Japanese Twitter users are jealous of Christopher Robin’s soul-suckingly busy work schedule

The life of the stressed-out main character in the live-action Winnie the Pooh film is one of leisure compared to many Japanese adults’.

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Tokyo Disney will give New Year’s Eve visitors the chance to party for 26 straight hours!

See in the New Year with some Disney magic, and maybe some sleep deprivation.

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Grumpy Man’s Guide to Tokyo Disney: A bitter ex-fan shares his side of the 35th anniversary gala

Can faith, trust, and a little bit of pixie dust rekindle P.K Sanjun’s love of Disney? Here’s his experience of the 35th anniversary festivities.
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Tokyo Disney Resort’s 35th anniversary show gala sends us on a magical journey【Photos】

Our Japanese-language reporter laughed, danced and was moved to tears by the Disney-standard quality shown off in their new theme park lineup.
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Pokémon anime TV episode will not air in U.S., blackface concerns assumed to be reason why

Episode featuring Ash disguising himself as a Passimian is missing from Disney broadcast lineup.

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New Disney summer kimono are beautifully cute and require no sash tying【Photos】

Six patterns skirt Tokyo Disneyland’s no-cosplay rule, feature characters as famous as Mickey and as forgotten as Clarice.

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Chinese Disney fans worry that an upcoming Pixar short film will be banned from theaters

And it’s all because of that one time Xi Jinping ordered some meat buns from a local restaurant in Beijing.

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Super-sexy outfit for Beauty and the Beast’s Belle made by Japanese girl’s coloring book mistake

One small change makes the iconic Disney movie dress memorable for a completely different reason.

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Tokyo Disney Resort plans 300-billion yen expansion, rumored to be third Tokyo Disney theme park

Expansion to have attractions exclusive to Japan, with Frozen area expected.

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Japanese Twitter user creates magical Peter Pan book with lifespan of its own, and it’s brilliant

Meant for children, this fascinating book will no longer be readable when they turn into adults.

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Elementary schoolgirl’s Frozen “Let It Go” lip-synch performance is like nothing you’ve ever seen

This girl and her friends put on an unforgettable performance that’s making people smile around the world.

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An illustrated field guide to the myriad marvelous uniforms of Tokyo Disney Sea

Disney’s second Tokyo-area theme park is all about the aesthetics, as this collection of more than 20 outfits shows.

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Japanese netizens fall in love with amazing Disney transformation dresses

What’s not to like about dresses that instantly transform the wearer into a glamorous princess in the blink of an eye?

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SamuraiGuitarist’s Disney song medley will bring a smile to your face【Video】

The classic sing-along-songs of a million childhoods seamlessly blended and performed for your listening pleasure by a samurai in a dapper suit.

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As anime Your Name comes out on home video, did it manage to beat Frozen at the box office?

Makoto Shinkai’s anime juggernaut was chasing the Disney hit, but which film pulled in the bigger audience at theaters?

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Tokyo Disneyland employees are willing to take your bloody tissues off your hands, guest reveals

Hardcore hospitality recalled in comical recreation.

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Beauty and the Beast release indefinitely postponed in Malaysia due to “gay moment”

It seems like moviegoers in Malaysia won’t get to see the live-action rendition of Disney’s beloved “tale as old as time” for the foreseeable future.

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East meets West in Singaporean music group’s beautiful rendition of classic Disney songs【Video】

A tale as old as time played on some instruments invented in olden times.

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The Disney/yakuza tattoo mashup you didn’t know you needed today

Talented Japanese dad proves once again that boredom is the mother of invention.

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Japanese photographer wows Internet with stunning action shots of superhero figurines

From Harley Quinn terrorising Captain America to Deadpool stealing Thor’s hammer, these creative scenes are brimming with superhero personality.

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