Petition to boycott Netflix adaption of Death Note reaches Japan, netizens share reactions online

How do the people feel about the petition, casting, and recently released teaser trailer for Death Note in its country of origin?
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What happens when you try buying 5,000 followers on Instagram? Our reporter finds out【Experiment】

Our reporter Go Hattori takes the plunge into the greasy underworld of buying social media followers.

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Osaka convenience store asks customers to muffle their “buree-buree” sounds while in the toilet

Request met with mixed reaction from praising its frankness to pointing out the impossibility of it.

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San’in, Japan is breathtakingly beautiful especially when captured with a 4K video camera【Video】

Ditch Tokyo and Kyoto to explore this stunning mix of ocean and mountains.

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One Piece team shows us how a Weekly Shonen Jump cover is crafted【Video】

Possibly the first-ever look at how one of the most crowded magazine covers is designed.

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Owner pulls a “too slow” trick on loving canine【Video】

Or is it one of the best pieces of dog-human performance art?

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Netflix releases first trailer for its live-action American adaptation of anime Death Note【Video】

The video streaming giant took the rights to a live-action Death Note movie…and made it!

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World Order’s “Singularity” has single-handedly raised the profile of a singular girls group【Video】

Who is that hiding behind the dance group in their newest music video shot all over Nagoya?

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Artist gives new life to old Pokémon cards with gorgeously painted alters 【Pics】

The sun isn’t setting for this Lapras, it’s rising again!

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Radio Ghibli is the newest way to listen to the iconic music of Studio Ghibli

Get ready for hours of scenes, songs, and memories that tantalize your ears.

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High school swimming club makes a splash with their synchronized performances【Video】

The pool might be shallow, but their show has a lot of depth!

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Golden retriever watches his human until he falls asleep for the most heart-wrenching reason

Chinese owner had to dig up the dog’s past to find the reason for the strange behavior.

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Strawberries that aren’t red, plus other amazing optical illusions from Japan’s Akiyoshi Kitaoka

The Kyoto psychology professor is making people all over the world doubt their eyes.

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Mythbuster’s Adam Savage explores Ghost in the Shell’s coolest practical effects【Video】

The Hollywood Ghost in the Shell turned to master prop makers from Weta Workshop to achieve their detailed practical looks.

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Sompo Japan offers nation’s first online flaming insurance

Sompo Japan’s groundbreaking policy covers doxxing, negative memes, and other forms of flaming, but trolls need not apply.

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Clever Kimonoket combines the style of a kimono with the coziness of a sleeveless blanket

Samurai-style Snuggie seeks to help travelers fly in comfort.

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Happy Pokémon Day! Pokémon GO celebrates with debut of special Party Pikachu

Party Pocket Monsters in the game!

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Iron Man masterfully rendered in suiboku-ga style evokes ancient feelings

Even in ink-wash, this Marvel hero looks ready to rumble.
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Gucci’s Japanese-style “owl fan” is kind of cute, and also baffling expensive

Mundane materials belie an eye-popping price.

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