality-bending setting and plotlines, not to mention its collection of grotesque, otherworldly creatures like the appropriately-named Pyramid Head, a giant with a large, triangular head who stalks the game’s protagonist while carrying an enormous blade.

Konami has recently formed a partnership with a number of ramen restaurants across Japan to serve Silent Hill ramen. But just what exactly happens when you use a horror story that’s dripping with gore as the inspiration for food? We headed to Hajime, a Tokyo restaurant that offers the terrifying noodles, to find out.

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Employee flushes 40 liters of soap, bubbly carnage ensues

Oh, dear heavens! What’s this?

Is Tokyo having freak, concentrated snowfall in the middle of summer? Have Mr. Freeze and Iceman been duking it out in Ginza? Is it a cotton candy terrorist attack??

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Tempura-fy your face with noodle chain’s photo app

It seems like everybody and their brother is releasing some kind of promotional app these days. Most of them never really take off, but a noodle chain called Marugame has an app called Marugame’s Photo Shop where they say you can “decorate your photos with tempura”, though why you would want to do so is a little unclear. However, true to Japanese form, it’s turning into quite a hit on Twitter because it is so very bizarre.

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‘Fruity’ Shibuya art show features hairy apple, disco pineapple and more 【Photos】

The Shibuya Diesel art gallery is currently featuring an exhibition by Berlin-based artist Sarah Illenberger in collaboration with creative director Miho Kinomura. The show, titled Reality & Fantasy, has some decidedly bizarre re-imaginations of everyday objects that nevertheless radiate a childlike charm.

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We try “snow viewing” ramen

There have been plenty of largely portioned bowls of ramen with so much stuff piled on top that you can’t see the noodles beneath. But this one is probably the weirdest mountain-like ramen we’ve ever seen. It appears to be topped with white foam and is closer to looking like a snowy mountain peak than a steaming hot bowl of soup.

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Police in Tokyo search for a man who called out to a child in a park, netizens scratch their heads

Tokyo police released a statement earlier this week asking the public for any information they may have regarding an incident that occurred on June 15 at approximately 9:20 a.m. wherein a man called out to a child playing in a local park.

As it transpires, though, all the man is believed to have said to the boy was, “You’ll never play for your country doing it like that!” leaving netizens wondering exactly why there should be any cause for concern.

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